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Reddit mentions of Gross Anatomy: The Big Picture (LANGE The Big Picture)

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We found 2 Reddit mentions of Gross Anatomy: The Big Picture (LANGE The Big Picture). Here are the top ones.

Gross Anatomy: The Big Picture (LANGE The Big Picture)
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Found 2 comments on Gross Anatomy: The Big Picture (LANGE The Big Picture):

u/tsrs933 ยท 6 pointsr/medicalschool

I was also scared of anatomy and, like nontradmd, ended up doing really well without any prior prep. It'll be daunting at first, but you'll do ok if you keep up. On the other hand, if you just want to read something light to help get your mind into it (which is what I kind of wish I did), read through The Big Picture anatomy book.

One thing I really wish I did was familiarize myself with Anki - read how-tos, watch videos, play around. It would have saved me so much time this year.

I also wish I went through my "one day I'll get to this" list - organize bookmarks, get rid of junk in my house, etc.

Nearly everyone on this thread will tell you NOT to do anything before med school or the summer between m1/m2, but you gotta do what's best for you. If you think you'll be less stressed by reading a book, do it.

u/masteringphysicschea ยท 2 pointsr/medicalschool

no no its a book called

Big picture anatomy

^^ like so. Read that