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We found 4 Reddit mentions of Hikari Usa Inc AHK21108 tropical Micropellets 1.58-Ounce. Here are the top ones.

Hikari Usa Inc AHK21108 tropical Micropellets 1.58-Ounce
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SUPERIOR NUTRITION has been scientifically proven by decades of research to meet the dietary needs of tetras, barbs and other small tropical fish.PREMIUM SELECTION of marine and vegetable proteins is ideally suited for small tropical fish, which require larger energy reserves.SEMI-FLOATING micro-pellets sink slowly to allow fish at all levels of the tank to receive the nutrition they need to thrive.UNIQUE MICRO-COATING virtually eliminates nutrition loss and water clouding; a balance of krill and spirulina help fish achieve vivid coloration.PRECISELY COLORED granules improve underwater visibility for maximum consumption with less wasted food.

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Found 4 comments on Hikari Usa Inc AHK21108 tropical Micropellets 1.58-Ounce:

u/TheShadyMilkman206 · 5 pointsr/bettafish

I can't imagine that I could ask for the intros to have gone better. The lady who had been in there for about 2 months before the others were introduced (also happened to be about twice the size of them all) was extremely territorial at first. She literally flared at each and every one of them for about a day straight.

2 of the new ladies weren't having it and got right up in her face and flared back at her! It was funny because they are small enough it looks like she could have eaten one of them in a couple bites. Some chasing ensued for the next two days, but after that they all seem to love each other. They will swarm together during feeding time and I haven't seen any fin nipping and no one hides in terror ;). I got really lucky!

I feed Hikari Micro Pellets for their tiny mouths (They've always been a favorite for all my fish), bloodworms on sundays if I remember and am not feeling lazy, and they inevitably eat a bunch of the Repashy Shrimp Soufle that I try and get to my shrimp. I was in my LFS a few weeks ago and the fish in their tanks were going absolutely BONKERS on some weird gel block they had in their tanks. It turned out to be one of the gajillion varieties of Repashy so I thought I would give it a shot. It gets devoured.

Tank stock:

  • 7 bratty bettas

  • 11 Amano Shrimp

  • 5 Nerite Snails

  • 7 Ottocinclus

    I was going to add some more ottos, but at this point I think I will just push the stock limit with more bettas when I lose self control the next time I go into the pet store.

    Running an 92 gallon Eheim Canister filled with Seachem Matrix, De-Nitrate, and Purigen so I think I have quite a bit of filter capacity left at this point :).
u/TheBreat · 1 pointr/Aquariums

I feed my tetras Hikari Micro Pellets. They slowly sink, and all my neons and cardinals go wild. It also helps to keep my larger top feeders from eating all the food before my tetras can get to them.

u/ennino16 · 1 pointr/PlantedTank

I think you should be fine with your setup. Bettas are hardy so I dont think you need to do daily water change. I have been a little lazy with my tanks and sometimes I do bi weekly water change (even 3-4 weeks sometimes). With a heavily planted tank, you'll be fine! I did feed my babies live brine shrimp but as they get older, I used this to feed my baby fish:

I like the idea of raising shrimp and the betta together. If the shrimp thrive and start breeding, your betta can feed off of the larva too. Avoid feeding them too much at one time - I used to feed my babies 3 times a day. I hope this helps. Good luck! :) Keep me posted of your progress!

u/goldfish_poop · 1 pointr/Aquariums

They eat Hikari micro pellets and occasionally a small amount of frozen brine shrimp. And I've only had them about a month, I haven't seen any fry yet! The back of the tank is pretty densely planted though, so it's possible some could be hidden. I hope not with the hydra!