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Reddit mentions of LG G4 US991 Unlocked Smartphone with 32GB Internal Memory, 16 MP Camera and 5.5-Inch IPS Quantum Display for GSM and CDMA (Black Leather)

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We found 6 Reddit mentions of LG G4 US991 Unlocked Smartphone with 32GB Internal Memory, 16 MP Camera and 5.5-Inch IPS Quantum Display for GSM and CDMA (Black Leather). Here are the top ones.

Compatible with both GSM and CDMA carriers16 MP Camera with f/1.8 low-light lens, Manual Mode, Optical Image Stabilization, Laser Autofocus, and high-res image sensorsUser removable/replaceable 3000 mAH battery, Swap out to a fully charged battery in an instant! (one battery included in box - additional batteries sold separately)32GB Internal with Micro SD Card Slot Supporting up to 2 TB (Micro SD Card sold Separately)Model LGUS991.AUSALD; compatible with Micro SIM Cards

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Found 6 comments on LG G4 US991 Unlocked Smartphone with 32GB Internal Memory, 16 MP Camera and 5.5-Inch IPS Quantum Display for GSM and CDMA (Black Leather):

u/xxTheGoDxx · 7 pointsr/Android

First off, looks like I confused you a bit with the pricing. The prices I mentioned were from the German market and included 20% tax. I used them both because I don't know a good US price search site and because I wasn't sure pricing is comparable since you guys seem to still be more carrier bound than we in Europe.

Anyway, converted in US Dollar w/o sales tax the German price for the S5 would be around 295 Dollar and the S5 Neo 240 Dollar. Amazon.com shows both Verizon and ATT compatible unlocked s5 for around 300 Dollar but the Neo seems to be missing on that market.

Anyway, I would actually prefer the S5 Neo over most of those phones simply because I like OLED screens as well as swappable batteries and its still cheaper. It also has features missing in all but the HTC phones like APT-X that I need.

That being said, neither the HTC phones or OnePlus Two have praticullary good screens:

> With poor greyscale accuracy, irregular gamma, and inaccurate rendition of primary and secondary colors, there's no hope for accurate color mixtures on the OnePlus 2's display. There's really not much more to be said. We're not talking about the kind of inaccuracy that you'd get from an oversaturated panel, but instead just general inaccuracy where no color is quite how it should be. It seems like OnePlus just focused on making sure the panel matched the sRGB gamut and put no effort into any further calibration.

> The display quality of the OnePlus 2 is not impressive at all. For a $400 phone this is simply unacceptable, and it's such an enormous regression from the OnePlus One


The M8 is also not faster than the S5 but for 150 Dollar I agree its a steal and the reasonable choice. The Nexus 5P is also great value even though I would hate being stuck with 32GB on a phone.

The even better choice than all of those including the Samsung would probably be the LG G4 - 32 GB at 300 US Dollar.

u/the_wrong_toaster · 1 pointr/AndroidMasterRace

LG G4! Just got mine and absolutely love it. On par with the Nexus 5X, though the G4 is marginally better

u/Riptor_Co · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

So since the LG G4 seems to be a good fit, any drawbacks I should know about before making the plunge?


u/wwe9112 · 1 pointr/lgg4

Does it matter what varient the phone is though? Here is the one for sale on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/LG-G4-Unlocked-Leather-Warranty/dp/B01774WPQ8/ref=sr_1_1?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1458967317&sr=1-1&keywords=lg+g4 (not sure if that is aloud). But nonetheless, I am unsure what version of phone that is, and also what version of android it is. But as you said, that can be downgraded.

u/Santi871 · 1 pointr/Android

Depends on the phone and seller. Sometimes you get only amazon's return policy (or the seller's), sometimes you get manufacturer warranty.

For example: www.amazon.com/LG-G4-Unlocked-Leather-Warranty/dp/B01774WPQ8/ref=sr_1_4?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1457565177