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Reddit mentions of SPIKA Universal Compact Shotgun Cleaning Kit,12-Gauge

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We found 1 Reddit mentions of SPIKA Universal Compact Shotgun Cleaning Kit,12-Gauge. Here are the top ones.

SPIKA Universal Compact Shotgun Cleaning Kit,12-Gauge
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Suitable for Caliber: The cleaning kit multifuntion tools suitable for 12 gauge.The shotgun Cleaning Kit including: 1 aluminium handle, 1 bronze brush, 1 cotton mop, 1 spring brush, 1 utility brush, 1 patch holder, 1 muzzle guard, 1 box of patches, 1 adapter, 4 stainless steel rods.Multiple Combinations of Recycling: A variety of tools can be combined,and the kit can be recycled multiple times.Easy to Carry:The whole set of tools is compact and small , easy to carry around.Multiple Models Available:In addition to the above caliber kit, we also have 9mm/357/.38 cal,.22 cal,.40/41 cal and .44/45 cal cleaning kit and .177cal cleaning kit can choose,If you have any issue with the kit, do not hesitate to contact us - your satisfaction is paramount!

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Found 1 comment on SPIKA Universal Compact Shotgun Cleaning Kit,12-Gauge:

u/Mike2541 ยท 2 pointsr/Shotguns

My favorite lube/cleaner


This isn't a bad little cleaning kit, I keep it in my shotgun bag. Same kit multiple names it's sold under.



I also have a boresnake.


By no means is this what you have to have. If you look around the Ballistol is highly liked for firearms, it has always worked wonders for me. I always clean my guns everytime I shoot them, personal preference.