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Reddit mentions of ORE International Wood Kitchen Cart

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Features 3 wire storage basketsIncludes 2 wine shelves and single flat shelfCasters provide easy mobilitySteel frame with rubber wood surface and handlesExcellent value

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u/oscarsn0w ยท 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Since the most wonderfull /u/Lauran2323 has summoned me, I'll list what I have in my place that I find super useful.

I have this in the kitchen, it holds the microwave and our champange and wine

I think it's a very cool tissue holder

You want this always readily available to you or a guest

Holds even more wine and double as a buffet in your dining room

Fans are huge if you want to save money by using an A/C less

Just to keep things organized on the fridge

It drives me nuts when people open letters like a christmas present

Also some sort of nice smelling candle - it'll make the place feel more like home.

As far as saving money - the urge to order out is immense. Try and cook as often as possible, it's cheaper and healthier. Except on Fridays. On Fridays you can eat pizza!!!!!!!