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Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick (PS3 & PC)
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  • Wide hand-rest for optimal comfort
  • Programmable: The 12 buttons and 5 axles are entirely programmable
  • Dual-system, aerodynamic control: By rotating handle (with integrated blocking system) or by progressive tilting lever
  • Internal memory: To save all of your programming, even with the joystick disconnected
  • High-precision joystick with adjustable resistance
  • Programmable: The 12 buttons and 5 axles are entirely programmable
  • Detachable, real-size, ergonomically-designed throttle control
  • Exclusive mapping button: All functions may be instantly switched around between each other
  • High-precision joystick with adjustable resistance
  • Exclusive preset button: To switch, while playing, instantly from one programme to another
  • Unique: Plug & Play for ultra-simple and fast installation with all functions pre-configured for immediate takeoff (without worrying about configuration)
  • Trigger for brakes (civil flight) or for rapid fire (military flight) plus multi-directional hat (panoramic view)
  • Weighted base for greater stability
Height9.47 Inches
Length10.43 Inches
Number of items1
Release dateOctober 2008
Weight4.75 Pounds
Width10 Inches

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Found 414 comments on Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick (PS3 & PC):

u/sinoth · 16 pointsr/oculus

Elite. It is everything that should be right in a VR game. Wonderful interface. Best played with a joystick and throttle (I'm using

u/GaynalPleasures · 16 pointsr/buildapcsales

Genre | Game
Space Games: | Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen, No Man's Sky (Most likely. Not released yet.).
Flight Simulators: | Microsoft Flight Simulator X, X-Plane 10, DCS World.
Shooter/Action Games: | Battlefield (Only if you prefer immersion, otherwise kb/m or controller is better), ARMA series, War Thunder.


There's plenty more games to be played with a HOTAS, but these are a few of my most notable. It's worth saying, if the prospect of playing a game with a throttle/joystick doesn't particularly excite you and you're only looking at it because of the deal, I wouldn't recommend dropping $300 on a HOTAS. If anything, get a cheap Thrustmaster T-Flight and make sure you like it first. If you still want more, upgrade to whatever you want but my $50 Thrustmaster has served me well for 1.5 years of Elite: Dangerous.

u/Vagrant_Charlatan · 15 pointsr/Vive

Agreed, ED and Onward are the only VR games I've passed 100 hours in. For those looking for a HOTAS and don't want to break the bank, I bought this one 2.5 years ago for $50... it's on prime for $39 now so there's no excuse! It's plug and play for most HOTAS supported games, like ED, as it's a popular one. The Throttle and Joystick do detatch, though there's a cord between them. This might convince you to upgrade for a bigger HOTAS, but it's more than adequate for my occasional Elite Dangerous sessions.

Edit: there's an upgraded version for a few bucks more. Credit to /u/stringentthot

u/commiekaze · 14 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I would like to suggest two things in addition to the two you listed. First, the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS is an amazing entry stick and you can get it for $40 USD nowadays. It is a great stick and works very well with ED. I personally use this and have felt no need to upgrade. It even twists.


If you are looking for something more serious, do consider buying CH products. CH has been in the game for a very long time and are still considered among the best for sim space and flight games. They look simple, but they are reliable and have a great long-standing name behind them.

CH Sticks and other products

The X55 Rhino by Saitek is also a possibility. Looks cool for sure.

Bonus Links:

Comparison between the x52 and CH Combatstick

Great write up by Rock Paper Shotgun on some sticks including the X52

Edit: Formatting

u/HoochCow · 11 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I had a similiar issue, my old stick was naturally a little loose and hyper sensitive, so just resting my hand on it caused it to input roll because it was loose enough that the idle weight of my tiny little hands was moving it. This resulted in having to make the deadzones WAY bigger than I wanted them to be.

If you're in the market for a new controller heres some options from least to most expensive as well as amazon links for buying them.

Xbox 360 Pad: $28

  • Pros: CHEAP, works, comfortable
  • Cons: Not enough buttons
  • I own one and have played Elite with it

    Steam Controller: $50

  • Pros: Cheapish, works, comfortable, plenty of buttons, overly customizable software options to ensure it just works with everything!
  • Cons: Touchpad in place of traditional D-Pad/Right Joystick can be janky in some games and some people just downright don't like this.
  • I own one and have played Elite with it.

    T-Flight HOTAS X: $50

  • Pros: Cheap, well made, works with PS4 if you're a PS4 commander
  • Cons: No mini analog stick.

    Xbox One Controller + Wireless PC Adapter: $63

  • Pros: Upgrade to the 360 version
  • Cons: Wireless, so batteries.

    Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS: $108

  • Pros: Cheap for a HOTAS, well made, mini analog stick on throttle.
  • Cons: Mini Analog stick is in a weird place (subjective)
  • I do not own this, but I would buy it if I needed another HOTAS

    Xbox One Elite Controller: $140

  • Pros: upgrade over the standard xbone controller
  • Cons: paddles can't be mapped to unique button presses but instead just can be set to emulate other buttons on the controller

    X-52: $150

  • Pros: Looks like the joystick and throttle in Elite.
  • Cons: No ministick on throttle.

    Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS: $449

  • Pros: All Metal Construction, very solid piece of hardware
  • Cons: No Ministick on throttle, No Twist Yaw on the stick, HOLY SHIT BALLS EXPENSIVE, your husband/wife might be angry with you for buying this if they aren't into this kinda thing.


    Okay with the all in one box stuff out of the way there are some good mix and match options from CH Products which I'll list below. My current set up is CH Fighterstick, CH Pro Throttle, CH Pro Pedals, + HTC Vive for headtracking (or ED Tracker for headtracking when I don't want VR)

    CH Flightstick: $75

  • Pros: Solid Build Quality, Ambidextrous
  • Cons: Ugly, not a lot of buttons, no twist yaw

    CH Combatstick: $94

  • Pros: Solid Build Quality, thumb button.
  • Cons: Ugly, no twist yaw

    CH Fighterstick: $116

  • Pros: Solid Build Quality, 4-way Hat thumb switch
  • Cons: Ugly, No twist Yaw
  • I own this and this is my primary stick for Elite

    CH Flight Sim Yoke: $120

  • Pros: Can double as a driving wheel!
  • Cons: No triggers, not a lot of buttons, some players have reported yokes don't work well for twitchy flight gameplay like combat.

    CH Pro Pedals: $121

  • Pros: Solid Build Quality, Very Responsive, doubles as gas & brake pedals for driving games!
  • Cons: Pedals are a bit close together, some male players have reported this is uncomfortable, the springs that recenter the pedals are really strong and take getting used to.
  • I own this and it is my primary yaw pedals.

    CH Pro Throttle: $123

  • Pros: Solid Build Quality, very responsive throttle, mini analog stick,
  • Cons: Throttles Physical Range is a bit short, no center indent or tension control, Kinda ugly, mini stick might require high deadzones.
  • I own this and it is my primary throttle

    CH Eclipse Yoke: $201

  • Pros: Good for Flying & Driving, plenty of buttons, and flappy paddles for yaw or gear shifting
  • Cons: No triggers, might not be ideal for combat.
  • I want one.

    Also note that the joysticks and throttles from the Thrustmaster FCS and Warthog can be bought separately making them worth considering as options here.

    FINALLY I will leave you with a word of warning. The Saitek X-55 and X-56 might look tempting, but they have shoddy build quality and will break on you. I used to have an X-55, and I've seen the inside of the X-56 and they both have the same problems. They are a time bomb, do not buy them. Also someone will more than likely eventually comment saying they own one of these devices and have had zero issues out of them, lucky them I hope they never have an issue, but Saitek is known for terrible Quality Control and with the exception of the X-52 buying a Saitek product is not worth the gamble even though Logitech now owns them and is known for great build quality, there are too many items from when Mad Catz owned them floating around in the wild.
u/silico · 10 pointsr/GameDeals

Pretty sure the Thrustmaster HOTAS X is the best cheapie hotas stick at $30-40 unless things have changed recently. I got one on eBay for $20 forever ago and really like it. Have not tried it on these SW sims though. The 3D Pro is also supposed to be nice for $20-30 if you don't want/need a hotas set-up.

u/XCNuse · 10 pointsr/EliteDangerous

If you're looking for cheap, this is going to be your best option:

And to be honest, I don't think I've seen a single person say anything negative about it. I have a Saitek X52P and it certainly has its problems, and I've seen people make complaints but it's still very good and totally meant for Elite.

But the Thrustmaster one; for its low cost, everyone loves it.

u/bombafat · 9 pointsr/Vive

War Thunder (for free) +

You can separate the the thruster control and the stick. Best Hotas system for small bucks and supported in every flight game I know

u/Dimingo · 9 pointsr/starcitizen

I'm loving my [Thrustmaster FCS HOTAS pack] ( (TWCS is the throttle, FCS is the combo)
Default bindings for the throttle aren't there (since it's brand new) but the stick that comes with it is among the most popular (Thrustmaster T16000M). Another advantage of this, if you decide to go dual stick, you already have an ambidextrous one.

If you're on a budget, the [Thrustmaster HOTAS X] ( isn't half bad, but it is decidedly entry level.

Edit: corrected TWCS to FCS and added Amazon links.

u/AVACADOFISTFUCK · 8 pointsr/EliteDangerous

T Flight HOTAS X by Thrustmaster. It's better rated than the hundred plus dollar HOTAS set ups. I love it.

u/SolidanTwitch · 8 pointsr/pcgaming

I'd argue that these would work better because these include the thrust controls and aren't much more expensive.

u/Holint_Casazr · 8 pointsr/EliteDangerous

If you are low on funds: the T.Flight X is a perfect beginners HOTAS. Cheap and reliable.

The next step would be a T16000M FCS, also great value for your money.

u/kinggimped · 8 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Unless you're rich and just happy to splurge on whatever's the top of the line, just get a cheap one to start with. Most people start with the Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X, which is cheap and plasticky but it has all the buttons you need and works absolutely fine. I have 1000+ hours in E:D and have never felt the need to upgrade from this HOTAS, though I'll probably get something better when it eventually breaks.

If you find you really like the HOTAS experience and feel like you want to dump some money into it, then you can get something like the Thrustmaster T 1600M or the Logitech X52.

And if you really like it and want to go higher end, there are a few options for that. Just be warned that they start to get real expensive.

u/chrysics · 8 pointsr/flightsim

Joystick, definitely. Personally I use a Thrustmaster HOTAS X. Price isn't much more than an xbox controller, and it's much better suited to the job.

It has a twist stick and a lever-thing on the back of the throttle, either of which can be used for rudder if you don't have pedals (I like the thing on the throttle).

u/Ramp_Rat · 7 pointsr/redorchestra

sure, I'll copy/paste here:

The higher-end ones tend to be what's called a H.O.T.A.S (Hands On Throttle And Stick). essentially this is a packaged deal with a joystick and throttle quadrant, and is useful for not having to take your eyes (or hands) off the throttle and stick while flying. Some of these can be expensive like the Thrustmaster Warthog, considered the high end of the sticks. The issue with this as well, is it's modeled off a A-10 Warthog's inputs, so you'll also need to get rudder pedals as well since there is no Z-axis twist on the stick.
For more budget options, I have heard really great things about the T-16000 M. You can also buy the stick and throttle separately if you dont have the cash for both right now.

Another company is VKB, a Russian company but uses magnetic "MARS" sensors. I actually use their Black Mamba and love it, however the item has since been discontinued and the company itself is hard to get hold of. They currently have affordable sticks modeled on the German KG12 - flight stick used in BF109's and FW 190's (although no throttle quadrant with it). Available on Amazon its called Gladiator

Saitek makes several sticks, however they're in a transitioning period. They were just bought-out by Logitech and some people have complained about quality issues with their newer sticks and lack of customer support, so I'd only recommend them if you can get a great deal on a stick on sale, or possibly a used one for cheap. Their models are the X52 Pro, X-55, and X-65. I had the 52 Pro and never had any issues, but its one of those buy beware moments with them right now.

And then there's really affordable sticks that work fine too, such as the logitech extreme 3d pro and Thrustmaster T-Flight X. These are reliable sticks that lack some of the fancy things like buttons and dials for radiator management for example. I know guys who fly using these and love it.

Another thing that is highly recommended to get, but is not required to play the game, is called a Track IR. If you watch in my video, I'm swiveling my head back and forth to check my 6, and make sure theres no enemy aircraft diving on us. I'm not using the mouse, or any input to look around, rather I have a clip on my headset that uses IR sensors to turn my head in game without having to take my hands off the HOTAS. Here's a video of how it works. Again, not necessary to buy, but one of those things to hope to get down the road. There are free alternatives called Freetrack which uses a webcam, I think. I havent messed with that but I know a few guys who do use it and are happy with it.

I think thats a fairly decent summary. Feel free to PM with any questions, or check out our group's forums if you'd like to do some more research

You can also check out r/hotas which is a great community dealing with news, special offers, user reviews, etc


u/Kenira · 7 pointsr/KerbalSpaceProgram

Depends on if you want a simple joystick, brent1123 mentioned one.

Or if you want a HOTAS System, meaning a joystick plus a throttle control. That's going to cost a bit more, but it certainly feels nice. I only have experience with the Saitek X52 which is great, then there's a cheaper one with the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X people seem to like.

u/FunkyJunk · 7 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas-X is the best value for money at the moment IMO. £40

u/jimothy_clickit · 7 pointsr/gaming

Digital Combat Simulator (DCS, for short)

Here's a link to their website. It's been around for a long time, but is experiencing something of a rebirth with all the new modules coming out lately, especially the utterly gorgeous Nevada Test and Training Range. I highly recommend checking it out if you think you have the fortitude for a fairly uncompromising, realistic sim.

If you're interested in getting your foot in the door, DCS itself is free and comes with two airplane out of the box: the SU-25, a slow but acceptably entertaining ground attack airplane at no charge, and the TF-51, an unarmed version of the classic P-51 Mustang, ideal for just flying around and getting your fundamentals down pat before moving to something more advanced. Other airplanes, or "modules", are for purchase, and 99% of them are utterly fantastic in terms of quality and detail. There's a long list of airplanes coming down the pipe, as well.

The "Flaming Cliffs" module includes several airplanes that shipped with the original game years ago, and while they don't quite measure up to the newer aircraft in terms of system interactivity, they have been updated significantly with respect to the flight model, external model, textures, and other features. Several of them are targets for "full feature" updates in the future. That said, modules can be mixed and matched without consequence, so it's perfectly fine to buy just one of the newer modules without Flaming Cliffs.

