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Reddit mentions of LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Nano IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor

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We found 55 Reddit mentions of LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Nano IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor. Here are the top ones.

LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Nano IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor
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  • 27 inches QHD (2560 X 1440) Nano IPS display
  • NVidia G SYNC compatible. Dimension with stand (W x H x D): (614.2 x 574.8 x 274.4) millimeter; Dimension without stand (W x H x D): (614.2x 364.8 x 56.3) millimeter
  • 144 Hertz refresh rate. Viewing Angle : 178˚(R/L),178˚(U/D)
  • Ultra-thin bezel and tilt, height, pivot adjustable
Height22.6 Inches
Length10.8 Inches
Number of items1
Release dateAugust 2019
Weight13.5 Pounds
Width24.2 Inches

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Found 55 comments on LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Nano IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor:

u/TheShitmaker · 16 pointsr/bapcsalescanada


LG Ultragear.
100 off and actually in stock. I need 3 but I'm happy with 1.

u/kaze_ni_naru · 8 pointsr/buildapc

About the monitor, please note that LG are releasing a 1440p 144hz IPS that is set to release late August https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TD94TQF

It's shaping up to be the premier choice for 1440p 144hz IPS category of monitors (but no reviews yet, just LG's reputation on the line)

I suggest getting a good main monitor - in that case something like the LG above, and just a cheap IPS 1080p as a side monitor is more than sufficient.

Also, 3700x/2070s simply because you're streaming.

u/gooseunknown · 6 pointsr/Monitors

I have found this problem to be extremely frustrating as I am currently looking for a 1440p IPS monitor.

To start, you should review this guide from displayninja if you have not already (https://www.displayninja.com/how-to-choose-the-right-gaming-monitor/). Much will likely already be known to you but perhaps could still be of some use.

In particular, it has been very hard for anyone to address g-sync and free-sync issues accurately as both technologies are constantly changing as well as monitors.

Since your build is using a NON-Nvidia gpu, a free-sync monitor should give no issues. But if you wanted to go with a g-sync monitor then you might as well buy an Nvidia g-syncing gpu.

As for the compatibility of free-sync monitors with Nvidia g-syncing gpu’s, recent updates have made this very capable so long as the gpu is a 10 or 20 series. The only syncing problem that consistently still exists is at very low frames (>30 fps). Almost no issues have been found as far as ghosting or screen tearing due to syncing problems at higher frame rates.

In your case however, the current radeon gpu in your patpicker list would not always be able to push a 1440p monitor at consistently higher frames for intensive gaming and other work so I would suggest going with the 2070. But with the 2070 gpu, you do not necessarily then need a g-sync monitor as I said before that a g-sync compatible monitor will likely incur little to no problems at higher frames which your 2070 should almost always give higher frame rates.

Still, if you want to be absolutely sure and eliminate any doubt, then a g-sync monitor is the way to go. Of course for what we both want, 1440p, IPS panels, fast response time, and good syncing—the prices will unfortunately be $600 and up.

HOWEVER, here are the monitors that I am considering using with my 2080 gpu; both have free-sync but are “g-sync compatible” and most reviews I have seen are showing almost no problems running with a g-sync gpu. Unfortunately they are still both very expensive.

$600 Aorus

$740 LG (to be released Aug. 8, 2019)

—even more frustrating is that finding a g-sync monitor that met the specs wanted of 1440p, IPS, 1-4ms response time was impossible. I couldnt find a single one and doesn’t matter for me anyways as these free-sync ones are already expensive enough for myself lol

u/SunakoDFO · 5 pointsr/Amd

If you are buying a motherboard just buy an X570 board, it is not worth the potential problems to get an old board. If you already owned the motherboard and had it flashed to the latest BIOS so you can just drop in a 3600, then maybe, but buying old boards for a new setup is not something I would do. You lose support for a 4.0 NVMe drive or 4.0 graphics cards a year from now too.

