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Reddit mentions of Queen Size Deluxe Murphy Bed Kit, Vertical

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Queen Size Deluxe Murphy Bed Kit, Vertical
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Vertical QUEEN finished measurements: 87-1/8 in H x 65-7/8 in W x 15-7/8 in D (closed) x 87 in D(open)Proudly made in the USA for over 30 years, LIFETIME WARRANTY, trusted by major hotel chainsIncludes step-by-step DVD, illustrated instruction booklets, cut sheets, bills of materials and templates.TOLLFREE number provided throughout printed material if you need immediate expert assistanceNOT INCLUDED: Lumber and Mattress (Innerspring Queen Mattress size up to 60"W x 80"L x 6-12H)
Height87 Inches
Length87.125 Inches
SizeQueen - Vertical
Weight0.7054792384 Pounds
Width65.87 Inches

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Found 5 comments on Queen Size Deluxe Murphy Bed Kit, Vertical:

u/TroyDiY · 1 pointr/woodworking

I recently built a murphy bed and would recommend that you use a kit that has the end legs like this (https://www.amazon.com/Queen-Size-Deluxe-Murphy-Bed-Vertical/dp/B00CYPV29W). I did not and it is a lot more work and does not look as nice.

For the color i recently built a vanity with solid birch and also have cabinets that are birch. It tends to have knots and it's natural finished look is very similar to hickory so getting a clean look like this with solid birch rail and stiles might be tough. You could probably get some cherry plywood and some Cherry stick on edge banding and that would provide you with the look from the picture.

u/doggomummo · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

We have one! We live in a 700sq ft 2 bed apartment and we put the Murphy bed in 3 years ago when I started working from home. My office is also the guest room. We bought one of the kits that provides all the instructions and hardware and cut the wood ourselves.

A couple of notes:
It def did not destroy the wall.
It has changed the way we use the space, in such a positive way.
The precision of the cuts was REALLY important.
And having enough space to cut, and assemble the bed was a challenge.
The legs provided in the kit are garbage- we don’t use them- we made alternatives

10/10 we would build and use a Murphy bed again. It is so convenient. Since we did it our friends and family have done the same. This is the kit we used (I think): Murphy bed

u/crantastic · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Similar to the other, but here's my shot


This is small enough to where you might want a pull-down bed like this:


u/iso_penis · 1 pointr/DIY

My parents who are in their 60s with little wood working experience just built one using this kit. It takes a bit of time but it turned out great! Kit comes with a detailed instructional video and all the hardware needed for the bed, all you need to supply is the wood and paint.

u/Nuevex · 1 pointr/Vive

Well then don't fret, they have a kit for all sizes!

[Right here] (https://www.amazon.com/Queen-Size-Deluxe-Murphy-Bed-Vertical/dp/B00CYPV29W)