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Reddit mentions of Medical Student Loans: A Comprehensive Guide

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Medical Student Loans: A Comprehensive Guide
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Found 3 comments on Medical Student Loans: A Comprehensive Guide:

u/ScienceOnYourSide · 30 pointsr/medicine

It may be a bit much for 3rd years, but during 4th year I think everyone should read White Coat Investor, Medical Student Loans if they have student loans, and
The Millionaire Nextdoor. Those that have any interest in finances will take them seriously and continue to read beyond these. Those that don't really care will have at least been given a quick Finances 101 course for doctors and have somewhere to turn. I think a large problem is many medical students have no concept of what a dollar is even worth. Many grow up in upper-middle class America with parents supporting them through college if not further and then have essentially unlimited loans during medical school. We know nothing about finances in general and these give a good baseline for which older physicians can then build on. I would also recommend every 4th year start a budget, either on pencil/paper, Excel, Mint, YNAB, or something to at least track their expenses and have better money management skill in residency that lend themselves to later in life when they are making more money.

Careers in Medicine is also a decent resource all most medical students should have access too

u/[deleted] · 13 pointsr/medicalschool

I highly recommend reading Ben White's book on student loans. It answers your question and many others. Medical-Student-Loans-Comprehensive-Guide

To get $0 monthly payments, you would need to be in an IBR payment plan (Forbearance or deferment do not count as "payments" with regards to PSLF, although technically you could use them for a $0 monthly payment; although this is likely unwise).

The cost of monthly payments is determined by 15% (IBR) or 10% (PAYE or REPAYE) of your discretionary income divided by 12; discretionary income = (adjusted gross income - 1.5*federal poverty limit). Under IBR/PAYE/REPAYE you can have $0 monthly payments if your income is low enough (remember that REPAYE includes spouses income).

For these plans, you have to certify your income annually. One trick to getting the guaranteed $0 payments is to consolidate your loans right after graduation. This immediately enters you into repayment (no grace period), but allows you to certify that you have no income. This has the benefit of allowing you to truthfully check that you have no income (not technically employed until July 1st) and allow you to build up extra $0 payments should you choose to pursue PSLF in the future. If in REPAYE it also allows you to halve your interest rate effective immediately, which will save you money in the long run.

My school had a AAMC representative speak to us regarding student loans and she confirmed that this was a legitimate strategy that many people use.

TLDR: Definitely still a viable option

u/KaJedBear · 5 pointsr/medicalschool

I found Ben White's book and blog to be a bit more straight forward and easier to navigate and understand.

E: tldr for you is that yes, repaye is likely the best option in your situation. Certainly gather some info to make an informed decision though.