Resolution does not matter as much as refresh rate, if you mean 60Hz 1440p a non XT would be fine, about equal to a 2060 Super. For 120Hz 1440p even a 5700 XT will fail to hit 120Hz at all times in certain games. You are probably looking at high refresh rate 1440p so I would go for the XT.

The best all-around 1440p monitor right now is the LG 27GL850. If you buy it from Amazon or Newegg make sure the seller is Amazon or Newegg themselves and not a third party. This LG is the best monitor because in Normal Overdrive mode it has a very low error rate and 100% refresh rate compliance. There are a lot of cheaper 144Hz 1440p monitors but they all have higher error rates or fail refresh rate compliance, meaning the refresh rate it claims isn't what it's really displaying and is actually blurring frames into each other, ruining the point of high refresh rate. This LG monitor also has very good color gamut, you can calibrate it to almost 140% sRGB or 100% DCI-P3 with a colorimeter.


u/CloudStrifeFromNibel · 5 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

your link doesn't load for me for some reason, for others having the same issue: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07TD94TQF

u/f0nt · 4 pointsr/bapcsalesaustralia

If you want, Amazon ships the 27UL850-B to Aus. Released August 9th. True 1ms, nano IPS, 1440p, 144hz


u/PalebloodSky · 3 pointsr/Monitors

Consoles currently don't play games any faster than 60Hz, but don't let that stop you from getting a 120Hz or higher gaming monitor for future-proofing. Both next-gen consoles will output up to 120Hz and support FreeSync. Even better all PCs can output higher refresh 144Hz, 240Hz, etc. and play games at much higher framerates than consoles (much smoother and less input lag).

Based on this my recommendation would be to get a 1440p, FreeSync, 144Hz (or higher) monitor so you're covered across the board like this one:


u/LegendsofMace · 3 pointsr/buildapc

Honestly I would go for a 27 inch 1440p/144hz IPS panel. But wait for LG's new 1ms nano ips model to drop before making a decision. That releases next month.
EDIT: It's also listed as G-sync compatible, so you're good to go whether you stay with an AMD or Nvidia card.

LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Nano IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TD94TQF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_x6RjDbB6YCX82

u/mcantrell · 2 pointsr/Monitors

LG has an apparently amazing one, but it's out of stock for a bit yet. https://tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/lg_27gl850.htm


Viewsonic has one coming out in a few weeks, that has similar specs to the LG, only $150 cheaper. $350 for a 27 1440@144 IPS is crazy, but as always, buyer beware. https://pcmonitors.info/viewsonic/viewsonic-vx2758-2kp-mhd-144hz-wqhd-ips-model/

u/Disloyalcarrot · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Okay. If you decide to go with the 1660 super, or like an RX 5700 I'd stick with 1080P. If you decide to go with a RX 5700XT I'd say 1440p is reasonable, especially if you're comfortable overclocking your GPU.

I can't speak to 1080P monitors as I'm not familiar with the market right now, but in regards to 1440p you have a couple interesting options.

If you're looking for a TN panel, I'd recommend this guy

If you're looking for an IPS monitor I'd recommend either this guy
or [this one] (https://www.amazon.com/FreeSync-Monitor-Exclusive-2560x1440-Display/dp/B07MVX3PKS/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1C29BJYTYN1K0&keywords=aorus+ad27qd&qid=1573324753&sprefix=aorus+%2Caps%2C136&sr=8-1)

One important thing to note is that if you get an AMD graphics card DO NOT get a monitor with g-sync. The reason being is that while AMD freesync supports both Nvidia and AMD GPU's, Nvidia's g-sync will only support Nvidia cards. If you have any questions feel free to message back, I like to think I know an acceptable amount about monitors to help.

u/BitCloud25 · 2 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

Probably this Pixio PX7 is about as cheap as it gets (you pay somewhat more for IPS vs TN), there's other brands like LG which have IPS, 1440p, 144hz, 27" but cost more too.

