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Mein Kampf
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Found 37 comments on Mein Kampf:

u/SlimSkeeter · 24 pointsr/ScenesFromAHat

Alright kids, we are going to go see Mein Kampf at the theater tonight, who's in?!

u/Dunkeal · 15 pointsr/badhistory

Maybe you're a history professor who wants to teach about about hitler's ideological progression.

Maybe you want to make some edgy YouTube video where you burn this book, the Bible, and the Quran

Maybe you just want to read the fucking book.

You're not going to be put on an NSA watch list. Nazi's and Communist aren't America's rally cry to war anymore


u/NoveltyAccount5928 · 9 pointsr/shittyadvice

Your most important job as a parent is to instill morals & values in your child. All the morals and values that a child needs to be successful in life can be found in this book.

u/ponchietto · 9 pointsr/italy


E comunque dalla legge Scelba:

>4. Apologia del fascismo.

>- Chiunque fa propaganda per la costituzione di una associazione, di un movimento o di un gruppo avente le caratteristiche e perseguente le finalità indicate nell'articolo 1 è punito [....] Alla stessa pena di cui al primo comma soggiace chi pubblicamente esalta esponenti, princìpi, fatti o metodi del fascismo, oppure le sue finalità antidemocratiche.

Pigliare per il culo e' un po' diverso dall'esaltare, il segno sul braccio e i 'nazisti dell'Illinois' dovrebbero rendere chiara la differenza anche a un idiota. Ma non alla Digos a quanto pare.

u/_empecinado · 7 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

If you read it in public, you will probably get some dirty looks, but honestly who cares

Read it in your home, if it comes up in the conversation, just tell people the truth, you were curious about it

Be advised, it's not a light read. It has great value when you consider the context, but as a book, it's underwhelming. Hitler was a great orator, but as a writer ...

Beyond the anger, hatred, bigotry, and self-aggrandizing, Mein Kampf is saddled with tortured prose, meandering narrative, and tangled metaphors (one person was described as "a thorn in the eyes of venal officials"). That said, it is an incredibly important book. It is foolish to think that the Holocaust could not happen again, especially if World War II and its horrors are forgotten. As an Amazon.com reader has pointed out, "If you want to learn about why the Holocaust happened, you can't avoid reading the words of the man who was most responsible for it happening." Mein Kampf, therefore, must be read as a reminder that evil can all too easily grow. --Sunny Delaney

u/weblypistol · 7 pointsr/conspiratard

Here ya go.

But if you really have to

>Open up your eyes. Then you'll realize they want Genocide.

>Tell em' once again. No-ones trying to blend out the Africans.

>Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White countries for Everyone.

>There's no place in modern Europe, no chance for ethnic purity.

>No-one ever says this, bout' African or Asian countries.

>There is no justification.

>Open up your eyes, then you'll realize they want genocide. Anti-Racist is a code-word for Anti-White.

>Tell em' once again, no-ones trying to blend out the Africans.

>Anti-Racist is a code-word for Anti-White.

u/VinnyTheFish89 · 5 pointsr/entp

As to the "collective" being an extension of one's self to the immediate family, I can see that, and fair enough. The rest of your explanation... well, where do I start?

You essentially agreed with me that morality is subjective, because you gave me a problem statement of : Why is stealing a car wrong? You did this with the intent of showing me that rules have to be black and white. I provided you with possible context that in my subjective opinion, would make stealing a car the ONLY morally correct thing to do. So, you contradicted yourself. Is stealing always wrong, or is ok in certain context?

The golden rule is essentially that you should treat others as you wish to be treated. I use this as my primary moral compass because I, unlike you, do not claim to know what is right or wanted by each individual. I am only aware of my stream of consciousness, desires, and moral standpoints, so again, unless explicitly informed by the individual how I should act, I revert to this as the best way to maximize good and minimize the harm I do in day to day life.

As for sexual promiscuity being morally wrong, that's just such an arbitrary value, and before I do any sort of in-depth reading on the subject, I'm going to need a lot more of a justification for doing so. I use my time to read about useful information that provides me valuable insights, not learn about all the different ways religion wants to control you due to what was put in some ancient tome. Again, tell me how sexual promiscuity is relevant at all to morality writ-large.

You shouldn't stab a baby because it creates unnecessary suffering for the infant, as well as those that care for said infant. Golden rule again. I wouldn't want someone to stab my baby, so I would not choose to inflict that pain on another individual. Now, if I could travel back in time, I would stab Hitler as a baby, and that would be the morally correct thing to do. But in most cases, you don't know whether a baby will end up committing genocide, or write awful justification for arbitrary moral codes on the internet, so I refrain.

So, you hate Jews because of what's in the text? How about the Bible's prescription for how to handle your slaves?

As an aside, you're very clearly an Fi user, and my guess would be ESFP based on the Te cherry-picking and the Fi attachment to a lot of really broad, baseless claims that do not stand up to any sort of Ti examination. Thank you for the personal attacks by the way, they make me happy.

Also, it makes me a bit unnervy when you start scapegoating Jews as morally inferior, and speak about race in regards to morality. I think I can save you some time, because I'm pretty sure this book was already written.


