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Olympus WS-802 Voice Recorder
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4Gb Internal Memory With Micro SD Card SlotUSB Direct Connector And Battery Charge FunctionPcm/Mp3/Wma Stereo RecordingNew Voice Balancer FunctionNew Voice Playback Function
Height0.6 Inches
Length3.9 Inches
SizeOne Size
Weight0.113 Pounds
Width1.6 Inches

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Found 1 comment on Olympus WS-802 Voice Recorder:

u/Vloshko ยท 1 pointr/Judaism

Olympus / Digital Voice Recorder / WS-802. I have this one that I purchased for about $140ish back when Amazon had it. However, you can't get it anymore. Although, they came out with a newer model which from what I have researched is quite the amazing upgrade for around the same price as the older model. Honestly, I wish I had the newer model^Ebay^Ebay^Ebay^Ebay.