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We found 6 Reddit mentions of K&H Pet Products Snuggle Up Bird Warmer Medium/Large Gray 4" x 7" 10W. Here are the top ones.

K&H Pet Products Snuggle Up Bird Warmer Medium/Large Gray 4
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Protect exotic birds from the harmful effects of air conditioning and cold draftsThermostatically controlled to an optimum body temperatureHeats with harmless, 12 volt electricitySafe, consistent source of warmth, stabilizes the bird's environmentReduces avian stress. Cord Length 6.5 ft
Height0.5 Inches
Length7 Inches
Number of items1
SizeMedium/Large (4" x 7")
Weight1.54 Pounds
Width4 Inches

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Found 6 comments on K&H Pet Products Snuggle Up Bird Warmer Medium/Large Gray 4" x 7" 10W:

u/SamusAran388 · 4 pointsr/Parakeets

Use happy huts at your own risk. Lots of injuries and deaths happen because people put these huts in their cages. I think a lot of people on here would not recommend the use of them at all unless you are very very careful. Check the hut over daily, trim loose strings, discard if it is damaged. Not only are those things a safety hazard they can also encourage nesting behaviors in your bird. Which can lead to behavioral issues. Another thing you see come up is heated perches. These are also risky, if they malfunction you can burn your bird's feet. Probably the only method of keeping your bird warm that I've seen be mostly safe and successful is a heated panel you can put on the side of the cage.

u/hmmtaco · 3 pointsr/cockatiel

I live in FL and we get the occasional bout of cold weather in the “winter”. I bought this for my birds for cold nights. Just keep cords out of chewing distance.


u/bluedew1 · 2 pointsr/cockatiel

I'd be a bit hesitant on the cover myself simply because as you mentioned, it's hard to remove, has the potential to overheat, ventilation might not be ideal, and there isn't a way (aside from getting out of the cage) for the birds to move away from the heat source if they're warm enough/too hot. It's important to have something providing warmth as an option for birds, with the important part being option- they know their own bodies best so you offer them what they might need, and they'll either take it or leave it.

The heated perch linked below is a good option, I personally use this birdy warmer with my cockatiel: https://www.amazon.com/Pet-Products-Snuggle-Warmer-Medium/dp/B00CLA19BQ (Same brand too, has lasted 3-4 years now without issue, both him and my budgie love this thing despite having VERY different personalities) If it's particularly cold where you live, whatever side you have this warmer or heated perch, you can hang a sheet or towel to cover just that corner to kinda hold some of the heat there.

u/twolips · 2 pointsr/cockatiel

If I'm home, I'll have a space heater on whenever I don't think the real one is doing enough. Just make sure to check with the manufacturer that it's bird safe.

My birds also have this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CLA19BQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_125vyb6E22EGW
It emanates a small amount of heat, which is nice at night when they're covered.

u/geo126x · 2 pointsr/parrots

Here's some of the things others have not stated. Firstly getting a UV bulb like that one. Also you could get a perch with a tent , a bird hammock, or something similar, especially if your bird sleeps on a perch.My bird used to sleep on a specific perch that came with his cage. I bought him a tent perch and he's been sleeping there ever since. He seems happier with it.

If you live somewhere where it gets cold, you could get a bird heater and maybe a heated perch

If your bird is scared of almost everything like my bird. I've noticed putting my bird on the objects(new toys, perches, etc) makes him feel more secure about the object and it may be useful for you.

If you are planning on getting a harness, it's better to get it earlier than later and if your bird doesn't like wearing it, don't use it.

This is optional and maybe not useful (depending on how talkative your bird is). If your bird is talkative try to teach him the concept of "stop it". My bird doesn't like being touched on the chest. To teach him I gently rubbed him on the chest and would say "stop it" 3-5 times. I move my hand away and would say "okay, stop it". Now he will sometimes say stop it when I'm doing something he doesn't like instead of biting.

And it's better and safer to not let him go on the floor.

u/Pterocles · 1 pointr/DIY

This is the setup I have right now.

Yes, I could rig up a pre-made heated perch to it, but if it really came to it, I'd just go with something like a heated wall plate.