Edit: Apologies to any INTJs who read that I originally typed this guy as INTJ. He's clearly a very confused ESFP as someone else pointed out in another thread (Not that all ESFPs are bad, just the Nazi ones.)

u/MrNagasaki · 4 pointsr/Wolfenstein

I'm also reading this cool Wolfenstein fanfiction right now. Also thinking about doing some nice The New Colossus cosplay by modifying some of my beed sheets like this. Boy, I'm such a fanboy. HEIL HITLER xD

u/sarcastroll · 3 pointsr/politics

Trump is a true businessman indeed.

Bannon already has his strategy published and available for purchase on Amazon.

The Bannon Years

u/laicnani · 2 pointsr/politics

I doubt very much we live in the same society. In my society, America, even if an idea is wrong, it does not simply get deleted, it lives on so others may learn from it. Some quick examples:

u/yawningangel · 2 pointsr/TumblrInAction

[Oh look, its in a book so it has to be true] ( http://www.amazon.com/Mein-Kampf-Adolf-Hitler/dp/0395925037)

u/Katastic_Voyage · 2 pointsr/KotakuInAction

Amazon got rid of the flag, but you can still buy Mein Kampf.

Because...? Oh yeah, their entire movement is based on whatever they get angry about that day.

u/PeenHammer69 · 2 pointsr/Documentaries

Your book link broke somehow. Here is the link fixed:


u/normal_rc · 1 pointr/Buttcoin

I'm not upset about it, but USA certainly does tolerate National Socialist videos, since they're protected by the 1st amendment.

You can even buy National Socialist books like "Mein Kampf" on Amazon.com


u/Avanti_Italia · 1 pointr/CringeAnarchy

"Read a Book"
Which book? Will this one suffice?

u/Capetian_dynasty · 1 pointr/atheism

>The courts never ruled such a thing with On the Jews and Their Lies because it never came up

Considering you can buy a copy of it on Amazon, I'd guess it's probably legal.

There are plenty of other hideous texts on Amazon. So either you're right and Amazon is breaking the law and is profiting off hate speech, or you're wrong and these texts aren't hate speech at all.

u/FabergeEggnog · 1 pointr/worldnews

MacDonald? Really?

Well, then, here's another ClicketyClick you might enjoy.

For everyone else: Kevin MacDonald.

u/Gigantkranion · 1 pointr/politics

Please provide a valid source on how amazon uses contracts and intent for its platform. They were just a online bookstore. Granted, they've evolved since then but, their basic concept is the same. I would guess that it is more of a "Hey. Tthese guys gave us money to use us. Is it illegal?" then they just allow them.

Your point is not different then boycotting your public library for having Mein Kampf or...

Wait a moment! It is also on Amazon... :/

u/Ask18 · 1 pointr/Fuckthealtright

And apparently some copies have neo-nazi publishers' marks. Disgusting. You can report it here, I did:

https://www.amazon.com/Mein-Kampf-Adolf-Hitler/dp/0395925037 - Giant "Send Feedback" link at the bottom of the page.

u/chri126y · 1 pointr/unpopularopinion

>I don't. I have multiple Muslim friends.

Can you read?

>No. Conservatives are actually pro free speech, the absolute enemy of Fascists and/or today's left.

Fascist are extreme conservatives dude? Maybe pick this book up if you need a refreshing look at it

Also the left isn't against free speech, liberals are

u/anusface · -1 pointsr/hypotheticalsituation

Originally yes, he needed to become the Fuhrer. Just like in America if you're not Christian, you won't become the leader. But he convinced the people that Jews, Gypsies, and people of the Slavic races were inferior because their non-aryan heritage and it had nothing to do with religion. Here are some [places] (http://www1.yadvashem.org/odot_pdf/microsoft%20word%20-%205761.pdf) to start reading before trying to twist words and facts to support your ill-educated anti-theistic crusade.

u/sektabox · -2 pointsr/worldnews

Absolute bullshit.

Shipped and sold by Amazon

Canadian Amazon also offers it on Prime. Again, sold and shipped by Amazon.

You can buy it also in the Kindle edition for those times when you want to cuddle up with the "masterpiece" on a plane or on a bus.

u/malvoliosf · -3 pointsr/writing

> Self-publishing has no gatekeeping process.

Is your argument that anything is better than nothing? If so, we'll have to agree to disagree.

> Amazon does a little "after-the-fact" gatekeeping, i.e. they have pulled self-published how-to manuals on rape and pedophilia

Nope, still there.

> On the other hand, like with the Internet, the lack of gatekeeping in self-publishing supports an open and unfettered exchange of ideas, whether those ideas are just bad quality writing or are actually bad ideas

I'm not sure if you are saying there are no bad ideas among traditionally published books, or just fewer.

The fact that traditional publishing occasionally upholds the prejudices of traditional publishers is not a recommendation.

> a publisher places a number of safe bets that will have high returns (Stephen King, James Patterson, Nora Roberts, Sue Grafton) to be able to afford to take greater chances on publishing works that they know will only attract a smaller (but perhaps more dedicated) audience, or for taking chances on new writers, etc.

That's the mechanism they talk about, as if it were some sort of recommendation. "We use our marketing muscle to foist the same old thing on most readers -- and use the money to push books we personally like on other readers! And we do it for only 70% of the proceeds! We're practically saints."

u/Agalol · -4 pointsr/videos

I never thought of it that way. Hey, in the context of this guys argument the jews are the problem http://www.amazon.com/Mein-Kampf-Adolf-Hitler/dp/0395925037 you should check it out, he makes some good points.