Playing with a joystick is almost mandatory, but they can be had at a very affordable entry level. Track IR is another recommended peripheral for headtracking, but it's not a "must buy" if you're just dipping your toes in the sim to see if you like it, and there are some roughly-equivalent free headtracking solutions out there as well.

If you have any questions, just ask.

u/ascendr · 6 pointsr/oculus

If you decide to spend a few extra bucks, I play E:D with a T-Flight HOTAS X, which is way cheaper than higher-end sticks and works just great.

Arguably the greatest Flight Assist Off pilot ( used this stick -- if it's good enough for him, it's more than fine for me!

u/csmVR · 6 pointsr/Vive

Seems to be regarded as the best of the cheapies. I've got one and it does me fine. I'm not a flight sim or Elite type player. But I had to try it in VR. Sorry to admit I still haven't clocked up much time in it. Just too detailed and grindy for the short hits I tend to end up playing in VR ....

(Apparently, it could do with a couple more buttons. But if you use Voice Attack, that ceases to be an issue. Can't say I noticed the shortfall myself, but then, I also don't have a clue what I'm doing in it!)

u/gtwillwin · 6 pointsr/arma

The Thrustmaster T Flight is probably your best best for a joystick and throttle at that pricerange.

u/bilwis · 6 pointsr/Cynicalbrit

Dunno what his is, but for medium/low-budget I heartily recommend the 5-axis Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X, which has an excellent feel, adjustable stick resistance, can be split into two units (stick and throttle) and is compatible with PC and PS3.

u/BloodSteyn · 6 pointsr/Vive

Sure I would love to help a fellow CMDR out.

Yes, the game can be quite daunting, it's quite technical to get the hang of 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) of movement. The game now has an updated tutorial that has come a long way in helping new players get to grips with the basics.
There are "training scenarios" like Docking, that help you practice risk free.

Do you need a HOTAS? Well, no, but it definitely helps a lot. You can get by on a cheap one, like the T-Flight but you might find that it doesn't have enough buttons. But you can survive on a KB/M or even a controller. Some of the best PVP Pilots use only KB/M for the incredible accuracy.

But if you're going to play in VR more than Pancake mode, I highly recommend a decent HOTAS like the X52 (in game stick is modelled after it). You're just going to have too many bindings to worry about working that KB/M or controller. Not saying you can't, just that a HOTAS with many buttons will be easier to get used to. You can also "Shift-Bind" extra commands in ED, so button combo presses can have different bindings. Like "J" is SuperCruise / Warp Toggle, and "Shift-J" is SuperCruise only. etc.

VoiceAttack brings this game to a whole new level thanks to HCS Voice Packs
Eli is a right Hoot, but I prefer Verity, voiced by Verity Croft, same person who did the voice for the ED Ships. It's like having an AI Co-Pilot with you, you can issue commands that execute macros for Docking, deploying hardpoints and setting power for a fight, etc. So cool.

If you want to forgo the HOTAS for the time being, another CMDR has just launched a beta for full Vive Motion control of ED ships. Check this out -

Video here -

You should also join the community r/EliteDangerous where there are thousands of CMDRs happy to assist in any questions you may have, and no question is a stupid one, we all had to learn the hard way and the lack of hand holding in Elite has led to the Community picking up the slack in an amazing way.

u/freedom4556 · 6 pointsr/EliteDangerous

For another tenner you could've got ya a T-Flight Hotas X. It's the stick I use, and for the price, it's probably the best thing next logical step after an Xbox controller.

u/Masark · 6 pointsr/EliteDangerous

The Thrustmaster T-flight HOTAS X. About $55 USD. 12 buttons, twist stick, and rudder rocker (the latter two controls can either be linked or bound separately). It's a perfectly serviceable unit for the price (cheapest HOTAS around AFAIK) which I personally used before upgrading (to the T16000M FCS). Downsides are the stick and throttle are a little imprecise (tuning with utilities like joystickcurves can help with this) and the relative paucity of buttons means you'll need to either use a relatively complex control scheme or use the keyboard or something else for more buttons, though given you already use a controller, you're familiar with those limitations.

The HOTAS 4 and HOTAS One are slightly upgraded variants of the X. They share the same external form, but have some internal improvements that help with the precision. They're also typically more expensive than the X and the increased price probably isn't worth it, unless you happen upon a sale that brings the price down to parity or better, in which case you may as well go for it.

If you need to go cheaper still, there's the Stick X for $40, which basically takes the above unit, lops off the throttle and arrays its buttons on the stick base, and adds a little throttle slider. See below reply.

u/Geos13 · 6 pointsr/oculus

Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous currently support the Rift in their pre release versions and presumably will continue to do so. Valkyrie is being made specifically for VR and cannot be played without a HMD so yes. NMS is rumored to be adding Rift support based on a few minor hints but nothing is confirmed. Everyone who has played any of the space sims seem to agree they are far superior with a flight stick.

Edit: And I'm pretty sure most people are recommending the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick
as the best bang for your buck entry level stick but I do not have personal experience with it

u/dyoll1013 · 6 pointsr/oculus

I highly recommend this joystick and throttle for ED. It's a more reasonable price (was actually $35 on Amazon when I got mine), and there are enough buttons to control everything with the right control scheme. I got my Rift a couple of weeks ago and ED is pretty much all I've been playing since then.

u/K-Rose-ED · 5 pointsr/EliteDangerous

For cost, if you think you'll get your monies worth then buy now... the Deluxe may come down from £40 to about £25-£30 in the sale, so if cash is tight then you're better waiting. Personally I'm a sucker for buying now now now and not waiting :)

As for a cheap peripheral, I'd strongly recommend this:

I played for almost 2 years on an Xbox 360 controller, while it was all good, the HOTAS has increased my enjoyment of Elite immeasurably.

I'd personally recommend the Deluxe because it comes with both Horizons & the original game. The standard edition won't have planetary landings, CMDR creator, fighters, engineers. There's a fair bit of content (debatable as to if it's any good) but I still reckon it is personally.

u/slyfoxninja · 5 pointsr/KerbalSpaceProgram

Oh I know, but it's remembering what direction when you're in a different orientation. When I dock or using landing a can I like to use my Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick; I picked it up when someone on this sub recommended it as a cheaper setup and works really well with KSP. I'm glad I took the recommendation because flying and landing planes is sooooo much easier now.

u/AlwaysSupport · 5 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I use a Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X (

It's pretty excellent, especially for the price. The throttle snaps to the center so it's easy to stop at 0%, and the physical lever feels a lot better than keyboard controls.

u/toomanypapers · 5 pointsr/flightsim

You're correct in that almost all flight simulators are CPU-dependent. The faster single-thread performance you can get, the faster the sim will run. It looks like you've got the best processor for your price range; to get something better would cost $50 more at least. If you live near a Microcenter, I just saw this deal on /r/buildapcsales : . You'll get a little bit more speed for about the same price. Otherwise, you've done really well.

If you're only playing FSX, then your RAM should be good considering that it's 32-bit and won't use more than ~3GB. If you switch to X-plane+addons, you might want another 8GB, but that's something that is very easy to upgrade in the future should you need to. Even then, a base X-plane 10 install won't need more than 8GB until you throw in add-ons. FSX will do well along with any other games he decides to play.

The graphics settings should be able to scale well to your GPU considering that your processor is good. You might not be talking a solid 60 FPS the whole time due to the way flight sims are, but you should be able to get comfortable performance. Somebody else may be able to give you better feedback on this.

You might end up needing a larger SSD, but if he's just starting on collecting addons and all, it'll work for now. SSD prices are dropping very rapidly, so you can get a larger one when that time comes. FSX's base install is about 10GB, so you'll have some room before things get full. If it helps, load times aren't terrible on modern mechanical drives, so you'll be fine even if you have to install it on your 1TB. The 1TB you chose has about 150 MB/sec sequential read, so it'll work well for you along with the SSD.

If you ever plan on doing significant upgrades (like a higher-end GPU), you may want a higher wattage power supply. The Corsair CX600 is $15 more and will give you a lot more wiggle room, so you may consider that. So long as he isn't working in the case a lot, getting a non-modular PSU won't be a huge loss (and may be a boon, considering he won't have to keep up with spare cables).

You've done well with your build, and it's very kind of you to build your father a PC. Make sure to get him a good control setup if he doesn't already have one. The folks here and at /r/hotas will be able to help you find a good setup should you need it. A few reccomendations to get you started:

  • Thrustmaster T-flight HOTAS X if you're on a heavy budget and want a full HOTAS setup. There's not much of an upgrade path with this one, but it'll give the full package for really cheap.
  • Thrustmaster T16000m Flight Stick if you want a very solid joystick that controls very nicely. It's well known for its great accuracy at its price point. I own this one and am pleased with it. It doesn't come with a hands-on thruster, but you can buy a CH Products thruster later down the line should you want one. Some people also use two of these with one being the thruster and the other being the primary joystick, but that's just preference.
  • CH Products's stuff. CH Products is well-known for their very high quality stuff. They're pricier, but you can get the thruster and joystick seperate and they'll last you forever. They make a number of flight accessories, so check em out if you're interested.
  • Saitek's stuff. Saitek has some quality control issues, but their HOTAs are pretty good for the price. A Saitek HOTAS will come with all of the bells and whistles in one complete package, so it's pretty easy to buy and slap on a desk. Saitek's stuff is good if you're willing to put in the slight amount of effort it takes to fix problems down the line.
  • Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog. One of the most expensive and considered one of the best. This is probably out of your price range (it's definitely out of mine!) but it's fun to drool at. :)

    Again, you've done well and he'll love the computer. It looks like some of the parts you got are on a nice sale, so unless anyone here objects, you might get to ordering soon so it doesn't go out of stock! ;)
u/MisterForkbeard · 5 pointsr/starcitizen

You might also have to run it on lower rez than you're expecting. The 380 isn't a bad card, but the 860k might hold you back. Just a quick warning. And that the "Universe" game mode runs slowly for everyone at the moment due to server issues.

That said: If you want in, the Aurora LN Package is a good way to go:

Just get that for now and try out the game. If you like it/can run it well enough to suit yourself, you can upgrade it later to an Avenger for a better ship, pick up a new ship, or spend the money on anything else you might want (joystick, or 100 tacos or something). :)

If you join up: Welcome to the game!

EDIT: If you want a cheap HOTAS, I understand there's a cheap decent-but-not-great option:

u/RadioActiveLobster · 5 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Some of the best pilots use nothing but M/KB

If you need a HOTAS though, the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick is only $33

u/Agent_Mothman · 5 pointsr/starcitizen

As much as I feel for you, I doubt there will be more than one controller.

ideas for existing, lower cost controllers:

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick

Thrustmaster T-16000M Flight Stick

u/pastadiablo · 5 pointsr/KerbalSpaceProgram

I haven't gotten it yet (it arrives later this week), but I'm planning on using the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS, as I wanted a "hand on throttle and stick" joystick in the same price range as you mentioned. =D

u/qster123 · 5 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I'd really recommend stretching a tiny bit more for a T-Flight Hotas X - here

u/Draewa · 5 pointsr/truegaming

The Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X is rock solid and goes for less than $50. More than enough buttons for a beginner, acceptable build quality, and it has a proper throttle.

If you want to go premium, I heartily recommend CH Products. The Fighterstick and Pro Throttle are probably the most reliable and accurate flight controls out there. Comes at a price, though - they're ~$130 each.

u/L3f7y04 · 5 pointsr/Vive

I would recommend the $49 thrustmaster hotas on amazon. I use that with my vive and it is absolutely incredible.

u/KDLGates · 5 pointsr/Vive

Ultrawings has a virtual flight stick (its only control scheme before it added HOTAS support).

It is capable, but it is simple, and it is still occasionally frustrating to use even though it is only a little more than the virtual stick.

My belief is that a virtual HOTAS is possible but that it would not be very pleasant.

Unlike steering wheels (I still want a wheel with modern force feedback for under $200, sigh), a good entry level HOTAS is affordable. The HOTAS X is $50 on Amazon.

Those who are accustomed to super high end sticks would object to it but I've found it a great entry point for Elite, and likely far superior to a (nonexistent) virtual HOTAS.

u/manocheese · 5 pointsr/oculus

If you can still return it, get a Thrustmaster T-Flight instead. Roughly the same price but the throttle make a big difference.

u/kingofthechud · 5 pointsr/oculus

Just got this the other day and it's great. Also matches up with the movements in the game so really adds immersion. Can find it for about $50 on many sites and in stores.

u/mongoose_plus1 · 5 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Raspberry Pi is pretty inexpensive if he likes to build things.

My husband just bought himself a this joystick to play some flight simulator games.

u/Cognimancer · 5 pointsr/Games

It's certainly doable on M+KB or even with a controller. There isn't really a wrong way to play. I played with a mouse for the first couple hours, then decided I liked it enough to invest in a relatively cheap flight stick (this one). But M+KB works fine.

u/cmiller84 · 5 pointsr/The_Donald

Good stick for "fairly cheap". Works with Elite Dangerous perfectly

u/jtskywalker · 5 pointsr/EliteDangerous

A joystick is ideal for this. I use this joystick and throttle combo (there are better ones out there, like the T1600M). A lot of people use dual joysticks or joystick and keyboard. There are a lot of controls so you need a lot of buttons, but if you're doing joystick and keyboard you should have plenty even if your stick is light on buttons.

u/drunkcommenting · 5 pointsr/EliteDangerous

ED is mainly about flying a spaceship, and many prefer using a HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) instead of KB/M or 360 controller, though those work too. I find the game much more immersive, even with a low cost HOTAS like this. Just a suggestion, and welcome to the game.

u/SkepticalMartian · 4 pointsr/EliteDangerous

For those complaining about the expense (and yeah, it can get pricey) there are solutions for you.

You would of course probably enjoy going to an X52 or a Warthog, but this is still a pretty good option.

u/ztherion · 4 pointsr/GameDeals

Over at /r/hotas the Thrustmaster T-Flight sticks are favored due to a far better sensor mechanism.

Stick only for $27 US

Stick + Throttle for $40 US

u/Mallmagician · 4 pointsr/oculus

$50 is cheap:-

And it's great for elite dangerous. He's not talking fsx or anything. Pedals I don't think are necessary for immersion in elite dangerous.

I do agree that my viewpoint on wheels being more important for driving sims than joystick for elite, may not be shared. It's a matter of preference.

But you don't have to spend a ton to get a good joystick.

The $50 thrustmaster stick and throttle is a good bit of kit!!

u/fraz_66 · 4 pointsr/Vive

Yes! I bought Elite Dangerous specifically for VR and it is amazing!

