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Namsan pet screen door made of high-quality ABS, sturdy and durable, outer size is 13.8 x 18 inch, inner flap is 12 x 16 inch, which is suitable for all breed dogs, cats, pet pigs and so on.To prevent the door hit your dog back legs, so attention to the height of the door before installation, especially puppies, short legs dogs, cats.Stick the glue against the edge of 2 door frames before installing, 4 retractable straps provided can make this dog screen door more sturdy to avoid falling out and hitting your dog.2 tabs on the top can be removed and lock the door when you would not like your dog walking freely. The inside magnet can make the door close automatically when your dog or cat go in or out.The installation instruction has been attached in the package, but you can also see the detailed video of Namsan pet screen door installation on the product page.

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u/mostlyyghostly ยท 1 pointr/dogs

If you have a glass door, I assume you have a screen door as well? If you don't mind having the screen open all day, it's pretty easy to install a dog door on your screens! We have a strange setup in our house and have a sliding glass door in every room out to the courtyard, and we have doggy doors on three of the screens so the dogs can get out whenever they want (weather permitting).

This is the one we use, with some dog proof screen to surround it. My guys are all pretty big (range from 50lbs-110lbs) and fit through fine. Our yard is 100% dog proof, though, so you would have to make sure there's a zero percent chance of your pup escaping.