EDIT: I think this ASUS monitor is on par with the Pixio and ASUS is the better brand.

u/arm64 · 2 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

With a $450ish budget I bought an AOC Agon AG271QX. Nowadays not a great value for a 27" 144Hz 1ms TN but I'm pretty happy with it, not sure what the prices are like on these. Might be worth looking out for the 144Hz 1ms IPS panels. LG's recent launch is currently sitting at $699 on Amazon.

u/PriceKnight · 2 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

Price History

  • LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear Qhd Nano IPS 1ms Nvidia   ^PureLink
    ReviewMeta: ★★★★★ 5.0/5 from 5 valid reviews
    CamelCamelCamel - [Info]Keepa - [Info]

    Always check the prices. The savings can be Knight and day.
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u/ty_jax · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Thanks for your help, its very useful and informative. 1440p 144Hz is the only reason im upgrading tbh. But holy shit that 1080p 144hz monitor is so much cheaper.

Looks like im looking for a 27" 1440p/144Hz, freesync. Not sure about IPS/TN but IPS panels are around $700 CDN.

The two ive been looking at are:
LG 27GL850 https://www.amazon.ca/LG-27GL850-B-Ultragear-Compatible-Monitor/dp/B07TD94TQF although not on amds supported list https://www.amd.com/en/products/freesync-monitors

or https://www.amazon.ca/Acer-Predator-NVIDIA-Widescreen-Display/dp/B0173PEX20 but no freesync so i dont know.

I have another question, currently I'm running dual 24" (BENQ GL2460, BENQ RL2455) monitors. They both connect via DVI. If i still want to run dual monitors, say my new 27" and one of the two 24" I have. Will this affect the performance of my new 27" primary monitor 1440p/144hz which connects via DisplayPort?

Also i should say I'm a huge chickenshit when it comes to OC so my CPU is stock.

u/joshbang · 2 pointsr/Monitors

Don’t worry about it haha

And yeah! It’s just amazon

LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Nano IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TD94TQF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_xLDEDbBRATREG

u/upviews · 2 pointsr/Monitors

Ordered mine last Thursday from Amazon Canada at 10% off MSRP. Expected delivery by end of day today.


u/gray_hat · 1 pointr/Monitors

I'm in the US (post updated). That specific LG model is relatively new (end of June) and Camelcamelcamel reports that its Amazon price has never been below $490 pre-tax (I included tax in my prices).

On the ViewSonic/G-sync: My (largely uninformed) impression was that now that Nvidia has enabled FreeSync support I should be able to get it to work with an Nvidia card if I wanted to. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any data points online for people who have actually tried it.

u/SkittleSandwich · 1 pointr/Monitors

For the price I'm really impressed.

BTW Amazon has been showing the LG 27GL850's in stock today if you were interested in that too. (There were 15 at the time I linked this).

I snagged one. Probably going to return the Pixio and let the LG's duke it out. Though I suspect that I'll be keeping the 850.

u/philstat · 1 pointr/Monitors

Yes, that's definitely the case with the LG, one of the reviewers on YouTube referenced the issue in a chat session, once you enable certain settings, it would immediately disable the others.


This is also in the questions section for the LG, from the manufacturer on Amazon:

The LG 27GL850 27'' UltraGear™ Nano IPS 1ms Gaming Monitor with G-Sync® Compatibility, Model # 27GL850-B has a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 and a 144Hz refresh rate. Both HDMI ports on the monitor are HDMI 1.4 ports will support a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440 @ 60Hz. The HDMI 1.4 are limited to 120Hz @ 1080p and cap out at 60Hz for higher resolutions...\^IFV see less

Ivan V.
Manufacturer · July 25, 2019

u/VacantMindz · 1 pointr/Monitors

Think you misunderstood my comment. There are marketplace sellers that have raised their prices due to amazon being OOS.




u/shmedfood · 1 pointr/Monitors

I am not sure how the monitor is yet, but i hear there is a lot of hype around the LG 27GL83A-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD IPS 1ms, which is the sRGB version of the LG 27gl80-B. I would wait until the reviews compare them but here is the link to the one i probably recommend

high refresh rate, 144hz, freesync ips (with faster response time but keep the mode on fast instead of faster to prevent overshoot)



and the more expensive version that has a wide color gamut


I would recommend waiting a bit though to get some review on the first monitor but I would recommend it none the less if it is like the second monitor only cheaper and with sRGB instead of a wide color gamit.

u/ge54lito · 1 pointr/buildapc

Hello, I am looking to buy a new monitor but not sure what should I get.

