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Fuck Saw Adapter
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Hand made by Rupert Huse & Son, Inc. in the USA!Put a Vacu Loc type dildo on your sawzallNew (02/28/2014) blade tab is now twice as thick.To Address customer concerns we now make this with a sturdier tab. It is now twice as thick as a standard saw blade.Check your saw, if you can clamp two blades at once this should work.
Height1.5 Inches
Is adult product1
Length6 Inches
Weight0.25 Pounds
Width1.5 Inches

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Found 6 comments on Fuck Saw Adapter:

u/kachunga · 6 pointsr/holdmycosmo

I can save money with DIY!

u/LuxNocte · 4 pointsr/ScenesFromAHat

I just knew this had to exist (NSFW for anyone completely not paying attention)

Even better, the Fuck Saw adapter.

u/hmchuckles · 2 pointsr/Justrolledintotheshop

Well... I guess once people have had there first mishap with an improvised device they are willing to shell out a bit for a purpose designed drill accessory. That and patents probably limit the number of suppliers, although one could argue it's too obvious an invention to patent.

Heck some people must buy the even pricier $35 'Fuck Saw Adapter'

That said it could almost be worth buying one to sneak into others tool boxes. The reactions could be somewhat amusing.

u/exquisitedeadguy · 2 pointsr/pegging_unkinked

It is very intense. All you need is a cheap recipricating saw and an adapter.
edit: and lots of lube! lol

u/It_Should_Not_Hurt · 1 pointr/sex

they sell the adapter separately. find a used sawzall on craigslist


u/Jitzgrrl · 1 pointr/SexToys

here's the attachment you need: link

And then any of the many reciprocating saws and vac-u-lock dildos available.