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Reddit mentions of GUM Flossmate Handle #845 - Pack Of 3

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We found 5 Reddit mentions of GUM Flossmate Handle #845 - Pack Of 3. Here are the top ones.

GUM Flossmate Handle #845 - Pack Of 3
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Recommended By Dental Professionals‘Y’ – shaped molded handle provides excellent support and control while flossing enabling access and thorough cleaning between all teeth.Floos Not IncludedColors Vary

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Found 5 comments on GUM Flossmate Handle #845 - Pack Of 3:

u/theRacistEuphemism · 3 pointsr/ZeroWaste

Yep, I've used these my whole life. Until fairly recently, I didn't even know about the tiny disposable flossers. They're very easy to maneuver around, and I used them growing up as well. It's a bit more floss use because you need enough to wind around a little spool (just once), up one handle, across the gap, and down the other to go around the spool again to hold the floss taut, but they're a hard plastic. Everyone in my family has had one as long as I can remember, and in all of my memory I don't recall anyone having one break or having to replace it in 30 years so far. Frankly I'd be peeved if any of ours were ever to break!

I just rinse it before and after use and discard the used floss. Our dentists give them out for free in their little goody bag of brushes, toothpaste, and floss so anyone who is interested may want to ask their dentist's office if they have any before jumping to buy them.

u/jkeiko · 2 pointsr/3Dprinting

GUM Flossmate Handle #845 - Pack Of 3 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N25B4IW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_utLVDb5NF5FA7

I use these and they work great!

u/nevarek · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

I use this.

My only complaint is that it needs a tighter grip on the floss.

I have to wrap a ton of it all over and lengthwise for it to not come loose. This would be solved by including a cut on the bottoms for floss to go into.

Another downside is finding a way to rotate floss without wasting a lot of it.

u/ChraneD · 1 pointr/recycling

Think that this is a way better alternative to disposable flossers.