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Reddit mentions of The Way of the Sufi (Compass)

Sentiment score: 2
Reddit mentions: 3

We found 3 Reddit mentions of The Way of the Sufi (Compass). Here are the top ones.

The Way of the Sufi (Compass)
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Length5.02 Inches
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Release dateSeptember 1991
Weight0.54895103238 Pounds
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Found 3 comments on The Way of the Sufi (Compass):

u/Creole_Bastard · 3 pointsr/quotes

I first read the quote in a book I have called The Way of the Sufi by Idries Shah where it was quoted as "You only truly posses whatever cannot be lost at sea." Online, the quote was written as I posted it, so I went with that.

It's a great book... full of great Classical Sufi writings and quotes.

u/oneofyourFrenchgrrls · 3 pointsr/occult

The Way of the Sufi is the best place to start, imo

u/tostono · 1 pointr/zen


It's been a real pleasure. Look forward to seeing you around.