It's worth it to pick up a HOTAS to rocket the immersion factor through the roof. Even something cheaper like the Thrustmaster T Flight X

If you REALLY wanna get crazy you can even set up voice attack to do things like docking on voice command or ask your computer what time it is without leaving VR.

u/ayrl · 4 pointsr/EliteDangerous

If you straight up buy Horizons, you do NOT need to buy a copy of the standard Elite:Dangerous, as it comes with the base game. If you already own the base game, you get a discount towards horizons which i believe is either 10 or 15 percent off.

A cheap flight stick to get started with is the [Thrustmaster T flight HOTAS X] ( I use one myself I bought used, and it works great. It doesn't have as many buttons as other sticks, but Elite lets you set up combos allowing buttons to be used more than once.

People Xbox controllers, mouse and keyboard, or sticks. It's all about what you like.

u/FTC_Publik · 4 pointsr/Warthunder

Thrustmaster T-flight. You can certainly find a better price than that. It's a good, reliable, and cheap HOTAS and it'll let you know if you want to continue on to a more expensive model.

u/thestonedbandit · 4 pointsr/Vive

You shouldn't have a hard time getting the maximum turn speed with a mouse. Make sure that you're not full throttle. The throttle has a blue section in the middle where your turn speed is maximized. Look through all the keybindings, there are a ton of them and you'll find stuff that you need. Like shifting the power from weapons to engines to get your boost to charge faster, or systems to get your shields to charge faster. Also make sure your landing gear is up because that slows you down to make it easier to land.

You could probably do fine with just a joystick and the keyboard if you can touch type. Cheapest best 3d (rotating for yaw)
joystick is the Logitech Extreme 3d Pro for like $35. If you want to feel more like you're flying a starship, I'd recommend the Thrustmaster Hotas X. It's probably the best sub $100 hotas, but you'll still need to use the keyboard for some things because there are only so many buttons and E:D has oh so many bindable commands.

u/Xaxxon · 4 pointsr/GamePhysics

Well, here's everything in a bundle for $180. for $50

here's pedals for $80

I don't know if you'd consider it "decent" or not, but it's not too bad to figure out if you're into it or not.

u/chubchubs83 · 4 pointsr/Vive

This HOTAS is great for a budget but you may run out of programmable buttons.

This is the HOTAS I use for Elite, I personally think it is the "best bang for your buck". The HOTAS also comes with a twists stick so you don't need pedals.

u/kdd9000 · 4 pointsr/oculus

So first of all, there's an in-game menu for FlyInside that isn't visible in the video. I didn't know that, so I look like a crazy person cause I reference it sometimes in the video lol. I'm sure if I used the mirror render it'd show up, but I would've probably lost performance for the video capture if I did. I'm using the paid version of FlyInside as well, just don't have my Leap Motion hooked up. Also, this is the HOTAS I'm using.

u/davideliasirwin · 4 pointsr/oculus

I have the T-Flight Hotas X! and without voice attack I would have to get very, very creative to map all the controls(and remember them) to it.

I cannot recommend VA enough for this game.

u/NineJives · 4 pointsr/starcitizen

> Thrustmaster T-16000M Flight Stick Why is the T-16000M better than this?

u/thebadmf · 4 pointsr/EliteDangerous

You can pick up a thustmaster hotas x for ~£35.

I have an X55 which was great until the ghosting started so I can't recommend one. A HOTAS really is great.

u/Sunlis · 4 pointsr/EliteDangerous

If you don't already have one, I would at least recommend getting a HOTAS. It was a game-changer when I got one.

Something like this will do you pretty well without breaking the bank:

u/Osric_Rhys_Daffyd · 4 pointsr/EliteDangerous

It really depends on your budget. If this is your first space sim game, you might want to wait before sinking major money, for even though the high end peripherals do have decent resale value, should you realize you just can't justify the high price or owning a space sim setup at all, it might be best just to take it slow in the beginning.

Now when you say "flight sim" I think of sim pits, which can get out of hand rather quickly, with extra peripherals beyond a simple joystick or HOTAS. Are you planning on getting into flight sims themselves? That's a whole other ball of wax, and a lot more money potentially, as you buy more specialized peripherals, like MFDs, radio panels, instrument panels, and so on.

So assuming you don't want an actual flight sim pit, I'd start out with a single joystick and the keyboard to ease into things. After a bit you might decide you want a throttle, or just start with a TM T-Flight HOTAS X, which is the cheapest you can go for a HOTAS.

I recommend the TM T16000M stick, which you can get for under $50 and is much more accurate than anything else at that price point, paired with a CH throttle if you want accuracy and economy combined with the ability to program the hell out of your peripherals for maximum flexibility.

One thing to suggest is to look into TrackIR, I've seen so many vids of this game with it I'm getting one as soon as possible, it seems to add so much to the gameplay and immersiveness its almost a must.

u/Synchronauto · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

Non-piece-of-shit-mobile link:

u/MrE78 · 3 pointsr/mwo

I use a HOTAS and only use the throttle control and stick to the mouse. The Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X is great and decently priced. HOTAS

It does separate by the way the cable in between is 22.5 inches from side to side.

u/ElFreemano · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I'd always say never to jump in with both feet till you know what you're getting yourself into.

I've been using the same Hotas (this cheapo one) since I picked up the game at launch and I think it does grand.

Don't get me wrong, I'd bloody love a Warthog or something newer but I can't fault what I have.

u/Tainted-Archer · 3 pointsr/FSXSE

I bought the Saitek Pro yoke back in the day when I used the boxed version and I still have it somewhere. Now I use which is fantastic and actually relatively cheap, the only con is you can't use the throttle or the stick separately. One thing that I really like is how the throttle sits half way which is perfect for landing.

u/Coppermine64 · 3 pointsr/oculus

HOTAS just makes it complete. It's cheap I know, but I use the Thrustmaster T HOTAS. It is excellent, and I've seen it for as little as £30
EDIT: Great deal here for anyone else interested.

u/MrMaxPowers247 · 3 pointsr/Steam

I have both a 360 controller and a steam controller. I prefer the 360 for flight if the game is made for it but like above if you fiddle with the steam controller you can make it pretty great. Then there is all the games that don't support the 360 and the steam controller is still nice but I just got this . I personally think playing flight games with a hotas is way more enjoyable than the controller. I do like the steam controller and recommend it. Played Hawken recently with it and loved it.

u/agr1277 · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I only started playing a week or two ago, and have absolutely fell in love with the game. My #1 piece of advice would be to not get overwhelmed by trying to do or learn everything the game has. Elite has an incredibly wide amount of things to do, and they are all getting deeper/more complex all the time (from what I've read). You could be an explorer and get lost in the 400 billion stars. Space truck, finding awesome trade routes and make a ton of money. Plenty of other options for stuff to do as well. I personally am just flying around extraction sites doing bounty hunting. The ship combat is great, and the addition of a HOTAS and VR Headset makes it one of the best games I've played.

I recommend the Thrustmaster T.Flight, cheap and works really well in ED:

u/Bramman111 · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

Really? I'm going to have to look for some of those, because from what I've seen most of them cost anywhere between $100-300. I'm probably just looking in the wrong places.

EDIT: Found these two in just a couple minutes of searching, and they booth have some pretty good reviews. I could probably find some used ones for even cheaper. Thanks for the tip!

u/Trigs12 · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

T flight hotas x

Plenty of buttons on it, plus you can set button combos, so no need for keyboard other than typing in galaxy map.

u/loomynartyondrugs · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

In case you ever wanna switch to the dark side, I've posted a breakdown of the current hotas situation on the vive subreddit before, lemme see if I can find it.

Found it.

The cheap end would be the T-Flight Hotas X ($50).

On the cheaper mid range side, either the Saitek x52 ($140), or the Saitek x52 Pro ($180)

On the more pricey side of the mid range I can suggest the Saitek x55/x56 ($250)

Top of the Line would be the Thrustmaster Warthog ($400)

Since then thrustmaster also released the T.16000M ($130) which as far as I know was made in communication with Frontier so it should be a pretty good fit for Elite.

u/Bernhelm · 3 pointsr/Vive

I have the Thrustmaster Hotas X - it's $30-45

It doesn't have as many buttons as $120+ HOTAS, but works well for E:D if you configure it to your liking. I haven't tried using "shift" commands to increase button count (ie map one of the buttons to shift so different combos with that button give you more mappings) or using Voice Attack software to do voice controls, but I hear both of those options make using this HOTAS even easier.

Basically, if you don't want to shell out more for a HOTAS - get this one or find a higher end one for sale used. Good luck, commander!

u/devils_advocaat · 3 pointsr/OculusQuest

A joystick will probably further increase your immersion (I've not yet tested it with VR though).

u/AndreyATGB · 3 pointsr/virtualreality

The Thrustmaster Hotas X is cheap and way better than keyboard or controller. Wheel for ED is dumb, maybe it works for SRV but in space it makes no sense. Better to stick to KBM in that case.

u/illegetimis_non_SiC · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Yes, that's about as cheap as you can get without being horrible. The next step up would be the Thrustmaster hotas x

u/42194821 · 3 pointsr/flightsim

T-16000M if you just need joystick with twist (rudder). It has amazing precision. Uses HAL sensors (probably not the same as the ones used in Warthog which is currently the best joystick available at around 400$).

T-Flight HOTAS X if you want a good but cheap HOTAS. Has twist (rudder).

Logitech Extreme 3D if you just want joystick with twist (rudder). Another cheap but amazing joystick.

All of the above are well under 100$ and decent. You could also get X-52 but like most said it's a gamble.

Both T-16000M and T-Flight HOTAS are excellent and pretty cheap so they would be my #1 recommendation. Here is a small comparsion between the two by somebody.

You could try finding and reading some reviews online before you make your decision.

u/_professional_ · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Then get E:D. It is exactly what you want. I have it as well, and don't see myself not playing it for the next 3 years at least.

PS: If you plan on buying it, I recommend getting either dual joysticks or a HOTAS (hands on throttle and stick). A very good budget HOTAS can be found here.

u/dante80 · 3 pointsr/Cynicalbrit

Well, mouse and keyboard worked pretty nice for me, the game controls are extremely customizable, down to individual axes sensitivity and deadzone options. You can essentially tailor them to your exact preference, have in mind that it will take some time to do it though, mainly due to the fact that there are a lot of different controls (and options for them).

The main reason for using a HOTAS setup is actually not competitive play but... simply immersion. You look down and see the pilot in game have his hands on the throttle and stick like you do, and each and every movement that you do is directly translated to his animated hands. Its actually pretty convincing, especially if you use a rift.

Lastly, if you really want ( not need, want^andyouwill ) to get a HOTAS setup in the future, you don't have to pay 100 bucks for it really. You can get something like this (which has a cable to detach the two parts btw) for less than 50$, and you will be able to use it in many, many games (if you are into flying sims, that is). And even if you still want the feeling but don't want to spend the half-smacker, you can get a very decent joystick for less than 30$.

Hope that helps, cheers..C:

u/jfalc0n · 3 pointsr/Vive

I did not actually buy a wheel, I use a gamepad for those games, but I wish I did have one. I do, however, have the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS, I use with Elite. It really is not a bad unit for around $50 and feels pretty solid.

u/The_Dirty_Carl · 3 pointsr/truegaming

"This game about flying jets doesn't support common flight sticks" is a totally valid criticism. Especially since they're selling a branded flight stick. That stick is no more "controller-like" than, say, a T-Flight.

u/JustADingo · 3 pointsr/Vive

Here's one for $69.99

And here's one for $39.81

Haven't used either one, but I've heard they're pretty decent.

u/sushi_cw · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

There aren't a lot of cheap HOTAS options. Some things to consider:

  • T-Flight HOTAS X is relatively cheap at $50, but has relatively few buttons to work with and mediocre sensors that can make fine aiming difficult. A lot of people use it and are very happy with it though.
  • T.16000M FCS is the next step up, and although it's fairly new it seems to be getting a pretty good reception. It's over your budget at $129 though.
  • Dual joysticks is another totally viable and fun way to play, although it may take a bit more work to find a way to control all thrusters that feels natural (some people use twist for forward/reverse, some add rudder pedals, etc). There are obviously lots of possible combinations, one that works for your budget is a T-16000m combined with a Logitech Extreme 3d pro, for $95 combined.

u/thedonik · 3 pointsr/spacesimgames

I have a full CH Hotas including Pedals. Total cost about $300. I play all forms of sims, so it was worth it for me. I've owned this for 5+ years now. If you're up for spending some cash, this is my recommendation.

To start out - A very good, cheap Hotas is the Thrustmaster Hotas X. I recommend it to anyone looking to get a new stick. It's very good for the price, and you can usually find it locally if you don't feel like ordering online. The picture shows the throttle and stick "bound together". They separate so you can have stick on one side of the keyboard and throttle on the other. No worries there.

Also check out /r/hotas, plenty of discussion going on in there about sticks and throttles.

Just last week I read an article about using the PS3 or PS4 controller on a computer, but for the life of me I can't find it right now. It was on either Lifehacker, PCGamer, Kotaku or RPS. Those are the 4 news type sites I usually browse via RSS.

u/JuneBeatle · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Get a Hotas; I highly recommend the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X; $49 on amazon and works very well!

I have a Logitech 3D Pro that I've been using for years, and much prefer the Hotas X stick!

u/thedjfizz · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

[Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick] (

It is around $50 and is well worth it. Sure you can find better/more expensive, but I've used this for about six months on and off and it does everything I need.

u/ericbanana · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I highly recommend getting a flight stick for Elite. If you shop around a bit you can find this guy for $30 or so. I have also found a functioning flight stick at a thrift store for $5 in the past.

u/badillin · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I second the Steam Controller, imo its superior to the Xbox One or PS4 controller.

Does he like Flying Games? how a bout a flight Stick, or racing games? maybe a racing wheel, but those are a bit too much over your mentioned budget.

You could also be super cheesy and get him a custom mouse pad with a personal picture.

All the links here are just suggestions and basically the 1st item on a quick google search, you might get better deals searching a bit deeper.

u/ScarsUnseen · 3 pointsr/oculus

> They have to throw in another $300?

Divide by 10 and you'll be closer to the mark

u/AnAngryGoose · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I just got this one and it works great for everything I've tried. I haven't played Star Citizen, but it works well for Elite: Dangerous, Warthunder, IL2-Sturmovik, and everything else I've tried. Really cheap too.

u/DahakUK · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Absolutely this! I use a Thrustmaster TFlight hotas, and it's phenomenal. Voice Attack added in makes for a deeply immersive experience.

u/N307H30N3 · 3 pointsr/oculus

> I've never played before, but i really want to buy it and give it a go.

