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Reddit mentions of Handy Living Platform Bed Frame - Wooden Slat Mattress Foundation/Box Spring Replacement, Queen

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We found 8 Reddit mentions of Handy Living Platform Bed Frame - Wooden Slat Mattress Foundation/Box Spring Replacement, Queen. Here are the top ones.

Handy Living Platform Bed Frame - Wooden Slat Mattress Foundation/Box Spring Replacement, Queen
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Sturdy bed frame is the perfect platform to hold your standard queen mattress; replacing both the frame and the box springBlack steel mattress bed frame with 2-inch wide birch laminated wood slatsMinimal time required for assembly; each frame ships in one box to eliminate excess packaging13 inches of clearance under the frame to provide additional storage spaceThe standard height is suitable for a standard size bed skirt
Height15 Inches
Length79 Inches
Number of items1
Weight49.17 Pounds
Width60 Inches

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Found 8 comments on Handy Living Platform Bed Frame - Wooden Slat Mattress Foundation/Box Spring Replacement, Queen:

u/photo238 · 4 pointsr/Frugal

I bought a memory foam mattress/bed frame on Amazon for $400 and it is SOOO COMFY!



u/gwarwraith · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I read you already bought yours, but I want to put in my thoughts anyways in case anybody else is looking at these or you change your mind. I live with a buddy of mine for the time being and he bought one of those memory foam beds for his daughter (4). The bed is ok, obviously you can't expect the world from a <500 bed but its a good bed for what it is. I slept on it for about 3-5 months can't remember and I don't remember having any issues.

I decided I wanted my own bed, and so I went to Costco and looked around at their selection they had in the back aisles on the wall. There were about 15 beds they had in bags lying longways like you'd see clothes in a closet. Well, I found a gel top foam mattress for about $500 I think it was. It is by far the best bed I've ever slept on, and my friend has some kind of expensive foam mattress over $1000 and I like it better than his. The brand is Sleep Innovations, which I think is the same type of one as those beds.

Here is a link Gel Mattress

It's got the gel on top then the egg crate looking thing and THEN the regular bed. OMG, when I brought it home after buying some of those $80 Jennifer Adams sheet sets in queen size, and the AMAZING BLANKETS for $15 ( I bought) I was so giddy and squirreling around in my bed my friend thought there was something wrong with me. It was literally comfort overload.

The bed came in a box, all rolled up and you just flop it out of the box onto the ground and it sucks up air until it "inflates" I guess. It smells for a day or so then it's great. I love my bed. I bought a frame to go under it so I have extra storage and foam mattresses like to sweat which causes mildew under the bed (found that out the hard way with another foam mattress).

I also bought the foam pillows from costco as well, I think it was 2 pillows for $20 or $10 or something I can't remember. I LOVE COSTCO!!!!!!!!

u/ucla_posc · 2 pointsr/minimalism

Traditional beds have a mattress sitting on top of a box spring (a mattress sized wooden frame with springs in it) which in turn sits on top of a bedframe (typically made of wood or metal).

An alternative to this, is to get a bedframe that has wood or metal planks ("slats") going across the frame. They perform the role of the box-spring while contributing significantly less bulk. In North America, these are most popular at Ikea--it's a sort of European approach. Here's a low slatted frame on Amazon. Here's IKEA's slatted bed base category--in IKEA most of their frames can use a slatted base.

If you search the /r/minimalism for sleeping stuff you'll see that a lot of the more dedicated minimal people here use Japanese-style sleeping futons, relatively thin memory foam mattresses, and people here with actual bed-frames often forego a box spring or use a slatted base.

Good luck.

u/I__AM__THE__DANGER · 1 pointr/AtlantaBarters

Added pics to the dropbox. More info on the platform here. Forgot to advertise the desk chair, but it's for sale as well. Send me a pm for my number if you're interested!

u/qxork · 1 pointr/GNV

I try to do local whenever possible, been happy with Wood You and the The Futon store on N 16th and Main St.

That being said... recently got this for a guest with an "extended stay." We ordered this mattress and this bed frame. Total cost for a queen size bed/mattress: $381.00 (including shipping).

Quality was awesome and it's better than the bed we're using ourselves at more than 3x the price.

u/dmckimm · 1 pointr/college

Futons tend to be uncomfortable. I think your best bet is getting a basic bed frame with storage underneath. It has an optional attachment thing for a headboard. I really like my Casper mattress.



u/rocketwidget · 1 pointr/Frugal

www.themattressunderground.com is a fabulous resource for mattress buying. Spoiler alert: The mattress industry mostly wants to screw you. Buy independent/factory direct, almost never name brands.

Here's a specific guide to buying based on budget. A sub $500 budget probably means a "throwaway" mattress, which doesn't mean you can't find something comfortable and supportive, only that it's unlikely to last more than a few years.

Here's an excellent value mattress, but $600 for a queen.

Here's an inexpensive frame that would be good for a foam or latex mattress.

Edit: I forgot: I'd stay the hell away from used mattresses. One particular reason: Bed bugs are Satan in bug form, and there is no way to be sure a used mattress doesn't have them.

u/pandahavoc · 1 pointr/funny

I bought one of these frame and put it on top of these. And it's an extra thick mattress, to boot.