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Reddit mentions of Pyrex Storage 4-Cup Round Dish with Dark Blue Plastic Cover, Clear (Case of 4 Containers)

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We found 5 Reddit mentions of Pyrex Storage 4-Cup Round Dish with Dark Blue Plastic Cover, Clear (Case of 4 Containers). Here are the top ones.

Pyrex Storage 4-Cup Round Dish with Dark Blue Plastic Cover, Clear (Case of 4 Containers)
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Case of 4 Containers Each with Plastic Lids Total 8 PieceClassic, Functional, and DurableGlass is non-porous, it won't absorb food odors, food flavors or food stainsPyrex glass is safe in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer.Made in USA, Dishwasher Safe
Height4.49 Inches
Length12.2 Inches
Number of items4
Size4 Cup, Box of 4 Containers
Weight5.05 Pounds
Width12.2 Inches

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Found 5 comments on Pyrex Storage 4-Cup Round Dish with Dark Blue Plastic Cover, Clear (Case of 4 Containers):

u/hawtp0ckets · 25 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

I was just about to say this. I use these Pyrex bowls and I'm not sure if you use the same ones, but they are awesome! Super easy to clean and I often find them on sale at Target. I have about 10 of them. Way easier to eat a salad out of!

u/vfdsugarbowl · 14 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

PS, Not a dumb question! Screw you ^(/s), I'm gonna upvote!

Seriously though, I bought 3-compartment containers and the containers themselves freeze and refrigerate alright, though they get a bit brittle in the freezer. The downside here is that for one I feel pressured to cook more things to put in as sides, which complicates the process, even though nobody would really care if I put stew in all three compartments or something. Another downside is that different things microwave at different times, so one food may stay ice cold while the other is like hot hell fire.

I'm a bit envious of the folks that sprung for the single-compartment glass containers. You're a bit limited to stuff that can mix, but that's not actually all that limiting. Plus you maximize storage space (you loose a lot in between the compartments) and it all heats up at once.

I guess that's not really what you were asking, but oh well.

u/chaostardasher · 2 pointsr/mealprep

Pyrex 4-cup storage containers are my go-to choice for meal prep! Amazon has them for sale in four packs here


You can see the in action with one of my usual recipes here: Easy Meal Prep Ground Turkey Veggie Bowls

u/gorilla-gardener · 2 pointsr/ZeroWaste

For full on meal prep it can get costly, but glass containers are awesome.

There’s Pyrex/anchor ones: https://smile.amazon.com/Pyrex-Storage-4-Cup-Plastic-Containers/dp/B00I1VCFWQ

You can also get reusable silicone bags. Freeze like you usually would in ziplocks.


My cost effective solution for soups & stews or anything that comes out of the instant pot or slow cooker is mason jars with plastic lids. The glass can go straight in the microwave & the kids are easy to wash & label.

Also these labels are the best imo:


u/cheez0r · 2 pointsr/Dabs

Butane open blasting is generally the cheapest. For 1oz of bud you'll want 4x 320ml cans of at least 5x refined butane. For the extraction chamber I've used many things, but find a stainless steel water bottle with a narrow mouth works well. I use 150-200 mesh screen over the mouth, use a hose clamp to secure it, and drill a small hole that one of the butane adapter tips will fit in, into the bottom center of the water bottle. Blast into a pyrex bowl floating in boiling water in a pyrex pan; degas the poop soup using a candle warmer. There are lots of howtos on open blasting on youtube, it's pretty simple.


Before the future awesomeness we're living in now where I can buy extracts at the dispensary, I open blasted between 4-6 oz a month for almost a decade. I had a custom blown borosilicate glass extraction rig that would fit an oz of broken-up buds into it that was the tits...


(I realize a press might be cheaper, but to make a "real" press that can do 1/4oz of bud at a shot wants $100 or more at Harbor Freight or the like...)