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Reddit mentions of Halti (Size 2)

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Reddit mentions: 2

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STOP PULLING - Train your dog to stop pulling on walks with the world-famous HALTI Headcollar. Neoprene-padded noseband ensures supreme comfort for your dog and prevents the strip from moving into your dog’s eyesPRACTICAL & SAFE - The safety loop attaches to the d-ring on the dog’s collar allowing control even if the headcollar comes off. The HALTI headcollar is designed to allow your dog to pant and yawnFOR ALL BREEDS & SIZES- Made from lightweight and strong nylon webbing, The HALTI Headcollar comes in 6 sizes and can be used for all dogs including tiny and giant breedsEASY TO USE- Includes a free comprehensive training guideEFFECTIVE TRAINING TOOL - Patented design gently steers the head and therefore controls the dog’s direction of movement, making training easy and putting you, the owner, back in control

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Found 2 comments on Halti (Size 2):

u/rtdls · 2 pointsr/germanshepherds

It’s called a headcollar. It loops around their snout but doesn’t actually restrict the ability to open their mouth (like a muzzle does) and around the back of their head. The part that attaches to the actual collar is more for extra security, as the leash attaches to headcollar the Amazon description does a better job explaining how it works. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004XNLCKW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_UdNVCbA7Q3B1Q

u/omnixgrrl · 1 pointr/AlaskanMalamute

I use a Halti collar for my mal. He loves it and it really helps with the pulling. It stopped it immediately. Best thing out there for larger dogs that pull, IMO. Something like this: