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Shakespeare 4187 SS Ratchet Mount
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Equipment for anglers of all ages and experienceMade to be reliable and durableTested to be easy to use and high qualitySHAKESPEARE ELECTRONICS 4187Four-way ratchet design with handleFor deck or bulkhead mounting

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u/TinyMetalTube ยท 2 pointsr/vandwellers

I got this wifi extender. It claims a range of up to 5 miles (offshore, on a boat, over clear waters). I've seen it get a network at least several blocks away in town with obstructions. Using it from my house, I see about 50 networks as opposed to my normal 2-3.

This antenna mount allows you to lower the antenna so it doesn't stick straight up when you aren't using it.

Also consider using a 4G hotspot with a 4G signal booster like a weBoost.