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Reddit mentions of Getting Started in Options

Sentiment score: 2
Reddit mentions: 2

We found 2 Reddit mentions of Getting Started in Options. Here are the top ones.

Getting Started in Options
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Found 2 comments on Getting Started in Options:

u/Adequatelyendowed ยท 3 pointsr/investing

I'd start here..
http://www.cboe.com/ the cboe website offers free education detailing essentially everything about options, their properties, how they're priced, simple--> complex strategies.

A good book I liked was Getting started in options. The cboe website, while incredibly encompassing, is a bit a brief in their lessons(IMO). This guy offers an easy to understand intuition behind taking some of the trades. The book ranges from beginner tactics to intricate spreads/condors and such.

Id say to cap it off and give you a well rounded education, you keep this one handy Options as a strategic investment. I say this because I think the way it's setup is more of a handbook, it skimps on the details and cuts right to the schematics of each trade and how to manage.

The order of resources was deliberate, I've found when the material is too hefty from the getco it's a bit discouraging when you first start out. However, as you progress you crave more, you dive deeper and once you demonstrate some proficiency, you want to have something easy to skim through and reference just in case.

Hope that helps!

u/dave32891 ยท 0 pointsr/investing

This is a great book I read when getting started. If you know very little about options it's a great start. It explains everything so clearly and in simple terms with great examples. A++ would read again