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RESTORES LIKE-NEW STEERING -- Patented pressed-in cover plate seals out debris and minimizes looseness, reducing bearing wear and promoting longer lifeGREASEABLE SOCKET -- Reduces corrosion and wear by allowing new lubricant to flush contaminantsABSORBS IMPACT -- Belleville preload washer helps keep the bearing package tight as bearings wearPROBLEM SOLVER GUSHER BEARING -- Metal-to-metal design provides strength and allows grease to flow through bearing surface for reduced friction and long lifeSTRONG and DURABLE – Ball studs are heat treated to match or exceed OE requirements to inhibit premature failure and improve fatigue strengthEASY TO INSTALL -- Precision tolerances for easy installation and steering alignment giving you a perfect fit right out of the boxCOMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE -- Available for foreign and domestic nameplatesRIGOROUS TESTING -- Comprehensive testing throughout design and development processes by MOOG engineers for quality you can count onUse on select 1991 - 1999 Jeep vehiclesRight outer rodRods are greasable to reduce frictionEasy to installAll parts meet or exceed OEM (original equipment manufacturers) standards

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Found 2 comments on Moog DS1238 Tie Rod End:

u/crazed98camaro · 5 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

Start of a long line of new parts for the 2000 XJ:

  • Spicer ball joints
  • Timken Hubs
  • Drag link
  • Drag link end (to pitman arm)
  • Drag link adjusting sleeve
  • Tie rod end (to drag link)
  • Tie rod end (to DS steering knuckle)
  • Steering Damper
  • Front rotors / pads
  • Rear drums / shoes
  • Random o2 sensor that has exposed wires

    Finally got the ball joints out yesterday around 1pm.

    Had to go get an impact gun to even touch the axle nut. Then the damn 13mm 12 point bolts that hold the hub in. Some how I did not strip a single one but have no faith in putting them back in, so now waiting for new bolts to be delivered. Every single cotter pin on the ball joints were so rusted and pushed into the castle nut that I couldn't get them out, so go get new impact sockets (and another trip for swivel sockets for the upper) and unleash all hell to shear the cotter pins off.

    Finally got to pushing the ball joints out and the OTC set receiving cup is a touch to big for the lower ball joint, so off to Harbor Freight to get an adapter set.

    Anyways, half a rant but happy to hopefully have a Jeep that wont wobble down the road.
u/wordstrappedinmyhead · 3 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

Here's a list of the parts you'll need /u/RebornSpartan . I did pretty much the same thing last year.

Also, if you replace one wheel bearing I'd suggest knocking out the other one while you're at it. That also gives you the chance to check the axle shaft u-joints while you're at it.

2x Timken HA597449 Axle Bearing and Hub Assembly - $150

You will also need a 36mm socket specific for the nut on the axle shaft. I bought this one from Amazon when I ordered the wheel bearings: TEKTON 4936 1/2-Inch Drive by 36 mm Deep Impact Socket, 6-Point - $14.

Something to be aware of (paranoia at its finest) is the possibility that your hub bolts may be rusted all to hell and need replaced. Or in case you want to replace them "just because". You can get them from Quadratec @ $4/ea and you will need a total of 3 for each side. Crown Automotive 34201535 Front Knuckle To Hub Bolt

Here are the Moog part #s for the ZJ tie rod upgrade:
1x Moog DS1312 ZJ Tie Rod End - $54
1x Moog ES3096L XJ/ZJ Tie Rod End - $26

You can generally re-use the adjusting sleeve that's already on the components you're going to replace, but in case you want/need a new adjusting sleeve it's only an additional $15.
1x Moog ES2079S XJ/ZJ Tie Rod End Adjusting Sleeve - $15

While you're down there mucking about with the steering, you should check the drag link and the track bar as well.

If you need/want to replace the drag link assembly, here are the part #s you'll need. Again, you can generally get away with re-using the adjusting sleeve so that will save you $15 if you do.
1x Moog DS1238 Tie Rod End aka Drag Link - $60
1x Moog ES3096L XJ/ZJ Tie Rod End - $26
1x Moog ES2079S XJ/ZJ Tie Rod End Adjusting Sleeve - $15

For the track bar:
1x Moog DS1235 XJ Track Bar - $59

Now, on to the sway bar links. If the links themselves are still good, all you need to do is replace the bushings.
2x Moog K3150 Sway Bar Link Repair Kit - $17

If your links are crap (usually the top bolt is rusted all to hell, or people don't want to screw with pressing out the old bushings) you can get two of these kits to just do a straight replacement.
2x Moog K3174 Stabilizer Bar Link Kit - $38

And don't forget to replace the mounting bushings for the sway bar while you're at it, also.
1x Moog K3171 Sway Bar Bushing Kit - $10