For someone that is new to the game, do you honestly recommend that they invest that much money in something they might not even use?

I am going to pick up my first HOTAS soon and am looking at the Thrustmaster T-Flight X.

Maybe after a little while, OP can consider a more expensive one, but for now, I think something like the T-Flight is probably a safer choice.

u/SnakeyesX · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

$50, It's what I have and works great. One of the highest rated HOTAS's on Amazon.

u/exp3000 · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Highly recommended! I got the Hotas X and l love it. Its only around $50

u/The0 · 3 pointsr/oculus

Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS, it's only $50 and has pretty positive reviews!

u/_l-_-l_ · 3 pointsr/oculus

With specs like those the sky is the limit, get a cheap flight stick and Elite: Dangerous and you'll never want to go outside!

u/crazboy84 · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Ive heard the thrustmaster is the best cheap HOTAS you can pick it up for only $50 but i dont think it will work with my flightseat design.

u/Neonridr · 3 pointsr/oculus

you could always go for the HOTAS X which is an entry level version. Very basic and the price is extremely affordable.

u/supersaw · 3 pointsr/battlefield3

I've been using this

It's probably the best value for money as far as joysticks are concerned, BF3 has reasonably good joystick support the only thing that's missing is seperate sensitivity for vehicles, I think right now it's all tied to the mouse sensitivity and if you have that set pretty high it can be a bit twitchy when flying.

u/Fantikerz · 3 pointsr/battlefield3

As someone who runs flight sims on the PC a lot, this is one of the cheaper and better sticks.

u/amptacular · 3 pointsr/battlefield3

I've heard great things about the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick in other games, but I don't know how well it does in BF3. That's the one i'm looking into ATM, but haven't seen any BF3 feedback on it.

u/Bullwinkle1983 · 3 pointsr/battlefield3

Just bought one myself. I found the two cheapest options were:

Logitech 3d Pro

Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS

I went with the Thrustmaster as it looked like a higher quality unit, and I've got a large desk.

The default binds in BF3 were not correct, but I was able to rebind the controls and it works great.

u/Rulare · 3 pointsr/KerbalSpaceProgram

I got a T-Flight HOTAS from Thrustmaster the other year for under 30 dollars;

However it's over $40 now so I'm not sure if it's the most economical choice anymore. It was an amazing value at the price I got it at though.

It might still be the cheapest one to offer a great big stonking throttle on a separate/detachable base though

u/SniffMyCoke · 3 pointsr/Warthunder

I use the Hotas X, its a pretty good joystick. You can also find it on Amazon a bit cheaper

u/wishful_cynic · 3 pointsr/flightsim

Thanks again for taking the time to share all of this helpful info. I think there will be plenty to do in the stock version. It's nice to know that there is an active community for mods and help. As for a flightstick, this one seems to get solid reviews. I'll look further into the Cyborg as well.

u/Spiggs · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Hi there.

Best bang-for-your-buck Joystick IMHO is the T-Flight HOTAS. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the Warthog or the X52, but its a good way of getting your feet wet without breaking the bank at only £39.00 and it works a treat with ED.

Stump up a fiver for Voice Attack and you don't need all those buttons anyhow!

Happy hunting Commander. :-)

u/OfficialShip2000 · 3 pointsr/flightsim

T-Flight HOTAS would probably be your best bet.

u/CaptainDjango · 3 pointsr/Vive

I did the same thing but with a Hotas X which unfortunately doesn't really have enough buttons on it to use without modifiers, which has made it much harder to get to grips with. I think I'm going to have to splash out for an X52 or similar

u/SomniumOv · 3 pointsr/oculus

I assume you mean Flight Stick and/or HoTaS by controller ?

Depends on your budget, really. The default recommendation for lower budgets is the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X, it's the best of the very cheap stuff :

But i'd really recommend to go higher-budget and get the model above, from the same manufacturer, the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS :

The stick is comparable, but the Throttle is a lot better.

If you're going higher-budget than that (there's really no limit to those ahAh) you should do research, /r/hotas is a good subreddit. You're likely to see a lot of recommendations for the X52 and X55 but I wouldn't really recommend them, for the price they're very plasticky, and have too high of a failure rate.

If you mean gamepad, then go with the Xbox One controller, it's fine.

u/Nein1won · 3 pointsr/Vive

Thrustmaster t-flight

Never done me wrong and its only $40 bucks.

u/RickDripps · 3 pointsr/Vive

Which one do you have?

Is this the one everybody is referencing?

Or are they suggesting the 150 dollar one?

u/CRoswell · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I'd assume $50 is cheap if Elite qualifies as a drunk purchase for his budget. Not going to be the greatest HOTAS, but better than nothing.

u/Vexrah · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I'll have to look into a flight stick once I get the money lmao!

Thoughts on this in the future?

u/fragglerock · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick is well regarded. (shop around for price as I have not!)

u/pb8185 · 2 pointsr/oculus

I think that if you want to play in VR, you should get a HOTAS. You can get one for 50 bucks here. Having said that, the game isn’t for everyone. It has a steep learning curve and it can get boring fast if you are not into the whole idea of role playing as a lone captain of a spaceship fantasy.

u/failsafe5000 · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I'm getting in the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X Flight Stick tomorrow, but from what I read, and the reason I picked it, its a very good stick to use for ED that is not very expensive.

Heres the link to it on Amazon:

u/Kuromimi505 · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X

Don't be fooled by the low price, it's a damn quality stick. Had mine for 2+ years, no problems.

And Isinona uses one.

Latest vid he flies 20m off the ground, in the dark, no HUD, mostly sideways, flight assist off as always.

u/Hevdelurn · 2 pointsr/oculus

The only two issues I've had so far is the inability to use forward and back rcs and that roll/yaw are mapped to the same stick. I'm dealing with it for now though, because I'm getting a flightstick in the mail pretty soon.

A friend recommended me this:

It seems pretty perfect for a couple reasons:

  1. The first is price, it's pretty cheap and does what you need it to do.
  2. Fewer buttons than you'd find on a more expensive stick. Which is good when you're wearing a Rift, no fumbling around with controls.

    I plan to map the RCS thrusters to the buttons on the throttle, the arrows on the side will be up, down, forward, back, and the rocker buttons on the throttle will be left, right.
u/Michaelismyname · 2 pointsr/videos

If you want to get into it without putting too much money into it I recommend This joystick. I've used it for flight sims, It's nothing fancy but it has a bunch of buttons that you can bind commands to and does it's job well enough. I mostly use it for playing Elite Dangerous in VR.

u/Motokorth · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

That sucks, I got mine from and they had stock for $54 cdn with free shipping. With the exchange rate to USD it would be even less.

Looked at the US site and they were all well above that price. It is rare for me as a Canadian to see it so much cheaper.

u/Nacho321 · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

That is a very good question! So, here's my take on it.
I started playing the game using an xbox 360 controller. It was pretty comfortable, and got the job done, but a lot of things weren't possible because of the lack of buttons. I then decided to buy Voice Attack, which allows you to give voice commands that will execute a sequence of buttons (you create the plan) and that worked for me for... well, most of beta and part of gamma.
I recently purchased the Thrustmaster X ( that cost me around $30 on black Friday, and you can feel the difference. It's more comfortable, but the greatest difference is the immersion. I now rarely use the VoiceAttack, since all the required/important keys are available there. If you choose to buy the Thrustmaster X, PM me and I'll gladly share my key bindings with you!

u/joviangod · 2 pointsr/Vive

I bought the T-Flight HOTAS. They were a great entry level HOTAS. Do everything you need and reasonably priced especially if you only have the one flight sim. And yes, this game will melt your face with its splendor!

u/CMDR_Makashi · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Thanks again for all the responses and feedback I think I will get my Vive set up and avoid Elite in VR until I can actually get a HOTAS... I am thinking of getting this one - any reason why i shouldn't?

u/Avuja · 2 pointsr/oculus

I am by no means an expert, I think there's even an /r/HOTAS now and you may want to check with /r/elitedangerous, but I went with the Thrustmaster X on Amazon for about $45.

I didn't want to get just a joystick and this seemed to be the cheapest HOTAS system that was well reviewed. I'm happy with it. Lots of buttons, almost no deadzone in E:D, decent weight, good ergonomics.

u/The_Jerk_Cat · 2 pointsr/hotas

I'd be willing ,I play many flight sims, ordering an X52 today currently have this ( , also I mainly fly whole using track ir.

Games I play;

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover
Kerbal Space program
Every Arma game.

u/muz79 · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Another vote for the T-Flight HOTAS X here - does everything you need for a very reasonable price.
Currently £37 on amazon:

u/LoreCannon · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

First thing I will tell you off the bat, get something that's in your budget.

Second... let's talk about what type of setup you want...


You have multiple options, starting with the Thrustmaster HOTAS-X.

At around $50, it gives a satisfying first hotas experience.

Moving up the ladder, you get to the T16000M and it's FCS pack.

If you are lucky, you can get this pack on sale for as low as $89.99 on Amazon, and it offers a great package with plenty of toggles and buttons to fully accommodate E:D's controls. You can even add pedals later on down the line, or pick them up as part of one big package.

Further up the price ladder is the X52 suite of controls. Two options are available, in the flavors of the X52 FCS at around $150 and the X52 PRO at around $200. The differences between the two are less pronounced than the jump from the HOTAS-X to the T16000, but it has some "nice" features for scripting and supposedly higher quality components.

Granted, even after Logitech purchased Saitek, the build quality on these former Saitek sticks is ... so-so.

Another great option is CH's products.




Despite other offerings in the HOTAS world between the X52 Pro, and CH offerings and higher caliber offerings - ignore them.

The X-55 and X-56 are MESSES when it comes to build quality, and it's a crapshoot if you get one that will last.

Your next HOTAS offering is going to be the Thrustmaster Warthog - but you will absolutely need pedals. Which means you're looking at offerings from CH, like the CH PRO PEDALS.

And if you get the warthog, I HIGHLY recommend you use Aussiedroid's scripts and bindings. They are intuitive and utilize the entirety of the throttle and stick.

If it's in your budget, I recommend getting MFG Crosswinds.

Also, VKB makes some T-rudder design pedals that work well.

VKB T-Rudders

However, before anyone tells you differently, or says pedals are shit for yaw. I AGREE, DON'T USE THEM TO YAW. Put yaw on your stick left and right, pitch up and down, and ROLL on your pedals. Right pedal forward, roll right, and left pedal forward roll left. Anyone who does it differently is crippling themselves, especially in PVP. This is a space sim, we don't have to fly space ships like we do aircraft. ROLL ON PEDALS, I'LL SAY IT AGAIN.

Past this point you have offerings from VirPil and VKB, both of which make the best of the best products. They both have better gimbal designs, and stick designs, and come in around $400 for a stick. However, there is no throttle currently, as of this moment, produced by either.

Alternative Setups

One way of side stepping the pedals situation is running dual-sticks, or hands on stick and stick. This has a slightly higher initial cost than most of the cheaper HOTAS options, but also negates the needs for pedals. The caveat being you need sticks that can be used in both left and right hands.

But thankfully, Thrustmaster has you covered. They offer the T16000M in a dual-stick package. Or you can purchase them separately.

You can also buy two separate Warthog sticks, at around $200 each, and get Okona (/u/cavortingwebeasties) over at to convert one over.

VirPil's Mongoose can be setup for ambi use, and VKB will be announcing a left handed Gunfighter grip at SOME point. VKB Gunfighter can be found here.

u/AllGamer · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Best bang for the buck

I used that for a while, until I gave it to my son.

Eventually I wanted one with even more buttons, so I went for the X52 Pro.

Did not like the T16000M design, or the Warthog or the X65, they all feel weird, they don't feel right, the design of the X52 series and the T-flight feels perfect to the hand. They feel natural. Doesn't feel clunky, the other ones like the X65 rhino, Warthog and T16000M feels like you are driving a Hauler Semi Truck.

u/2close2see · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

On a budget, you can't beat the T flight hotas x ... enough buttons to do everything (as long as you use function buttons)...I've been using mine for 600 hours or so.

u/pad117 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Yeah I've got it all sorted :)

And yeah I have a HOTAS setup atm, this one. It's not half bad for a starter one, just to get a feel for it and see if a joystick is for you (over a controller or m+k), but I'm planning on upgrading to something more rugged soon, like this, or if I can afford it, this :)

u/naz2001 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I would get the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X having the large throttle feels so much better especially in a game like Star Citizen you also have access to more buttons on the throttle lever aswell as the stick, I would say its worth spending the little bit extra,I used to own one until i upgraded it to a Saitek X52 Pro,

u/Jo3M3tal · 2 pointsr/Besiege

I have a custom autohotkey script paired with this hotas setup

u/adamsorkin · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

This one?. I've had my eye on it for awhile - anybody have any experience with it?

u/bassampp · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I personally use this one.

It has worked great for me! And there is a pre made key binding that makes flying very fluid.

u/starfishbfg · 2 pointsr/xboxone

Looks just like a T.Flight Hotas X for the PC.

u/dontbetoxic · 2 pointsr/EliteVR

I used a controller for a long time, remember you can bind actions to a 2-button press (I used LB+Y for landing gear, LB+B for lights, etc). That being said, getting a $50 HOTAS is absolutely worth it and I regret not picking it up sooner.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Vive

Highly recommended but no you don't need it .

I'd recommend this one its only 50$ and will make sure you enjoy the experience before spending much more

u/Calvin-Parsons · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Thrustmaster HOTAS X, best joystick and throttle system i've ever used. Had it for 4 years now and it's still going strong, plus the price is great, it's only $50!

It may not have all the buttons for everything. but it does support function keys, so you can press a key and every button can do something different.

Also, never buy Saitek, it look's cool, but the joystick will snap off in some high speed dogfight or the buttons will just stop working - in my experience anyway.

u/CaptDumb · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

Very well done! Makes me want one a bit more. But I'm very cautious about a Saitek after what I've read about them lately. I just bought the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick from Amazon. So far it has been pretty nice, but I feel like it is doing some weird things with the controls that I need to research.

For example it has the roll on both the throttle and the joystick. But when I go and try and change it it screws up the roll really badly.

Also going to have to find a way that I want to position it on my desk so I can transition comfortably between HOTAS and Keyboard and mouse.

u/The_DestroyerKSP · 2 pointsr/oculus

So, I've tried the following:



-Single joystick

-Dual joystick

My thoughts:

KB/M: Totally doable. If you can touch type, you can probably use it in VR. Can vary. KB/M is viable due to huge amount of buttons, as well as precision with a mouse, good for fixed weaponary. (though the low res of VR does hurt trying to aim at far-away things)

X360: It works, but I'm not a huge fan of it. Easier to use in VR than KB/M, and juuust enough buttons to do... most things.

Single joystick: (T16000m): While a joystick is the optimal way to play, (and fairly cheap, $50), the huge amount of buttons in Elite can make it difficult. The newer T16000m (orange color) does feature bumps on the buttons instead of smooth, so it's easier in VR. Still, not ideal.

Dual joystick: (T16000m + logitech attack 3) My current preferred way. Moderate price (maybe $100, one cheap one for left stick, t16000m in right), but a lot of axis movement for all motion, as well as a good amount of buttons without having to resort to buttons on the base of the controller. Only problem is main thrust, as I use my left joystick for lateral thrusters. Holding two joysticks is quite fun though.

While I haven't tried it...

HOTAS is generally considired the way to go. Most throttles come with a hat switch, which gives you control of lateral thrusters. Can be as cheap as $50 Or something more high quality for $100

TL;DR Mouse and keyboard is great if you can touch type, X-360 controller works fine but you might not get all the buttons mapped, joystick is ideal, but only if paired with keyboard/throttle/another joystick

u/Cyphr · 2 pointsr/hoggit

You can be okay with a mouse and a joystick. I use a Thrustmaster Hotas X ; which has the added bonus of being ps3 compatible. Others like the Cyborg F.L.Y 5

There are other joysticks around and we can help with keymappings for any of them. I'll tell you right now that the HOTAS X is a nice joystick, but only have 1 hat button is a big weakness for it. Other than that, just check reviews and get one you think will work for you.

If you want more help choosing, just make more posts. And if you are interested we can teach you how to fly even without a joystick.

PS: the gold standard for sticks right now is Saitek x52 ; but that's out side your price range

u/Quotes_Things · 2 pointsr/Vive

I don't have a Vive(yet) but I do play Elite Dangerous. You can get a solid HOTAS for $40. I use the this and it works great.

u/KydDynoMyte · 2 pointsr/flightsim

What are the specs of the computer is he going to be running this on?

Cheapest option is probably:
FSX:SE when it goes on sale for under $10 all the time. Just saw yesterday there is a "Helicopter Total Realism" add-on that supposedly makes the helis more realistic.

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas

Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals

u/mvincent17781 · 2 pointsr/Vive

Don't know if it fits your definition of "decent" but the Thrustmaster HOTAS X which is the HOTAS I have, has been decent enough for everything I've played. At just under $40, the cost effectiveness can't be beaten.

Edit: For clarity, I haven't played Elite with it (but I've heard a lot of people do and it's fine). I've played X-Plane 10, DCS World, and Farm Sim 17 with it. Works flawlessly for everything.

u/erikvonvicious · 2 pointsr/Planetside

this is a stick and throttle combo for 30-35 bucks and I love mine, it also separates if you want them to be further apart. (also for people that have a ps3 there is a switch to make it compatible)

u/Hoylegu · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Although this does look great, it's surely too expensive for my tastes.

Has anyone here used this one? Thinking of buying it:

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick

u/Schaefer44 · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Tflight hotas x is the best budget hotas i have ever used. Highly recomended it.

u/LuntiX · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick is your best bet. Amazon has it on sale for Prime members right now too.

It does say PS3 but it does work with PC just fine.

u/Marguy · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

If you want a good HOTAS, I'd recommend this one.

EDIT: I got mine when it was about 50 dollars and didn't check the price before I posted this. You may want to wait for the price to fall back down.

u/TheRockeR93 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Have you checked out this one?

People say it's really accurate moving, you can separate them if you don't want them that close together..etc For the price it seems pretty good!

u/WhipTheLlama · 2 pointsr/oculus

I have a flight stick with throttle and I've never thought it was at all difficult. I'm not a big player of flight sims or anything, so it's not like my experience made it easier. I can see why a PS3 controller wouldn't work, though.

I've got this one. I got it on sale for $30, but $40 is still worth it. You don't need anything more expensive.

The main thing is that you have to have a lot of buttons at your fingertips because you can't see your keyboard. The HOTAS X isn't perfect in this regard, but it has enough buttons to make it work alright.

u/darksonata14 · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Hey there! Welcome to E:D CMDR.

  • 1.- It is pretty good actually, but it takes some time to get used to (same with flightsticks/HOTAS).
  • 2.- 360 controllers do work but I don't have any experience. Seems better than KB+M but you will used KB for a lot of bindings.
  • 3.- One joystick is good enough, but dual joysticks + peddals look amazing!!
    OFC you can always go for a HOTAS setup, try Thrustmaster's HOTAS X it is a good starter HOTAS for a fairly reasonable price.
  • 4.- Answered in 3
  • 5.- It is an amazing experience if you are into sci-fi, simulators, and sandbox games. I've sinked more than 200 hours already.
  • 6.- Let's not forget that this is a game, and because of this there are some artificial limitations in order to have a better gameplay experience. But I'd say it is rather accurate.

u/ItchySpaceman · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous
  1. I bought the Thrustmaster T-flight HOTAS X for around £35, which I think is in that price range. I've found it to be good so far, perhaps not quite enough buttons, and it feels cheap. But I much prefer it over keyboard. Flying feels a lot more natural and makes combat easier. Which leads on too...

  2. Trading is the safest way to make credits, but I've found bounty hunting to be quite lucrative for the early-mid game. I usually make around 250k per hour and it never gets boring.
u/Peverson · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I would add a cheaper option below this to at least test out VR before investing in a headset. I personally use my iPhone X with the app iVRy and a 25 dollar phone headset and I thinks quite enjoyable. I play Elite in VR this way almost exclusively. So here is a tier lower for a truly "entry level" price. I think this will personally hold me over until the next gen of VR comes out in a few years.

u/LlamaOfLucifer · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

I bought this one, and I like it for what I paid. I am only picking up the T16000 so I can use gimbled guns more efficiently.

Edit: Better link

u/ThatOnePerson · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Not bad the price, and pretty similar to the in-game one for Elite

u/TheStonerStrategist · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I have a super cheap and lightweight setup and I just plop it into my lap when I want to play. Not the best setup but it works pretty well!

u/Joimz · 2 pointsr/oculus

I recently picked up the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS to replace my Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X. I would recommend the T.16000M setup over the T-Flight mostly because the throttle and stick are completely separate, which is easy to appreciate when you've fumbled around with the T-Flight's awkward design when it's separated. The T.16000M also feels a bit more robust and having more buttons/options on the throttle (especially in VR) is a huge plus. All that being said, I spent a lot of hours in Elite with the T-Flight and you can't really go wrong with it. I fondly recall the shit eating grin I had on my face the first time I throttled up and instantly felt more 'connected' with my ship. Cheers.

u/zman12804 · 2 pointsr/flightsim

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X on amazon. Fairly cheap but they make a variety of these varying from PC to Xbox One, so just make sure you get the right one (if you go this route)
It comes with a awesome joystick with a twist able axis and plenty of buttons, along with a separable throttle with another axis on the back. The link is here.

u/Sunsparc · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

ThrustMaster T-Flight HOTAS X

Really you'd want to go up to something like the T16000m FCS, but that's in $100+ range.

u/WhatsPaulPlaying · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

The setup I'm running is below, I've found it pretty helpful for what I've been doing, the only caveat is that I'm not a huge fan of the Joy-2 button being a combo key as opposed to the secondary fire.

Other than that it's worked out pretty well.

I picked up this guy, with...

This setup.

It's worked out swimmingly so far.

As for a good binding, check out this thread here:

u/mcketten · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

Christ dude. Quit lying.

T-Flight HOTAS: $40-50

T-16000m: $45-50

T16000m has a throttle slider, 3x axes, more buttons, better accuracy, etc.

Hell, the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro is cheaper than T-Flight HOTAS and also has throttle control and is also a better stick.

What you are saying is "I can't bother to do my research, so don't blame me if I get a crappy stick." not "Don't assume people have $100 to spend on a stick."

u/JaxonPavan · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

From a personal preference. I am not a huge fan of the second one and how close the throttle is to the stick, which is why my recommendation might sound weird at first, but I personally would recommend the Thrustmaster Hotas X. While it looks a lot like the black widow. It should be pointed out that is separates in the middle and allows you to space the throttle and the stick apart up to about two feet. That should allow you to place it in the most comfortable position for you.

I got one of those when I first started playing Elite Dangerous, and I loved it. I did end up replacing it with an X52 Pro because I wanted Moar buttons, and I got the 52 on a good deal. Yet a few times it has crossed my mind to go back to my Hotas X, but I keep it as a back up should my 52 break on me.

Anyway That would be my recommendation, it will give you all the functions you are looking for when playing Elite Dangerous. You might still need to use your keyboard for secondary tasks but primary should be covered by it, and while I am not sure what price it is for you, but in my part of the world it cost less right now than the Stick and throttle you posted.

u/ShatteredStrife · 2 pointsr/oculus

I can also put a recommendation out for one of these, if you haven't already placed your order:

(probably available in NZ?)


It's in the same price range, but you get a throttle with it, which makes it way more fun. :) Also, the pictures don't show it, but the throttle and joystick separate, so you can get them a pretty comfortable distance apart. My only real complaint is that the deadzone on the joystick is a bit wide.

u/Rowadd · 2 pointsr/BattlefieldV

PC Player here

Mapping the spacebar to pitch up was a huge help. In BF1 I was pretty successful in the bombers and attack aircraft, and so far it feels like that trend will continue in BFV. Fighters on the other hand are a different story. I struggle with the precise and quick movements up close and in first person.

In BF3 I was a decent chopper and aicraft pilot using a Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick - just ordered another one (50 bucks) and will give it a try soon.

u/mechish · 2 pointsr/OutreachHPG

I use and recommend this. I just use the part for the left hand with my mouse

u/VierkanteVijfhoek · 2 pointsr/GameDeals

It's possible but I do recommend getting a HOTAS joystick, steering I can do without a joystick but the throttle control was very needed.

Together with the 3,5$ of the base game that's still below the price of most new releases which cost around 60$ nowadays. It's a good entry model and is pretty good for it's pricepoint. is also worth checking out, the base game is free which includes a single airplane SU-25T so you can check it out.

All the additional stuff you have to pay for but the A-10C, MiG 21, MiG 15, F86F, F5E, L-39 are all really wellmade and worth the money IMO when they're on sale, the pricepoint is pretty steep normally. I'm not much of a helicopter guy so I didn't enjoy those as much but Blackshark 2 and the Gazelle were pretty fun. I just splurged and bought everything when they were having a sale because I really enjoy (combat) flightsims

u/andyrooo_ · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I play on pc and have never played on ps4, but i can say that if you have a pc that can run it I would recommend playing it on that as the community is larger and in general nice guys.
I use a controller for this game but nothing really comes close to the HOTAS systems. If you are looking for a budget system the community seems to like the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X. Its cheap and hailed as a good starter set.

u/Mr_Spade · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

There is the X52 Pro which is generally considered superior in every way to the X52 standard you are looking at.

If you're new to HOTAS and don't want to drop that kind of cash, the T-Flight HOTAS X is $100 less and a big fan favorite as it is less expensive, but still a great option. Also, don't let the picture fool you because the base separates so both the stick and throttle can be placed on either side of your keyboard.

u/brianf408 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I have the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas. It's definitely not the fanciest thing out there, but it hasn't let me down so far. Played a lot of X3 and Flight Simulator X with it, and if I ever get around to playing Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen it will get even more use. For the money you can't beat it.

Currently $44.88 on Amazon

u/AnxietyCanFuckOff · 2 pointsr/Vive

Hotas Elite dangerous + OVR Drop = (didn't realize how low the audio was when I recorded this sry) Sadly I don't have time for it anymore with my job but If you got hours to kill, best experience I've had in VR. The video almost does it justice but being inside the cockpit flying around is still my #1 vr experience and that was over a year ago now

u/CursingWhileNursing · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

> I love the touch controllers, but can't afford a HOTAS

The Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X costs 45 Euro, at least on Amazon Germany. At least the PC/PS3 version, that is. There is a version for PC and PS4, which costs 20 Euro more, but I think you won't really need that.

You can even find complete setups online, I suggest checking of this one, for instance. I am using this setting and just swapped "Yaw" and "Roll". This guy did a great job, this setup pretty much coveres everything you need.

When you can afford an Oculus Rift and Touch controllers, you can also afford the 45 Euro for this Hotas, I guess. And its a difference like day and night, playing this game with Rift and Hotas is amazing.

I almost immediately forget that I am sitting in my chair, feet on the table and with the Thruster attached to my chair in the cheapest way possible. When you have those 45 bucks, I highly suggest getting that thing.

u/Ryulin18 · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

If I was you, drop £30 or your local currency on a thrustmaster x. Entry level and grewt for a hotas tryout.

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Joystick (PC/PS3)

u/heretic_sc · 2 pointsr/hoggit

Unfortunately VR doesn't currently come in the same large price range that joysticks do. You can get a budget joystick like the HOTAS X for $50 new, and I've seen many stories (including myself) of players starting with this exact stick before moving up and getting further invested. Wish there was the same sort of flexibility and "trial run" capability with VR headsets. Hopefully the day where VR options are not all $300+ comes sooner than later.

Big difference between "I'd never go back after trying it" and "don't even bother without it". I'd also probably be addicted to VR after trying it, but it's not stopping me from putting in hundreds of hours without it. Especially OP as a student on a budget, there's so much to do within DCS without VR/headtracking. Even without a joystick, if you were really pushing it (I mean, I've played on an Xbox controller).

u/Anarch157a · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

The previous version of it, that works with PC and PS3 sells on Amazon for just $50:

I've been using one on the PC for 4 years, more that 3000 hours of use and still going strong.

The newer version for XB1/PC is a little more expensive, nut nothing that'll break the bank. The newer models also have a connector for ad-on pedals.

u/darkness · 2 pointsr/macgaming

I used to have a Saitek X52 Pro, but I didn't get to use it very much because it broke. I was thus unimpressed with the build quality of this stick, especially given its price. (Also, good luck using that MFD under OS X.)

More recently I wanted to play Freespace 2 on OS X, so I got a Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X. It has fewer buttons and lights than the X52 Pro, but it's good enough for me, and it's a third of the price of another X52 Pro. I'd say it has better build quality than the X52 Pro as well. This stick/throttle works just fine with FS2Open on OS X 10.8.

You may also want some pedals. I've been dealing with the stick's twist axis for rudder so far.

