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Kaytee SuperPet Apple Orchard Sticks (Pack of 3)
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Pack of 3These all-natural wood chews prevent boredom and help maintain healthy teeth for your pet.Apple Orchard Sticks prove that an apple a day will keep your critter at play!The branches of the trees are routinely pruned in order to insure the health of the tree and its fruit.The pruning of the trees creates a regular supply of branches that many rodents and rabbits instinctively need and enjoy to chew on.

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Found 2 comments on Kaytee SuperPet Apple Orchard Sticks (Pack of 3):

u/avinadiviri42 ยท 3 pointsr/Rabbits

I've only ever tried raw which is the only reason I am able to give my bun his medicine when needed. (by mashing up a small amount and mixing it in with medicine.) I have read/seen others say their buns like the chips but I would look at the ingredients and make sure they don't have salt (preferable) or a lot of salt. Here is my go to list for what fruits/vegetables are rabbit safe from House Rabbit Society: http://rabbit.org/suggested-vegetables-and-fruits-for-a-rabbit-diet/

Fun fact: According to my vet if you give a rabbit too much sugar it can ferment in their stomach which is why they advice against it. House Rabbit Society recommends a very small amount of fruit. (see in link.)

Also: Buns eat wood! To be on the safe side I only give my bun apple sticks. :) He LOVES them. I found them in Walmart, Target, Stop and Shop, Amazon, etc.

u/HedwigMalfoy ยท 2 pointsr/hamsters

Thanks for taking good care of him. Too many people on here can't find or afford veterinary care for these little pets.
I use these seed logs for my hamsters and also the same hanging wood toys as the other commenter mentioned. Though my two hams do get bored so I have to switch them out with new toys from time to time. Occasionally I give them an unsalted peanut or walnut in the shell. It's fun to watch them break open the shells. But not too often! I don't know if overfeeding on nuts would be too good for them.
I also feed them from an edible timothy bowl which they seem to like and I give them apple wood sticks as well. I like the apple wood because it's pretty easy to tell when they have been chewing on it because the bark gets scraped off.