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Reddit mentions of Nature Republic New Soothing Moisture Aloe Vera Gel 92 Percent Korean Cosmetics, 10.56 Fluid Ounce

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Nature Republic New Soothing Moisture Aloe Vera Gel 92 Percent Korean Cosmetics, 10.56 Fluid Ounce
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Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel - 300ml/10.56oz

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Found 16 comments on Nature Republic New Soothing Moisture Aloe Vera Gel 92 Percent Korean Cosmetics, 10.56 Fluid Ounce:

u/PinkFurLookinLikeCam · 13 pointsr/tretinoin

I realized a while ago that I have to apply my moisture in layers. So yes I do use a ton of moisture products, but my skin has proper hydration and a consistent moisture barrier that no active has ever been able to penetrate.

OP I would stop washing your face unless maybe once at night, and only oil cleansing. Oil cleanses oil. Your face doesn’t need extreme cleansing or other cleansing products.

I would spray with a moisturizing toner (there are a million, choose one that you like) then layer 1-2 layers of a hyaluronic Acid over your face when it’s wet with Toner. I like Korean brands, like this one and this one. Then layer that with a snail mucus which sounds awful but it’s crazy hydrating, like this one. Layer that with a gel, like this. Then a cream like this one and finally a sleeping mask like this one. Bonus points for applying a wet sheet mask over it for 30 minutes.

It seems absolutely extra and I personally wish I could slap on a moisturizer and call it a night but it’s the only way to truly hydrate and nourish the moisture barrier.

u/newyorknosh · 5 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

So, can anyone recommend a brand that actually DOES have aloe vera in it? I ordered this one online literally 15 minutes ago...wondering if I should cancel the order.

u/BreakfastAndChill · 3 pointsr/acne

I use this
I really like it. Aloe vera overall is a great way to calm down irritated skin. I use it for everything (acne, bug bites, sun burns, etc..)

u/friendlypegasus · 3 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

> Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Seconding this, and I'm currently using (and loving) Nature's Republic (an AB brand)

u/wutwutchickenbuttwut · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Ah I made a post but perhaps it is better to just comment here instead

I'm a guy in his mid 20s and my current routine is REALLY simple but has some problems and I would also like to expand it a bit...

Current routine:

AM - Wash face, Apply lotion, Put on tinted sunblock (need it cus of darker skin)

PM - Same as AM sans the sunblock and using St Ives exfloiating pad (AHA) before applying lotion.

So off the bat there are two problems with my routine. First is that there are days when I go to the gym mid-day which requires a shower. Problem with this is that I must wash my face 3 times on certain days (how else would I remove the sunblock?). Second is that I shave using a double-edge razor which actually serves to exfoliate the parts of my face that I shave so what ends up happening is that my entire face is not being exfoliated equally (my cheek look so much better than my forehead), I have no idea how I would go about solving this... It should be noted that I do not use the St Ives pads on night when I shave (I shave every other day).

I want to change my routine to account for these two issues while also expanding it a bit to lessen stuff like wrinkles and dark spots (my complexion sucks, esp my forehead).

I was looking at some products and found some that looks promising? interesting? but honestly, I'm not too experienced in this area...

For the eyes

For the wrinkles

Possible regular moisturizers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

You can see that I prefer gel moisturizers because I don't like that feeling of putting on lotion and my face being sticky even after like an hour (Aveeno does this).

Face wash - my current face wash isn't sustainable (kinda niche) and it doesn't wash away my sunblock all that well either... I had the same problem with SCA's favorite Cerave hydrating cleanser.

I can't say I've noticed real improvement from using St Ives's pads? Not sure if I want to try anything stronger though because I am bad with sunblock reapplication.

Even the sunblock is not the best because it has such a strong flowery smell. But I need a lightly tinted one to not look like a ghost... Hmm maybe this one?

u/Wozzert · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

oh no! That sounds really painful.

I don't know enough about benzoyl peroxide to recommend a face wash, but an aloe product can help reduce the heat. I use Nature Republic New Soothing Moisture Aloe Vera Gel. It's very affordable and I've found it to be super cooling! I bought it to help with dry skin and heal acne scars but a couple days ago some steam from a microwave meal burnt my finger and applying this stuff to it helped WAY more than cold water. I just put a blob on and let it sit there and my finger felt soooo much better.

I will mention that a common complaint is that it can dry your skin out. I've found this to be the case with me as well but if I just put my normal moisturizer on after the aloe it "locks" the moisture from the aloe in rather than letting it dry up. If that's something you're worried about I still recommend aloe, but searching for one that's less drying. This ones just the cheapest and the only one I've had experience with. I also hear you can stick aloe in the fridge overnight to enhance its cooling effects.

If you're worried about it drying you out this one has no complaints about dryness and is only a couple bucks more.


I hope this helps! Good luck starting university soon :D

u/throawajsdhljfa212 · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

So about two months ago (March 10th) I used this black head removal mask and I accidentally pulled it off too quick/forcefully and ripped off some skin on the tip of my nose and I got this little red patch on the tip of my nose


At first I thought nothing of it and thought it would eventually heal but after 2-3 weeks the initial bright redness faded and now it's this faint red and becomes very noticeable when I drink or am really hot (flushed face), or when you look closely. Ive been applying this moisturizer and this aloe vera gel daily.

Is this a permanent scar? Is there something else I should be applying to it to help it fade? Any other advice?


u/bicycwow · 2 pointsr/Cooking

Like others said, aloe is probably one of your best bets. You can buy aloe vera gel if you don't want to get a plant. I apply it as soon as I get any type of burn and it immediately soothes it and prevents it from getting bad. This is the one I use, super cheap too: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0080EEMCA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_O9GOBbWTR083Q

u/bambooclad · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I just reuse my aloe vera gel containers for loose pucks.

I believe they're the same dimensions as the soap tubs used by most artisans...

u/f1del1us · 2 pointsr/Rosacea

As a guy, makeup is an option. I use this and this. Its a green tinted primer and a liquid mineral foundation.

This is not for everyone. I wash my face twice a day, and use cetaphil, and aloe gel. It helps quite a bit in my opinion, but there are no good cures. I am also going to try adding MSM to my supplements but who knows. I've accepted that I may never be able to "cure", so I do the best to manage.

In that vein, makeup has helped with my self image quite possibly more than I could have imagined. If I had known what I know now (at 25) I would've started learning at 15. If you do it right, nobody ever knows. I've had one person in 2-3 years ask if I was wearing makeup (it was at a baseball game) and I just said I put on sunscreen. Nobody expects men to wear it, so it's never noticed. Just remember, LESS is MORE.

u/Amandine910 · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

LOL! Just proves how robust their market is. Most of the KB aloes I've had contain alcohol. The one I use most is Nature Republic.


u/etevian · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

This baby right here. Absolute bliss after a shave especially if its been refrigerated. Price is a little bullshit on this site though. I bought mine for 5 bucks at the store


u/SkincareAddiction_SS · 1 pointr/SubredditSimulator

I was reapplying sunscreen and it clogs my pores, but I'm hoping that by the Xth date, your skin really got pissed. I know people hate this product but I actually use this aloe vera gel and over the time of my period.

u/chainlink01 · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

From a raw sauce fan girl: it contains alcohol which might not be great to add while your skin is acting up. It's not a hugely significant amount but still be careful integrating it into your routine. I see you have a cream containing aloe in your routine but an aloe gel could help with soothing the irritation! Nature Republic makes one, and putting it in the fridge makes it even more soothing.

Edit: I am a dork and forgot that particular aloe gel has alcohol. A pure aloe gel with no added ingredients would do well :)