Of course, if you want to get real serious, like $500-$600 serious, you could get a Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog.

u/TehRawk · 2 pointsr/Vive

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick is one of the best budget HOTAS. Thrustmaster T-16000M Flight Stick is probably a better stick, but not a HOTAS.

Or as other people have said. X52 would be best, if you can find one for a good price.

u/SnowMantra · 2 pointsr/Vive

Hands On Throttle And Stick

The Thrustmaster Hotas X is the best value for your money.

This is the set-up that I use as well as Voice Attack w/ Ocellus Assistant

u/Stevenab87 · 2 pointsr/eliteexplorers

We all got a boss to report to, I feel ya. When you can swing it, here is the one I got. It's only $50 and a great value. It's the one basically everyone on /r/elitedangerous recommends as the best budget HOTAS. Best of luck, Commander.

u/THALANDMAN · 2 pointsr/Vive

I bought this one because from what I could gather from people here and from reading reviews it seems to be the best entry level setup. It has worked perfectly in Elite, just go in to the bindings and set them however you like.
Its basically plug and play.

u/HJK148 · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Just looked around quickly on Amazon and this one looks like it has a lot of good reviews:

There's also the Saitek Fly-5 but the reviews are mixed:

Both of these are £40, but the first one has better reviews.

I might think of buying one when I buy E:D. I could always stick with mouse and keyboard, or use an Xbox controller, but the mouse and keyboard controls don't look too good from the videos I've seen (They might not be too bad, I'll have to try them to be able to decide whether I like them or not though.) and the controller I have isn't very comfortable to use for more than 15 minutes at a time.

u/javakah · 2 pointsr/gaming

Sweet. Had been planning to get X3:TC today for the price that it had been throughout the summer sale ($10), but I was good and made sure to wait until the last day.

Best part?
I've got this out for delivery right now, so it should be an awesome afternoon.

u/AdoreShitYuki · 2 pointsr/oculus

Biggest bang for you buck Hotas is the T-Flight Hotas X for $50. It's what I use and it's fantastic, the next step up from that is going into the $200+ territory.

If you get it, here are the bindings(and the source) you'll want to use. This is what makes playing with a hotas awesome. With practice, these bindings become intuitive and allow you to do 99% of your actions on the hotas without having to touch the keyboard. The download comes with images on how to use the bindings too.

u/Bobvouvouvou · 2 pointsr/hoggit

I didn't tried flying it with a keyboard, but even with a stick it is really hard to fly.

I will not recomend you buying it without having AT LEAST a joystick with the rudder binded to the twist axis.

You should really get a joystick, even a cheap one before getting a helo ( I personnaly started playing DCS with this one )

If you really don't have the money/want to buy a stick, you should get the KA 50, IMO it may be the only contralable helo with the keyboard.

PS: 6 month with only keyboard and mouse !!?? Are you a super saiyan or what?

Edit: I'll try to fly it keyboard only to see how hard it really is ^^

u/Avigrace · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

This is a decent budget stick

Been using with elite and works great, I also use VoiceAttack so I can do everything without needing the keyboard.

u/nicolass1101 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I personally use this. I like it and use it both for casual flying as fighter jet flying (Flight Sim X)

u/Sr_DingDong · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

Start with a Thrustmaster Flight HOTAS X.

It's the only decent entry level hotas and is perfectly sufficient and costs very little. After that, I dunno. It's pretty much out of Saitek and CH Products. That's if you like them and want to go further.

u/zoapcfr · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I've never seen that one before, and had no idea Thrustmaster did an even cheaper one. They do a decent cheap one, that lasted me for a full year of heavy use before the buttons started to go. Or if you want to spend more, they have this one which is much better yet still a lot cheaper than some of the other high end ones out there.

u/rundmcarlson · 2 pointsr/oculus

Go get a cheap hotas. You can get a cheap one for like 50 bucks on ebay and its orders of magnitude easier to control the ships and play the game. That being said, I have a few hundred hours in, and although I had fun working my way up in rank and power, after I had upgraded everything with engineers the game got hollow for me and I stopped playing. I had plenty of enjoyment from the game, certainly enough to recommend it, but ultimately I did drop it. Still worth the money spent on the hotas.

I got one of these at first, then gave it to a sibling and bought a better one. Both were perfectly good, my sibling just happened to get into the game and I figured Id upgrade since the opportunity presented itself.

u/nethermaker · 2 pointsr/oculus

Don't need to buy it again, base game works fine (though I highly recommend Horizons).

Playable depends on what you expect from it. I'd say KBM is a no-go unless you know your keyboard and all the binds inside and out. Controller is definitely better for VR, but if you want the full experience you're gonna want a HOTAS. This one makes a very good entry point and can handle Elite just fine.

u/marine678 · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous
  1. What is your price range, there are good $50 ones and ones that go up $450. For cheap ones this is pretty good, for expensive this, mid range this.
  2. There is the base game and Horizons, I believe that you have to buy the base game to get Horizons (might be wrong). I would recommend that you buy base game and see if you like it, then wait for Horizons stuff get fleshed out, its kinda bare-bones at the moment.
  3. This has a ton of information about the game and links to guides and videos that will help you get started.
u/nn04 · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

That's not a HOTAS. This is a HOTAS.

u/fa_nyak · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous
This is what i and a lot of others have been using. $50. More buttons would be nice but you can bind a couple lesser used ones to your keyboard. I ordered this the day i got elite and it was so much more fun than using an xbox controller for me!

u/Multai · 2 pointsr/Warthunder

It might be a bit expected, but I really recommend the extreme 3d pro.

It has a throttle, 12 buttons (I'm pretty sure you won't ever need more), you can control the view with your thumb (There is a little thumbstick on the top of the stick) and from what I have heard it is just a very good stick.

If you buy this you shouldn't need more.

IIRC even PhlyDaily uses/used this stick.




Though it seems like he still uses headtracking and doesn't use the 6 buttons on the side but instead he uses his keyboard.


You can get it for €45-€50 and on Amazon for $32.

If you really want a seperate throttle stick, you can get the Thrustmaster Flight Hotas X.

It costs pretty much the same (Though the Logitech extreme 3d pro is waaaay cheaper on Amazon for some reason) but it doesn't have the same thumbstick to control the view, so it would require you to use the keyboard or headtracking.

u/firstmentando · 2 pointsr/hotas

If you want the stick and throttle, but you do not want to spend a lot of money you can try the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X

You can also just buy the joystick you linked and use the keyboard as a throttle. This should be fine, I have done this for a while.

As for using the joystick alone: I don't think this is a good idea, since you probably don't have enough buttons there.

u/Arik_De_Frasia · 2 pointsr/vrgamedeals

The learning curve is real, but I'd say that if you have even the smallest amount of ambition to learn how to play, you'll be fine. Start in single player and move on to multiplayer once you get the hang of it.

Edit: Just wanted to add that even an inexpensive Hotas can improve enjoyment of it if you do get the feel for the game.

u/simply_potato · 2 pointsr/flightsim

I recommend picking up Xplane 10 (better for a middle-end pc, and you can get the regional edition which is cheaper) or Xplane 11 and a cheap HOTAS from Amazon:

That will get you the best $100 or less flight sim experience IMO. Note, that for any modern flight sim you will want a pretty high-end intel CPU (or Ryzen would be decent). AMD FX and APU processors are just too slow for the single-threaded nature of current sim options. You should be fine with a mid-level GPU however.

If the HOTAS is too much, just get any old joystick you can find that has a throttle lever:

You won't want to fly with a gamepad, you won't have any fine-control because the analog sticks are so small so landings would be especially difficult. Throttle control is also difficult on a gamepad

u/getoffmyplains · 2 pointsr/mechwarrior

If you're looking for something that it HOTAS, I just got a Thrustmaster T-Flight, it runs about $50. When the game first came out, I had an MS Sidewinder and it did a fine job except it didn't have Z-Axis for torso twist. I'm actually finding that having throttle and some of the buttons in my left hand is actually really nice. One word of warning, there are two inputs for z-axis on this setup, the twisting stick and a rocker on the front of the throttle. The game does not recognize the rocker.

u/Rauma · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Just leave it a few days Amazon's pricing makes HOTAS in general fluctuate rather madly. example

u/Chris920 · 1 pointr/Vive

I was looking at the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick for $40 on Amazon:

u/Crocoduck_The_Great · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

This is pretty close to its standard price on Amazon. I actually only paid $33 from Amazon in January. It has been at or under this price for most of the last 6 months and all of the last 3 months.

u/Busboy80 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Here you go:


I own it and A LOT of other ED pilots use it.

u/Nezdragon · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

This is a third of the price and will arrive on my doorstep tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be decent quality.

u/TheFlashFrame · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Are HOTASs an elitist thing now? I own a Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X more out of necessity than anything. Star Citizen and E:D have way too many controls to be played comfortably on a keyboard.

u/ifandbut · 1 pointr/Games

You can get a good HOTAS for $50.

I have that one and it works great with Elite.

u/1n9i9c7om · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

I know this is an old thread, but I don't feel like opening a new one just to ask a question, so I'll ask you: Are $50 bad or are they okay for beginners of the game?

I'm thinking about the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X, because it got good ratings and isn't too expensive.

u/jingles360 · 1 pointr/XRebirth

I would! AP I feel does a lot very well - the trading system with the stock exchange is well implemented, and generally I think if you want to play less aggressively (I'm personally a big fan of building up huge trading empires as my source of wealth), then AP is a good way to go.

That being said, lore wise if you want to understand the drivers behind the X universe, it might be worth playing through TC at some point.

Ultimately you can't go wrong with either as they are both great (I love how even to today, they still patch both versions as well as Rebirth - how many game devs do that??), but AP is a solid purchase for how cheap it is now.

As a side note, one thing I'd definitely recommend is re-investing in a nice stick, I feel immersion wise it really helps. I'm currently using the less expensive one that the really fancy HOTAS you may have had previously, but the number of buttons basically covers the essentials of what you'll need in the X universe:

u/fizzlefabble · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

This one is probably the best you're going to get for sub $100. Every button map you find for this setup for Elite Dangerous is going to have at least one or two 'shift' button modifying triggers. So thruster up/down becomes landing gear/cargo scoop in the map I linked above. The truth of the matter is that it just doesn't have enough buttons for Elite Dangerous if you're trying to get a lot of dedicated triggers, buttons, toggles for everything.

That's not to say you don't get used to it. I enjoy using this and it feels sturdy, fits my desk and while I can afford a nicer HOTAS like the X52 or the X55, I didn't really feel like dropping the coin on it. I got it on Amazon for really cheap and I don't have any complaints for it yet.

When you save the comment it should pop up in your on whatever account you're logged in on. You could always just bookmark the links. I've been doing that in a separate folder for a lot of useful Elite Dangerous links I find on the sub.

u/WFOpizza · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

consider getting this one if money is tight, cheap and very good.

u/Bermos · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Do you mean this one?

u/Nick2058 · 1 pointr/oculus

I've been flying with this one for 2 years now. Solid HOTAS works great with Elite and is under £50.
The reviews on this speak for themselves :)

u/Braden0732 · 1 pointr/acecombat

UPDATE: Negative, the stick and HOTAS does not work. Sorry dude, game looks dope and it is great with gamepad, but damn they really screwed the pooch and dropped the ball on lack of joystick support at launch. Shame.

If you're talking about this joystick, I have the same one and I'm done installing in ~30min. I'm going to play with gamepad anyways since I run PC->TV and I like to lay in bed, but I'll do you a solid and report back if it works so you can cancel your order if needed.

u/SelectYourPlayer · 1 pointr/oculus

A bunch of people have been recommending this. I just received mine the other day, but have yet to test it out.

u/mangodurban · 1 pointr/Vive

I had the logitech stick as well, sadly its no where near as good as the thrustmaster, so I highly recommend getting that. You WILL need the M/KB witht the logitech stick, you wont need it with the thrustmaster.

u/art7 · 1 pointr/EverspaceGame

From reading your comments below; seems like the game isn't fully joystick compatible yet? I.e. I couldn't just download, plug in this ( and start playing?

Had my eye on this game for a while but I'm waiting for Joystick support before picking it up

u/Credibility-Problem · 1 pointr/Vive

It is playable with K&M, but for VR you really need a HOTAS (my opinion; other opinions are available). My first HOTAS was a Thrustmaster HOTAS X to see if I got on with it.

I've been playing Elite since late 2014, and it was my primary motivator for getting into VR. It does have a steep learning curve, and a lot of people tend to grind it rather than play it, but I'm solidly addicted to it. It really is made for VR.

u/vasdrakken · 1 pointr/starcitizen

THRUSTMASTER T.Flight Hotas X Joystick
Link was in the other part

THRUSTMASTER 2960720 Hotas Warthog Joystick
the nice one that costs more than I can justify on a flight stick I am not making money using.

I think I got rid of any referral codes on those link if not just look up the names.

u/colusaboy · 1 pointr/EliteHudson

This thing did it for me. Got it for $33 bucks and holy crap it's been a joy... stick.

It looks like the price is going up again.

u/RobertJP · 1 pointr/oculus

It's costly but absolutely worth it. It's doable with a controller or keyboard&mouse but it's otherworldly with a hotas joystick. I have a cheap T-Flight X but it works great for the game. It comes out next month, supposedly, so you could wait as I assume the price will drop. The beta ends on Saturday so if you want to play before December 16th you need to back it by then.

u/_Periapsis_ · 1 pointr/arma

I have this one, it's cheap and works great. It's as cheap as it gets with separate throttle and rudder controls. Makes it way more fun IMO, and is less than $20 more than the Logitech Extreme 3D. Worth it.

u/zebra0312 · 1 pointr/Warthunder

Probably a good and cheap choice for beginners:

The HOTAS Joysticks (one throttle on the left hand, stick on the right) start at $100 and they can go up to $450, the pedals uo to $300 extra. But I dont think that you wanna buy that in the future :D

Edit: Found a HOTAS for $50, not bad:

u/t-had · 1 pointr/battlefield3

The Thrustmaster HOTAS T. Flight is around 40-50 depending where you get it. is like $33USD

EDIT: Now with a link!

Thrustmaster HOTAS T.Flight

u/covmike · 1 pointr/buildapc

Hey man, not sure if you're still looking but I found this on my searches that might work for you. Apparently the rudder is on the throttle and is a rocker. I've not used it but read something by someone that has.

Link to stick:

Link to guy talking about it:

First post fourth or fifth stick he talks about I think.

Good luck, hope this helps.

u/Paral0xy · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

I'm using the Thrustmaster Hotas X. For $50, it's a good introduction. Even after using it for the past few months, I don't plan to upgrade any time soon. Sure, it doesn't have all of the button options and the coolest things... but it's still a fantastic investment for me.