I'm looking for a monitor that is 1440p, 144hz, 27 in., can be either freesync or Gsync (doesn't matter), but lastly I am not sure if I want an IPS for the color accuracy or get a VA/TN panel. My budget is anything below $600.

I've been looking at this LG 27GL850-B. Anyone currently use this monitor and recommend it?

If not, does anyone have any recommendations on monitors that you are using currently?

I appreciate any comments/replies.

u/minniedahen · 1 pointr/buildapc

> Well the next few generations of gpu's...

That's good then, more or less matches what I had assumed.


> I think x570 would be best, preferably one with the best Vrm's you can find again for future support, imo Gigabyte's Aorus line is the best

Is the ASUS TUF gaming good as well? Because I was eyeing that one as an alternative to the B450.


> Cas latency can be big for gaming...

Would it be worthwhile then to get RAM with lower CAS at 3200 over a 3600 one with, say, 18 Cas latency? I was thinking if I were to get an X570 and due to the fact it apparently supports up to 4666 mhz, as u/_flatline__ pointed out above, I could overclock it to 3600 myself then?


> If you get a free sync monitor as well then you shouldn't notice any difference whatsoever between the two kits as the monitor and software handles screen tearing and stuttering itself.

That's cool. Do you think that'll stand going into the future? I.e getting either of the two kits and then never having to worry about its ill-effects going forward in game performance due to freesync sorting it out?


> The differences in ssd's are mainly for productivity things...

I'm learning so much here 😂

I think I'll get a regular M.2 then, as if SSD's improve so much going forward, I can always replace it.


> The gpu does get great performance, and if you're okay with not always getting 100+ fps in future titles then it seems like a good fit...

I'm definitely ok with getting under 100fps. I know its a slight waste with a 144hz monitor, but the monitor will be used for better cards when I'm changing GPUs so I'm not too fussed about it. I know I could get a 1440p 60hz monitor or whatever for the moment but then when I'm upgrading the GPU I'll have to get a new monitor again, so instead of paying more in the long term I'll pay less in the short.


> The next gen consoles I assume will have around 2060

Yeah obviously no one knows yet, but this seems likely based on what other technologically literate people say, roughly 2060 and at best 2070 performance. The 5700xt is roughly comparable with the 2070 super I believe so I thought it'd be good, but I wanted to make sure.


> but it depends on your preference for the type of panel you want, look up the pros and cons of VA, TN, and IPS panels cause that's the biggest difference you'll most likely notice .

Hmmm this is my first time learning about all those. I looked it up a bit and it seems IPS might be best for gaming. In the process I found this which is only 144hz not 155hz like the dell one, but it is IPS and 1ms response time. Seem good? I was also looking atthis LG one but its ultra expensive.


> but play all my games in 1080p as I have a shitty $500 pc from like 3 years ago lol.

Don't I know all too well lol :D


> I hope this wall of text is as helpful as the last one lol I love pc's but I'm broke so I like helping others who can afford it since I've spent hours researching this stuff for friends anyhow. Any other questions you might think are dumb, I'm all ears as I think for pc building there are no dumb questions with how expensive most things are.

You're a good person and you're being very helpful :) Thanks

u/a_j97 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Nano IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TD94TQF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ur23DbZ3JNFF7

Doubt you can find any in stock tho

u/Cedrius · 1 pointr/buildapc

Perhaps the LG 27GL850 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TD94TQF?tag=amazondn01-20

it also supports G-Sync.

u/Schulz0 · 1 pointr/bapcsalescanada

BF will indeed be your best bet indeed since a most of those monitors are models that have been on the market for a couple of years.

