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Reddit mentions of SiliconDust HDTC-2US-M HDHomeRun EXTEND.FREE Broadcast HDTV (2-Tuner), Black

Sentiment score: 4
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We found 7 Reddit mentions of SiliconDust HDTC-2US-M HDHomeRun EXTEND.FREE Broadcast HDTV (2-Tuner), Black. Here are the top ones.

SiliconDust HDTC-2US-M HDHomeRun EXTEND.FREE Broadcast HDTV (2-Tuner), Black
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Free over the air HDTV with more reach Watch transcoded, ‘live and recorded’ HDTV which can be viewed on multiple WiFi devices, across your home network.Cut the cable and save on monthly rental fees.Watch live HDTVon up to 2 devicessimultaneously onyour WiFi network.Works with ourHDHomeRun DVR soyou can watch, pauseand record.Watch and record infull 1080p resolutionwhere available
Height7 Inches
Length4 Inches
Number of items1
Release dateJanuary 2017
Weight2.2 Pounds
Width11 Inches

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Found 7 comments on SiliconDust HDTC-2US-M HDHomeRun EXTEND.FREE Broadcast HDTV (2-Tuner), Black:

u/Chahk · 3 pointsr/cordcutters

Over here we have Netflix, Amazon (used Prime for shipping long before Video was added to it,) and a $40 indoors OTA antenna with a $180 box. It already paid for itself in savings over the cable subscription.

Plex has a DVR solution for OTA in beta right now which works great, and doesn't have fees for program guides. The only missing piece is post-processing to cut out commercials.

u/GoingOffRoading · 2 pointsr/PleX

Mixed Feelings:

  • HD Content (which is not much) records nicely.
  • Everything else, regardless of signal quality, is a mixd bag. Some shows record nicely, some record as static.
  • Live TV has worked 25% of the time for me.

    In retrospect, I may not have spent the $200 for the live-DVR as I probably jumped into this too early.

    Currently running an HDHomeRun EXTEND (I thought x264 would have been a no brainer over the mpeg 2 version) and the 60-80 mil boosted antenna from Amazon.
u/FockerCRNA · 1 pointr/cordcutters

I just bought the extend from amazon a day or two ago for $140 (+$10 tax). Amazon still has them in stock, with a bit higher price. Jet.com has them in stock too for about $150 no tax. Not sure why you aren't finding any. I bought mine to use with plex as well, I'm hoping to set it up tomorrow and see how it works.

u/jg1212121212 · 1 pointr/PleX

You are correct. It looks like Lowes.com is sold out online, says Currently Unavailable. Maybe they are just out of stock, or maybe they decided to stop selling them.

As of today, 4/23/19

Newegg currently has them for $150, free shipping


Wow, and so does Amazon, free prime shipping $150


u/Torxbit · 1 pointr/cordcutters

There are two models of the Extends. There is the HDTC-2US which has a plastic case and a fan. These units have been in short supply since last spring. They have been replaced by the HDTC-2US-M with an all metal body without a fan.

The HDTC-2US models were limited to what they vendors had in stock. Up to about a month ago silicondust still had a few. But unless you get a used one you are looking for the HDTC-2US-M model.

u/stonecats · -1 pointsr/cordcutters

> to keep track of what recordings are on what DVR, and constantly switch between them.

easy - most tv's have multiple hdmi inputs, you dedicate one to dvr and the other to live view.
hell, if your flat tv has a ota tuner (most do) you don't even need the second astc-dvr box at all.
a single astc-dvr and any cheap streaming box can do pretty much all the same thing dvr+ can,
i'd rather save the $100 using many cheap little boxes,
sorry you got suckered into this dead end limited use box.
figure any maker charging $250 to add a $50 notebook HDD has gotta hope buyers are lazy.

DVR+ is no middle ground - OTA over Ethernet is where you wanna be,
so you can watch your OTA anywhere at home and even on the road
(that's something many cabletv streaming services won't let you do)
with additional configuration work. and with a HDHR/Tablo/Plex solution
you can keep adding to your bank of shared receivers as your needs grow.

bottom line; HDHR/tablo/plex is a far better $150 investment than a dvr+

btw, i'm NOT advocating "tivo" which is overpriced proprietary shit - that's your own foupa.

here's the best $150 investment you can make in your OTA future;