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Reddit mentions of Nikon LC-52 Snap on Front Lens Cap

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We found 4 Reddit mentions of Nikon LC-52 Snap on Front Lens Cap. Here are the top ones.

Snap-on lens capHelps protect front part of lens from dust and scratchesFits Nikon lenses with 52mm filter sizeBlack plastic with side clips and Nikon logo

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Found 4 comments on Nikon LC-52 Snap on Front Lens Cap:

u/Hades2k · 6 pointsr/Nikon

The original, full title is "LC-52 Snap-on Front Lens Cap 52mm" - you should be able to find one in almost every camera store or you could order it from Amazon - maybe it'll make it in time: https://www.amazon.com/Nikon-LC-52-Snap-Front-Lens/dp/B00006I5J7

u/burning1rr · 5 pointsr/Nikon

The Nikon logo is a trademark. A 3rd party cap carrying the Nikon logo is going to be a counterfit product instead of a knock-off. Amazon isn't big on selling illegal goods. If you place an order for the LC-52 lens with the Nikon logo, it comes from Amazon, and it isn't an OEM cap, contact Amazon and they will take care of it.


That one looks legit to me. I'd certainly feel comfortable buying it.