This one is a classic pick for a budget 144hz 1440p monitor and often go even lower with Dell promos : https://www.dell.com/en-ca/shop/dell-27-gaming-monitor-s2719dgf/apd/210-arcj/monitors-monitor-accessories

It's a TN panel tho, so it might not be the best depending on the taste of your friend. On that note, I suggest he reads up a bit on the different panel type and try to choose one that fits its needs, therefore limting your potential choices.

As a rule of thumb, TN has better response time, IPS has better colors and VA is a kind of a happy middle of the two but with some problems regarding ghosting in dark scenes (also the only ones that can be curved if I recall right). Keep in mind it's still dependent on the panel the monitor uses, but this gives you a rough idea. Pricewise it's like this TN < VA < IPS

If he's ready to extend his budget, this one would one of the best pick available and might see some discount on BF even tho it's a new model (it has already been discounted in the last couple of weeks for some reason) : https://www.amazon.ca/LG-27GL850-B-Ultragear-Compatible-Monitor/dp/B07TD94TQF/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=lg+ultragear+27&qid=1570634749&s=electronics&sr=1-1

u/smimhee · 1 pointr/Monitors

I'd go with 10bit colors IPS 1440p 144hz+ Aorus AD27QD, Pixio PX7 Prime, or LG 27GL850.

u/dillygraf · 1 pointr/Monitors

Send link this is the one I looked at

LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Nano IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TD94TQF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_.vhSDbG2GSXSY

u/sicfreak91 · 1 pointr/Monitors

If you got about $500 to spend and you wanted a monitor right now - I'd say the lg 27gl850 is worth trying to find in Stock

u/ithinkimsmartt · 1 pointr/buildapc

LG Ultragear 27


edit: idk what happened with that link but on amazon look it up its only 300 something brand new not $500 used idek sorry, i bought mine used off of amazon for $180 do not pay $500 for this!

u/overdoZzZed · 1 pointr/nvidia

check out that new lg gaming monitor lineup. I've been using a Dell TN panel for the last 3 years and it served me well but these new LG "nano ips" 1440p screens look hella interesting. might be something for you as well


u/Abulap · 1 pointr/Monitors

I would wait to see real reviews on the upcoming LG 27GL850-B, its an a new IPS 1ms panel nano led, 144hz Freesync / Gsync compatible, it should be out by ends of August, i seen around 500 eur preorder, but i would wait for reviews to see how it performs and if it doesn't have any issues.

Another budget monitor that might or not be available to you VIOTEK GFT27DB, its still a TN but its pretty decent for being a TN, if you want to see more about it, check The Best TN Gaming Monitor Ever? Viotek GFT27DB Review

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Monitors

This link works for me in the US: https://www.amazon.com/LG-27GL850-B-Ultragear-Compatible-Monitor/dp/B07TD94TQF/

But it says unavailable, so I'm not sure that helps anyone...

u/tekkArt · 1 pointr/buildapc

Something like that doesn't even exist yet

This is the first one to release

u/jojomexi · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

As far as a monitor I’m waiting for reviews on this:
LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Nano IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TD94TQF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_AjikDbSPFXV1D

u/JigglymoobsMWO · 1 pointr/hardware

I was thinking of getting this when it comes out:


It's not wide screen though. That's the downside. All the other specs sound amazing though.

u/thyazide · 1 pointr/Monitors


It's not sub 400 but its a good panel. Gsync and Freesync compatible, 1ms refresh, ips. Good colors, good refresh, good compatibility.

u/ProficientPlatypus · 1 pointr/Monitors

Thanks for your reply and opinions -

This will be the first PC I've built since I've been on laptops my whole life so I'm sure that any good monitor will be a huge upgrade for me.

For the 27GL850 that you mentioned, I searched it up - it's an LG panel right? I was trying to look through the specs and I couldn't find that much difference with the monitors I've mentioned. What about this one is so much better than the 279Q?

Thanks for your time!

u/XxSpruce_MoosexX · 1 pointr/bapcsalescanada

Is this one on Amazon the same? Would rather order from there but not sure about the -B at the end