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We found 4 Reddit mentions of TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag for Adults; Lightweight Camping, Hiking. Here are the top ones.

TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag for Adults; Lightweight Camping, Hiking
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  • FOR THE LOVE OF COMFORT: The innovative fill packs down without sacrificing performance; Roomy footbox; Zipper draft tube; Soft liner provides a comfortable night's sleep
  • NEVER ROLL YOUR SLEEPING BAG AGAIN: TETON provides a stuff sack for stuffing your sleeping bag; Start at the bottom and stuff the bag in.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND LOFTY: Lightweight for backpacking, hiking, and camping; Innovative microfiber insulation offers more loft and first-rate compressibility without sacrificing performance
  • SLEEP WARM: Fluff your sleeping bag and use an insulated camp pad to sleep warmer; Hang loops for long-term storage
  • TETON SPORTS PROMISE: Reach out to our AMAZING product support team if you have any questions or concerns; YOU CAN COUNT ON US to get you taken care of and back OUTDOORS with TETON Sports
Height3 Inches
Length87 Inches
Number of items1
SizeAdult - 87" x 32" x 22"
Weight2.9 Pounds
Width32 Inches

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Found 4 comments on TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag for Adults; Lightweight Camping, Hiking:

u/TheCookiez · 12 pointsr/Shambhala




Next thing on the survival menu: make sure you have enough cash and convert it to Canadian before you leave. I normally suggest you bring about $150 - $200 depending on how early you plan on getting in. The cash machine can run out and I don't know how well it works with American bank accounts. ( $50/day early iirc ) Food also can get expensive.. Be ready for that


There are a few places you can get food along the way, Kelwona is good, Castlegar is great ( No frills sells cheap food.. vegis can be meh, but for dirt cheap thats where I hit up ) Nelson is out of the way but has a "membership free bulk store" called Wholesale club.. It works but might be too large for one person


Canadian tire will sell cheap coolers ( styrofoam etc ) so you can pick that up drop some ice in and go. Personally i hate suggesting styrofoam but you do what you need to.


To pack your bag to save the maximum space, ROLL your clothes then push them into ziplock freezer bags. you can easily fit 2 - 3x the amount into a bag, depending on the size of your backpack and how long you will be there it can make it much easier to fit everything. Also bring a bathing suit in a spare bag. Toss it into the bag before tossing it into your backpack as you leave so it won't stink up everything.


For clothing, shorts and tshirts work great, Lots of people love to dress up with costumes.. Now, it does get a bit chilly at night if you are not at the stages. A pair of pants and a hoodie is a good idea, ALSO KNOW, there is always a chance it could rain. so be ready for that. Normally it doesn't last long but you could get wet.


( I will link my basic hiking setup at the bottom, I've collected this stuff over years but I can make it about 5-7 days with this, obviously you don't need everything but thats what I take hiking )


Make sure to bring a GOOD pair of shoes for walking. When it gets dark, the paths become.. Sketchy. during the day sandals works but I always perfered my walking shoes. Water shoes are also AMAZING. The river is rockey.. Well.. only rocks.. So having something you can walk though it is super nice. You can do it bare foot and I have many times but its not always the most comfortable of things.


  1. Get a good backpack, On the cheaper side, get a Amazon Basics Note, 75lr could put you over the 50lb mark at the airport so be prepared for that -- SIDE NOTE. Ask the person at the flight desk for a bag to put your backpack into and tape it up. Makes flying 9000x better with a backpack because it won't get caught



  2. get a hiking sleeping bag aka, very light weight and compact.



  3. Camping Chair



  4. water pack






  6. Foamy ( foams are lighter than inflatables every lb counts )



  7. hiking pillow ( takes up 1/10th the space )



  8. hiking towels



  9. SUNSCREEN!!! Very important unless you enjoy being a lobster. The sun is VERY STRONG out in the valley the first year I went, I watched a guy go from well tanned construction worker to lobster to a walking talking blister. Not fun


  10. dollar store tarps and rope ( probably $10 combined so don't feel bad trashing them after )


  11. FLASHLIGHT, The roots are killer at night.. I swear, the trees are alive and will try and trip you


  12. eating utensils.. I got a kit from the dollar store for $10 then just eat out of my pots.


  13. TENT: I got a greer top hiking tent.. Its gone from amazon.. a 2man tent is your best bet get it as light as possible.
u/crushingdestroyer · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Sounds like you're prepping for a summer of camping! One thing I would definitely recommend is an inflatable sleeping pad. I didn't use one for over 10 years and started to use one 2 years ago... total game changer. I recommended the 3 products below to my brother for the holidays. If I were buying my gear again, this is probably where I would start. Won't break the bank and all really decent quality.

sleeping pad:




sleeping bag:


u/thisloudthunder · 1 pointr/vandwellers


Depends how cold you need but we have tent-camped in these in 35-40 degrees in total comfort (wear a hat)

u/Maswasnos · 1 pointr/CampingGear

Smallest, most lightweight option is a quilt like the other guy said. They're much less claustrophobic than bags and they vent super easily. Very nice to sleep in, especially in non-freezing weather.

If you want the absolute cheapest option in bag form, I have had decent luck with my Teton Sports Trailhead from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/TETON-TrailHead-Ultralight-Lightweight-Backpacking/dp/B00TZRPQFI/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2MSKHRQTF5PN0&keywords=teton+sports+sleeping+bags&qid=1568212009&s=gateway&sprefix=teton+sport%2Caps%2C124&sr=8-3

I've been out in freezing weather with it and it does pretty well for how cheap and small it is. I'd give it a comfort rating of maybe 35 degrees and a "survival" rating of about 20, maybe 15 degrees.