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Spikes for perforating wallpaper prior to steam removalEnhances steaming actionComfortable handleEffective on all types of wallpaper

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u/multifuel ยท 2 pointsr/howto

Perhaps the tool used to puncture small holes in wall paper for removal https://www.amazon.com/Silverline-221199-19-Inch-Wallpaper-Perforator/dp/B00PQ8EEN0. It's like a roller with pins. With the paint compromised the water will soak in and eventually remove the bond from the popcorn to the wall board. I have literally taken a garden hose inside a house to do this as a pump sprayer wasn't enough. That's about all I got! Good luck to you- and if you want to redo with knock down texture watch a few videos. It's really easy and doesn't require much in equipment. I found sometimes the popcorn was covering up very poor drywall seams and such and knock down is much nicer imo.

Edit- added link to tool