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Reddit mentions of Hi-Lift Jack LM-100 Lift-Mate

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We found 4 Reddit mentions of Hi-Lift Jack LM-100 Lift-Mate. Here are the top ones.

The Hi-Lift LM-100 Lift-Mate allows any Hi-Lift jack to lift a wheel or vehicle directly from the wheelGreatly reduces the amount of travel up the jack bar required to lift the wheel to an adequate and safe height5, 000 pound lift capacityRubber coated hooks protect wheelsRubber pad protects tire/wheel at lifting point on jackFit Type: Vehicle SpecificIncluded Components: Jack Nose AdapterNylon Straps With Hooks

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Found 4 comments on Hi-Lift Jack LM-100 Lift-Mate:

u/nirbenvana · 6 pointsr/Offroad

Hey! I'm not nearby but I can tell you exactly how to get out because I was in your exact shoes about a year ago. It's not about pulling your truck straight back or digging. You have to lift it up first and then back it out. You need a hi lift Jack and a wheel mate:


Attach that to your front wheel, lift the wheel up out of the rut, fill in the whole underneath it with anything that has traction, and lower the wheel back down. Repeat for at least the other front wheel, or all four if necessary. You'll be able to drive right out.

No need for a fancy winch.

u/kingstonthedog · 2 pointsr/4x4

They make a product that allows you to lift via attaching to the wheel
Hi-Lift Jack LM-100 Lift-Mate https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00042KGWG?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

u/SgtBrowncoat · 1 pointr/4x4

Get one of these. For recovery it works better than lifting from the chassis because you don't have to deal with suspension sag, meaning you spend less time jacking. It isn't any good for changing tires, but that isn't really what a high-lift is for. Another option would be to lift from the trailer hitch.

Even if you go with sliders, you will want an adapter for them so it doesn't slide and drop your rig. Right now, the high-jack isn't useless, you can still use it as a come-a-long with a tow strap.

u/lukepighetti · 1 pointr/VEDC

UV-5R, small axe, 3/8 socket set, random pipe, water bottles, tow strap, mosquito repellant, hi-lift jack with liftmate, moving blanket, tarp, paracord, aerokroil

if I had to pick three things it would be the UV5R, blanket, socket set, paracord. see what I did there?