I started with KB&M and got somewhat good at flying, but when I switched over to a Hotas.... so much better. If you plan on doing flight sims and don't want to spend too much, buy this.

u/F1VEpointFIVE6 · 1 pointr/flying

I use this for my controls. The stick has a Z axis, so I forgo the pedals. Your 980ti is probably faster than both my 970's so you should run it no problem.

u/nope_a_dope · 1 pointr/Vive

So, recently picked up a HOTAS. What games in VR (other than Elite Dangerous) can I play with it? Maybe even non-VR games, just need some clue so I can actually get some use out of this thing in the future. Thanks.

u/AtticusFynch · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I got one of these for X3 and love it:

$45 and I couldn't tell the difference between it and a $300 model if you held a gun to my head. Pearls before swine, perhaps.

u/StarTrekMike · 1 pointr/hoggit

The definition of a good stick will depend largely on what you plan to do with it. In the case of stuff like IL-2 BoS or Rise of flight, you can easily get away with a basic stick like the Logitech 3D Pro (or something in that same category).

DCS aircraft can vary in terms of joystick demands. The WWII aircraft can generally be handled _okay- with just a simple stick (again, like the Logitech 3D pro or whatever) but the lack of fine rudder control (in comparison to what pedals can get you) will make some things harder for you (take-offs and landings especially). This is not to say that you need pedals, just that having pedals certainly helps a great deal.

Korean war era (Sabre and MiG-15) aircraft and even the MiG-21 module will work pretty well with a basic stick, There is not a lot of demand for fine rudder control (so a twist function will work pretty well) and there are not a whole lot of controls that you need to bind. I would even go as far as to say that the Sabre, MiG-15 and MiG-21 are the best modules for those that only have a basic stick.

The Huey and Mi-8 don't need a lot of buttons bound (so a basic stick will work fine) but they do need very, very fine rudder control so while it is "possible" to use only a twist stick rudder function, it is not going to be terribly comfortable or precise. These two modules essentially demand a set of rudder pedals in order to be most effective and precise.

The A-10C and Ka-50 are where we get firmly into HOTAS territory. You "can" play them without a HOTAS (like the X-52, X-55 or TM Warthog) but there will be noticeable issues with doing so. Here are some examples of why.

1.) The A-10C uses a lot of "hat switches" to accomplish essential tasks (TMS, DMS, radio, slew, etc). You will be using these commands very often and not having them on separate (but easily accessible) hat switches will significantly slow you down. You will be struggling to set your MAV's to SOI while others are already done locking up the target and calling 'rifle!" over the radio.

2.) The A-10C and the Ka-50 both operate close to the ground and thus close to the enemy. You won't have a lot of time to line up a attack, target the specific enemy you want to kill and fire. Doing this with a HOTAS is easy since you can quickly do everything with minimal hand movement/effort but fumbling with a keyboard may mean flying over the target without having fired or even eating a SAM/AA gun round while struggling to get everything done.

These two examples seem extreme and I know some will say that "they do just fine" but I know what I am saying here, I started playing DCS with a old Microsoft precision pro and it was extremely difficult to do just about anything with it.

When you are dealing with a simple stick in A-10C or Ka-50, you are going to have two options for binding controls. The first will have you putting only the most essential stuff on the stick while using the default keyboard commands for just about everything. The second will involve putting a lot of commands on to the stick using "modifiers".

The modifier method can make things pretty slow. For example, Let's say you are flying the A-10C. If you want to fire a Maverick missile, you need to hit (for example) left ctrl and your hat switch right to make the maverick your SOI, you then need to hit left alt+ your single hat switch to slew the seeker to the target. Now you can fire.

You may even do more steps like this if you are setting up mark points for GBU-38 targets.

My point here is that the Ka-50 and the A-10C (especially) are built with a HOTAS in mind. You "can" do it with a simple stick but you will always feel like you are one step behind and in a rush. It's possible to deal with it and soldier on but if you can avoid it, I suggest you try.

The last module type is the Flaming Cliffs aircraft, this is where a lot of folks will say that a simple stick is is just fine but I don't really agree. With FC3, you don't have the benefit of a clickable cockpit so every command has to be either accessed through the keyboard or your stick. This means that you actually need to bind more controls to your stick than you might for a more complex DCS module.

Again, you can get away with just using a simple stick in this case but it may end up slowing you down in that crucial moment online against your buddy or when the AI is giving you a particularly hard time.

One final point before I (finally) close this up.

I see a lot of folks (on various flight sim forums) talk about the Thrustmaster T-flight HOTAS X as if it were a viable alternative to options like the X-52, X-55 or the Warthog. It's not, I know it looks like a HOTAS to the untrained eye but the reality is that you are really buying a standard stick with a larger throttle control and that is about it.

You see, the reason you buy a HOTAS is not to just have a separate throttle handle. You get a HOTAS because they are usually loaded with hat switches (at least three or four) and many buttons. The TM HOTAS-X really only gives you the same amount of controls that a simple joystick provides. You the large footprint of a proper HOTAS with none of the benefits that a proper HOTAS actually gives you.

To put it simply, the TM HOTAS-X is not worth it, you might as well buy a Logitech 3D pro or another single stick solution if you go that route as you will at least e saving some desk real estate.

In closing (finally, eh?). It's not "required" to have a HOTAS for any of the modules, you can "get by" without them but I have found (from experience) that spending the money for a used X-52 or something along those lines early on will save you a lot of headaches and keyboard gymnastics. It is actually easier to not only play DCS with proper HOTAS controls, it is also easier (and faster) to learn DCS since the controls will be more convenient and you won't have to memorize a ton of modifiers in order to accomplish essential tasks.

u/afinegan · 1 pointr/oculus

this is a great starter one, they do separate, (im off the deep end, thrustmaster warthog hotas, MFG crosswind pedals, haven't gotten into the crazy VKB stuff yet)

u/Dr_Death_Defy24 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

>You certainly dont need hotas to enjoy this game.

While I agree, if you have the cash, even for a cheapish HOTAS (like the Thrustmaster T-flight HOTAS X) it goes a long way toward making whatever ship your in feel like you're in it.

u/Inoka1 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Actually, I did find a $50 stick that has favourable reviews. Problem is, well one it only has 12 buttons. Is that enough? Secondly, I mean, I've already spent $75 on the game (40£ = 75$CAD), is it really worth it?

u/Aerellon · 1 pointr/starcitizen

GTX 770 2GB

I get around 40-50 fps at HIGH settings (it's the second highest),
but it looks really smooth, unlike most games.

I don't know much about joysticks, but this one looks nice:

u/moofdadogcow · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

On Amazon for 50 bucks and in stock.

u/ComradeBlue · 1 pointr/Games

I think this is the cheapest decent joysticks get. Unfortunately, I do not own it so I can not give a review.

u/rappelle · 1 pointr/flightsim

Yes, I believe you can use VATSIM with the steam edition.

Which joystick depends a lot on how much you want to pay. I'll paste links in ascending order of price for sticks which are reasonably recommendable.

I currently have a Saitek X-52 Pro which is absolutely fantastic (especially for the price).

Joystick only




(I have this one)

and the most expensive (but seems to be well recommended):

u/Silidistani · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I was skeptical but hopeful for years, until I saw Hurston and Lorville get released, and I finally jumped in both-feet during the end of the last Anniversary sale. Player-generated clips like this one and this one definitely helped convince me... I mean look at that, it's all actually there in the game, nothing is a backdrop only for viewing from that spot on some map, that sun isn't rising, the earth-sized planet you are on is spinning in space.

My biggest suggestion: get a proper HOTAS, or at least a stick with a throttle on it and some good base-area buttons - I use an old Saitek X-52 that interestingly enough is being re-released in a few weeks. There are some serious mil-sim level ones out there too. The T-Flight Hotas X and T16000M are popular for the budget-minded (although Star Citizen will rapidly change your mind about what "sensible expenditure" in a game means lol). Get a used one if you want a killer one but can't afford new (seriously though, $60 man, very worth it), but it's a huge help not having to go to keyboard commands for anything flight-related, including targeting, countermeasures, scanners, thruster controls, etc. When hopping out of your flight seat (either to do something in your ship or get out of it entirely), just have the mouse and keyboard positioned to either side of the flight stick, easy. You'll use the mouse in the cockpit a fair bit too, to interact with the MFDs sometimes for things like requesting landing clearance, changing MFD functions, overclocking components on the ship, etc,. It's the most immersive sci-fi flight/FPS/society game I've ever seen.

I'd highly recommend to get in as soon as they announce Update 3.5, adding the entirely new planet ArcCorp, its main landing area for spaceships Area 18, several moons, and the long-awaited new flight model, go Public Live in a few more days. Fly your starter ship (I recommend the Avenger Stalker starter ship or the Cutlass Black package for the bit of cargo space you get, helps make a little money and can still fight ), enjoy a bit of mission running, exploration etc, and learn the world, and when the next massive Anniversary Sale comes around in November you'll know what ships you really want and can make informed decisions, as the sales they have at that time are awesome.

Whatever starter package you get, it'll need to be a "Game Package" that includes the base game as well, and after that one-time buy you just buy standalone ships or packages if you want to pay real money, or you can buy many of them in-game for game-money (UEC) if you make enough (many good ones are millions of UEC). The advantage of paying real money is that they will be with you forever - as they make major updates CIG usually resets all accounts to starter levels again, and you lose anything you earned in that version of Alpha - but you also have many advantages in Alpha that will not be present in the final game so still worth it to buy cheaper ships in-game IMO.

^edit: ^added ^bit ^about ^game ^packages

u/WAFLOLZ · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Works with PC and PS4


The blue highlights look really cool tho

u/singularissententia · 1 pointr/gamingpc

Chiming in to say that I'm in the same situation as the OP, except I have no previous experience with joysticks.

I recently bought DCS: Warthog because I feel that I would really enjoy a good flight sim. Sure enough, I thoroughly enjoyed learning the startup procedure for the jet and what all the switches do. But the problem now is the flying... it's simply not enjoyable on a keyboard. But shopping for a joystick seems hopeless. You either go crazy and drop 300 dollars on the HOTAS kit (which, granted, looks perfect) or you buy something that looks like it came from a boxtop mail in sweepstakes.

EDIT: Well I was inspired to do a little further digging and came across a promising candidate. I'm not willing to spend quite so much on a joystick but surprisingly there's a joystick-throttle combo (HOTAS compatible) for less than 50 dollars on Amazon. Link

u/Stealthologist · 1 pointr/italy
u/Sekh765 · 1 pointr/arma

Cheap Hotas all the way.

u/Up2Eleven · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

The Thrustmaster T-Flight X.

It's one of the cheapest there is, but functions rather well!

u/jebaile7964 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

DONT GET A FLY 5. Get the T-Flight HOTAS X. It's cheaper and way easier to use. The little side throttle just doesn't work the same way that a real hotas works.

If you're looking for more button input, and you have a mic, get voice attack and ASTRA.

I currently am on my second FLY 5 and it suffers from yaw drift failures on a consistent basis. They usually last about 4 months. The T-Flight HOTAS may be cheaper, but it has more usable functionality than the FLY 5. Secondly, combat boosting with FA off are far easier with the T-Flight HOTAS, since the throttle has a center lock for forward AND reverse thrusting on the same axis. Subsystem sniping is also easier since the yaw paddles can be configured to cycle between them easily.

Voice commands allow you to easily deploy chaff or heatsinks, do evasive maneuvers quickly, or bind controls to voice commands for keyboardless immersion. And all this can easily be done for the price of a FLY 5.


u/doug_peck · 1 pointr/Warthunder

How would One of these fare? Thrustmaster is one of if not the best makers of joysticks. Ten dollars more than a 3D pro, and comes with a detachable throttle setup.

u/dolan313 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Any recommendations for a cheap/good value for money HOTAS joystick?

This is the top search result, it's advertised for Windows and PS3, is it just the best/go-to/most popular option?

u/I-represent-america · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

It would have to be local (in Austin) and priced against Amazon's $33. I don't want you to feel like I'm lowballing you, due to Amazon's sale. $25-35ish?

u/nightlyraver · 1 pointr/starcitizen

You should definitely use a joystick. I just bought the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS:

For $34, you can't beat that - and you get the throttle and 9 programmable buttons, plus the hat and the toggle on the throttle. It works great in-game since you can program it with the options in the game. I'm very happy with it.

Next options are in the $150-$400 range, so there's that...

u/Orkekum · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

well, it's rather fun, you have a throttle and joystick, feels more like you are in a cockpit. (i know a lot of people swearing on the keyboard and mouse) if you really want to try, you could buy the cheap hotas X one, by whoever made it, and if you dont like it, am sure many here on ED reddit wants one(inluding me, i got the muhc more expensive saitek X52, so if i visit parents and take my laptop and want to play elite i dont want to take X52 with me, need to get a hotas X >_>)

T flight hotas X

u/AnimalMachine · 1 pointr/Vive

> I also need to sort out a HOTAS solution for the couch, because I was gobsmacked by the few minutes I spent in Elite Dangerous VR.

I got the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick for this. I haven't put in the time I would like into elite dangerous, but the hotas does work.

u/Gadsden · 1 pointr/arma

I would think that would be a nightmare. You're going to want a stick. The T-Flight HOTAS is fairly inexpensive and works pretty well. The only thing that really annoyed me with it was that it had a catch in the center of the throttle. If you have any mechanical skills, and maybe a dremel, that's fairly easy to remove.

Probably the least expensive stick I'd go for would be this one.

But if you're serious about enjoying the flying the T-16000M is well worth the $102.

u/TheGreatZarquon · 1 pointr/space

I play on a full HOTAS setup, including the chair. Just getting a HOTAS changes the game completely, it's so much more responsive with a joystick and throttle.

You can get a HOTAS for only $40 so it's not thunderingly expensive. But if you want the HOTAS that they literally use in the ship cockpits, it'll cost you about $200.

u/LazerusKI · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

I use a hotas, so my control scheme is a bit different from just a stick.

the cap you mentioned is the coolie hat, i use that one in its base config for my directional thruster (up down left right). with modifier key 1 i use it for pip management, modifier 2 controls the utility modules (heatsing, chaff, shieldcell)

the L3 key seen there is my targeting button, i think i have again several modifiers for it. on the other side of it is another button which toggles my flight assist. the two firebuttons are just for that, shooting stuff.

