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Reddit mentions of Fundamentals of Female Dynamics: The Practical Handbook to Attracting Women

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We found 4 Reddit mentions of Fundamentals of Female Dynamics: The Practical Handbook to Attracting Women. Here are the top ones.

Fundamentals of Female Dynamics: The Practical Handbook to Attracting Women
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Found 4 comments on Fundamentals of Female Dynamics: The Practical Handbook to Attracting Women:

u/MK2718 · 318 pointsr/seduction

Most young males operating in a scarcity mindset catch the disease Oneitis at some point in their young adult lives. If not promptly caught and cured, Oneitis can take years away from one’s life. You can pour all your time and energy into a lost cause instead of using it to improve yourself. Having suffered myself from a very dire case of the disease, I am accustomed to the symptoms. The symptoms of Oneitis can include:

  • Spending an abnormal amount of time thinking and obsessing over one girl.
  • Believing that one girl is completely different from every other girl that you have ever met.
  • Believing that one girl is the most beautiful girl in the world.
  • Believing that there is no other girl for you but her.
  • Believing that no one else could ever match the love that you have for a girl.
  • Believing that a girl is absolutely perfect and could do no wrong in your eyes.
  • Putting a girl before everything else in your life.

    An additional symptom would include not seeing anything wrong with holding the above beliefs. You may believe that if a girl only truly knew how much you cared about her, that she would love you in return. However, this is not the way attraction or love actually works. When you truly love a person, you do not need anything from them in return. Arriving at this realization took me years and was the most painful lesson that I have ever had to learn. There is no such thing as “the one,” but only people who are more or less compatible together. Love is something you build, not something you find.

    While I have no doubt that the feelings which you have are genuine, these feelings originate from a place of scarcity and fear. You may mistake the burning desire you have for a woman as the being the truest form of love. Fear resulting from scarcity infiltrates the heart and amplifies certain emotions to an unhealthy level. If this is the first time that you have ever felt this way, then you may be terrified of losing the woman for whom you feel these feelings. You may fear that you may never again feel this same way about anyone else. The truth is that you may be right. However, this is not due to you having lost out on the love of your life, but to the fact that you no longer live in scarcity. Once the scarcity mindset is removed, you can find someone with whom you can have a relationship with that is built on positive emotions, instead of the hidden underlying emotions of loneliness and fear.

    Now looking back, having my heart broken was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. Had a need based relationship instead ensued, I would have never become the person I am today. I would have unknowingly submitted to comfort and security rather than venturing out into the world to learn its truths for myself. I would have remained a weak man and never developed the deep self-love, self-confidence and self-reliance which are prerequisites to unselfishly loving another person.

    Excerpt from the book: Fundamentals of Female Dynamics by Michael Knight
u/M_Knight1 · 24 pointsr/seduction

“Confidently, unapologetically and assertively show your honest intent to a woman while simultaneously remaining outcome independent.”

Master Theory of Attraction from the book: Fundamentals of Female Dynamics


u/Kitt_55 · 4 pointsr/seduction

I was his assistant, and I can confirm that when it comes to straight up pick-up (pulling, one night stands, making crazy things happen, etc.) that he is very good. And from actually going out and coaching with him, I can confirm that all his footage is real. I have spent time with a lot of people in this industry, and found that the quality of one's online videos does not always reflect the quality of the bootcamp experience that you would have with them. People often pay more for certain instructors but actually receive less value in the end. But in Max's case, he always cared about the student's progress and would actually demonstrate and be successful in front of them (many other coaches don't actually do this). We never had anyone request a refund. Julien also gives very good bootcamp programs.

That being said, I would recommend rounding out your understanding, mindset and inner game along with the practical skills that he teaches. That was my goal when I wrote my book. I recommend applying the practical skills that he teaches, but to do so while coming from more of an internal "Mark Manson" type of place.