R2 and L2 on the thrust-piece are my modifier buttons, 7 is my boost-key which turns into FSD when comined with modifiert 1, and supercruise with 2. 6 is my deploy key, landing gear without modifier, cargo scoop with 1 and weapons with 2. 5 is my "look around" key which enables access to the consoles left and right when combined with the coolie hat. the silver button on the base sets my speed to 75% so that i can fly to a station.

im not even sure what the other buttons do at the moment, think i need to check that later...

overall i can say that modifier keys are a great thing to have (elite supports that on its own, no tools needed)

u/3agl · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

$4 more expensive at the moment, but it also includes a throttle and most people seem to recommend it for beginners.

u/Lenart12 · 1 pointr/fsx

I have this one and i must say that i am satisfied

u/Taco-Pterodactyl · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

That's definitely a problem, as I've never played with a controller. With m&k it was simple to learn without adjusting deadzones, and with a HOTAS it's really quite simple to stay on target. Small ships will always be a bit of a challenge due to hitboxes and agility, however they aren't able to damage big ships meaningfully.

I would highly recommend getting a HOTAS, it really takes the game to another level. Mine is linked here:, although it's only compatible with PC. Thrustmaster offers an Xbone HOTAS at a respectable price:

u/W_Panzer · 1 pointr/starcitizen

what about this setup?

people have cited that it works well for SC, but should i spend more on something like the X52 or X55?

u/Ixsen · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

No need for Lotto

Seriously, those are cheaper than the game. No need to save too long to get them.

u/4sonicride · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

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If you have a question about the removal, or have edited your submission to abide by the rules, please [message the modteam](

u/darealdsisaac · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

What about this?

u/Zncon · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Pick this up cheap and get a feel for a HOTAS before you dump a lot of cash into it.

u/1Boomstick · 1 pointr/simracing

If you're looking for a cheap HOTAS this one is the way to go. It's mostly plastic and doesn't have a ton of buttons, but I've had it for ~2 years and it's never failed me for Elite Dangerous or some Freespace 2!

u/WilliamSkelton · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Hey CMDRs! for all you mac users out there, does anybody know how this HOTAS works for mac? it says "Plug-n-Play, but nowhere that I can see does it specifically say USB, so I am rather wary....

u/Rithe · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I bought the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick when I first pledged for this game back in 2013, and then realized it was a long way from being flyable

I kind of forgot about it and used M+KB since the game became playable, but recently I remembered I owned it and have been playing with it almost exclusively for the last few days. I'm no expert with one so this is my first impressions

Its surprisingly not too bad for such a cheap stick, and after a lot of practice I'm not -that- much worse than when using a M+KB. I've nearly got my Old Vanduul lap times down to what they were before, and my dog fighting is about as good as normal. And besides the obvious performance differences, it sure is fun to fly with

I do plan to eventually buy a better one (this is what I'm leaning towards when its in stock), but for now its surprisingly good for how cheap it is, and I would actually recommend it to someone who is really on a budget. It does take time to configure though, I recommend this layout and this curve based on my limited testing and what felt natural to me. Without the proper curve its nearly unplayable. I think the only big difference in control layouts is I swapped the afterburner for IFCS buttons, because with racing I needed it available easily

I also use Voice Attack which I have mapped to a whole bunch of commands. I can show you what I have so far if you are interested but its on my home computer

u/Fruitsniffer · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

I just bought Horizons and am planning on getting the best experience as possible now that I'm seriously considering getting into this game.

To do that, I'll probably need a hotas. Is the T.Flight Hotas Stick X still considered a good one for its price? I'd get an X52 but I'm pretty short on money right now, so this one will probably have to do. :x

EDIT: Also, I think I read that there's faction missions now. What's the point in factions and what's the difference between the different ones?

u/OwlG5 · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

There's some really nice, quality flight sticks for pretty cheap. This one is the cheapest one I see recommended most of the time, but if I were to purchase a new one, I'd recommend this one. I want to say that it was less expensive last time I looked it up, so you may want to search around. I don't know 100% about how it works, but it uses magnetic sensors instead of analogue ones, which I guess would make it more responsive and stuff. A bit of a step up from the Logitech one, but it's a good investment if you really want to go for it. There's also a full HOTAS setup that's pretty inexpensive, or at least it was when I tried it out. I don't know why it's so expensive now, but it's this one.

There's also the CH Fighterstick, which would complement my throttle if I ever decided to get one. And finally, there's this full HOTAS setup, the X-55 stick and throttle, which I hear nothing but good things about. These are the more expensive options, though.

u/justonebite · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Where can I find a Thrustmaster X T-flight HOTAS? It's sold out everywhere online and no one sells it near me. Is there an alternative for a similar price?

Edit: It's back in stock for now. (Amazon, Walmart, Newegg)

u/amarkit · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

The game is very playable on M&K or gamepad, but I don't deny that it is much more fun with a HOTAS. I use a CH setup, but apparently the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X is a perfectly fine stick at a reasonable price. I don't play with heard tracking and don't think I'm much the worse for it, but I've considered getting a TrackIR when the bank account permits. I imagine once you start using it you won't want to go back though.

u/AlexRicardo · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I use the Hotas X from Thrustmaster (they make the Warthog).

It's got a ton of buttons, throttle, stick, slider on throttle which is awesome for strafing, and it's usually under 50 bucks for you American chaps.

link here:

u/chorjin · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Joystick is essential for immersion IMO. HOTAS not as much. (That being said, plenty of HOTAS systems are $45 troublemakers.)

u/rspender · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Well, I downloaded the pre-order pilot training edition in anticipation of the 16/12 release. What a palaver. I couldn't even download the launcher until it was authorised (best part of a day). Then the launcher needed a code before installing, which didn't arrive by email for a few hours, then 4 different ones all hit at once.

When I could finally click the INSTALL button, it took all day long downloading (or synching) at mostly 0.01 MB/s and peaking at about 4 MB/s.

I hope that is sorted by the 16th! I can only imagine how badly the download servers get hit then.

Nothing like the ease of Steam for downloading.

Anyway, a bit of shopping research, and blowing out my cob-web covered wallet, I forked out for some kit on Amazon that I should get by 16th - 18th with free delivery well in time for Xmas :)

£79.99 - Radeon R7 260X 2GB

£39.99 - Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X

Some slightly cheaper flight sticks out there, but none in stock. I think I got the 260X for a bargain too ;)

u/LaboratoryOne · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

This is the one I'm getting.

A little less equipped, but I'll figure it out. Thank you for the diagram.

u/nuages44 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

As soon as I get paid (tomorrow or Thursday because of the holiday). But, I need a bunch of toggled and buttons that I'm not going to use. Also, the green LED glow on the throttle control. Also the sturdy metal design of the bases.


u/CMDR_D · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

52 bucks and worth every cent. For this game you need a H.O.T.A.S. Why? Because little maneuvers at mining, landing, taking off or hiding behind an asteroid needs little touches. I used Logitech 3D Extreme, but the throttle thing is not so sensitive, there is very little difference between %100 throttle and %50 throttle, but with HOTAS its really nice and easy, you don't get yourself killed after mining 50 pieces of palladium, while docking.

And you also need voiceattack. That makes controls also easy.

u/0Machine · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

People at /r/elitedangerous usually reccomend the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X but I don't know, it seems a bit too cheap for me. I'm trying to decide between it and the Mad Catz F.L.Y.5

u/Risenzealot · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

I've been told this one is a great one to start with as it's only around $60.00 and is solid quality.

u/Thygen · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous T Flight HOTAS X is probably going to be most peoples go to stick, including myself!, its small, cheap and good quality given its price. It's obviously outperformed by the x52pro but its un-matched in the sub 100$ bracket.

u/Endyo · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Random question, but do you know anything about this setup? I just saw it looking at the T16000M.

u/autieab · 1 pointr/ABDL

Thrustmaster T-Flight is $35 on Amazon at the moment. That's the cheapest you'll ever find one. It's a basic unit but for the price, it's excellent (I've been using mine for a few months now) considering everything else starts at three figures.

I'm told it's absolutely unreal on the Oculus but I don't have one to confirm... Apparently the only real problem is the low resolution of the Oculus makes the UI a bit hard to read.

It's an amazing game, though. So much fun if you like that kind of thing.

[edit] Huh, well it's $41 now. It was $35 yesterday. I guess that was a Cyber Monday thing.

u/DannyBiker · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

I was about to create a thread for a question related to the HOTAS, good thing this one happened !

I was looking to buy this Hotas..until I found this one !

So basically, the last one is PS3 compatible...but it's still PC compatible and just looks identical to the first one, while being quite cheaper.

Is there any reason to not buy the PS3 compatible one (beside that it's not available until the end of the week) ? Is it missing something ?

u/Th3bigM00se · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

I for one don't use the mouse to control my ship. If you have one, use an xbox one controller. But I prefer to use a joystick and throttle. I find that using a joystick makes the game much better. If you are on a budget I found that this works great. If you have the money to spare then this is an amazing HOTAS. Now you can also buy the stick and throttle separately on that second one if you would like. Just some options for you. Good luck.

u/Gargenville · 1 pointr/gaming

Could you use a flightsim throttle like this? All the buttons on the steering wheel are digital ON/OFF switches so that's not ideal when you want smooth throttle/braking input.

(or just a whole stick/throttle combo such as this if you've got the desk space to spare as it's much cheaper, somehow.)

u/Layin-Scunion · 1 pointr/hoggit

You really don't have much of a HOTAS option with $60.....

This is about it.

Anything else is either only a joystick or over your budget. Save your money and buy something nice like that T16000M HOTAS. You won't regret it. I had one.

u/GarudaTeam · 1 pointr/gaming

As someone who has a Vive, that can't be further from the truth. Yes there are a lot of games that look short and simple, however that's just like games on just standard play. Elite: Dangerous goes from Gorgeous to Awe Inspiring in VR, IL-2 because ten times more hectic and nerve wracking in VR, Fallout 4 feels so much more immersive. You literally wont notice those small issues once you have the headset on and are walking around a bombed out Boston, taking potshots at some raiders.

VR right now, is pretty definitely worth the price of admission if your computer is already beefy enough to run it. I even recommend several games:

  • Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, & Hand Grenades (H3VR): Simple, fun, and a surprisingly accurate gun simulator. Guns behave rather close to the real deal, sans shoulder pains and holy fuck recoil, and makes you think about how a weapon works and what you'd use them for in combat.

  • Beat Saber: Super simple, easily learned and hard to master, rhythm game. Anyone with two functioning arms can play this game and be good at it. Anyone who is either masochistic enough or only has one arm can play single saber mode where it has the same track as normal, but they are all one color, meaning you need quick and agile wrist movement to hit your target. Download some mod tracks, take it to a party, pipe the music in and legit you get to liven the place up.

  • IL-2 Sturmovik: This game never ceases to make me feel like a badass even though I piss myself in fear every time I play. Does have a start up cost, pretty much mandating the use of a HOTAS.

    Edit: Formatting
u/Paulydactyl · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

It really depends on your budget is and how crazy you wanna get with it. But if your just getting into the idea of getting/using a HOTAS, this stick as a great place to start:

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick

Great value for what it is and adds a lot to the experience of playing Elite IMO.

u/Seth0351 · 1 pointr/arma

Another option you have for throttle/pedals is the Thrustmaster hotas x, I use it just for the throttle and the pedals, which I use the bar on the throttle. It fills the two niches nicely for me, but I still fly with the mouse. It has enough buttons for all the needed heli interactions like gear, CM, sling, sling assistant etc.

u/tangentcentric · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

hi.. so there is a sale. Would
be significantly better than
and more importantly, would it be easy to get going with ED? I am a little overwhelmed by the idea of tweaking a ton of configuration settings, etc. It sounds hard.

u/Frejesal · 1 pointr/Vive

Well now I found a $50 flight stick with great reviews so maybe I'll grab that. Does IL2 ever go on sale?

u/SandwichWithMustard · 1 pointr/Vive

And I got the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X used on eBay for 20€. Not a huge investment and gets the job done. :)

u/HeroOfOne · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Sorry for the question which I'm sure gets asked here probably every day. I could have sworn I saved a post from a few months back that laid this out but I just can't find it.

FINALLY got my Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas X ( and installed Elite Dangerous. I got this game specifically to play with my new VR headset, and have been avoiding playing it until I got the flight stick.

I only made it to the second tutorial mission before realizing I had to bind something (vertical thrust). I remember reading a post about how the stick I bought was a good introductory one, but it was pretty basic and I'd have to use like... an alternate button to get everything mapped properly? So I tried holding down a button and pressed the buttons that horizontal thruster is mapped to at the same time in hopes that would map the vertical thruster in that way... but it didn't work. It gave me the message saying that the horizontal thruster is mapped to that, and asked if I was sure I wanted to change it?

So is there a particular button on this stick that is used to hold down as the "alternate" button? Or am I just doing something wrong?

I've read a lot of reviews and advice saying that I shouldn't just copy someone else's mapping and it's better if I map it myself as I go... but I'm kinda bummed I got stuck already with figuring out how to do the mapping itself.

Thanks for any and all advice!

PS: The button I held down attempting to use in sync as the "alternate" button was button #8, for those that have the stick.

u/Braireos · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

It was for £30 yesterday on
[Thrustmaster T Flight] (

Bought it and will try it today, it has awesome reviews.

Still is!

u/dizzypurple11 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

So after playing ED for a while I decided that I want to buy a Hotas, I've been seeing good reviews for this
But I want to know the opinion from the people of this sub-Reddit so, how was your experience with this product?

Edit: Thank out for replying, I will be considering the more expensive options now.

u/StealthyNeo · 1 pointr/hoggit

Like others mentioned, we play DCS - Digital Combat Simulator. It's a realistic simulator for military aircrafts. Learn more on YouTube.

You need a joystick (HOTAS) to get started properly. For best realism and seamless fun, you need TM Warthog HOTAS. But you can get started with a cheap one like T-Flight or T.16000M FCS. I think Logitech 3D Pro and TM T-16000M are out of stock.

Other realism enhancers are Track IR and Rudder pedals.

Download the free game and you get 2 aircrafts TF-51D and an Su-25T. They are pretty basic and you will understand what the game offers. If you like it, you can buy a fully modeled jet like A-10C or MiG-21bis or Mirage M-2000C.

> Warning: if you try to fly with a keyboard, you will quit playing the game :-/


u/Cpt_Whiteboy_McFurry · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

This is the HOTAS I'm using. Works great and doesn't break the bank!

u/D3rknight · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

All of the advice given here is great about what software to buy. The game is absolutely playable with mouse and keyboard, and a lot of the top combat pilots prefer it. However, if you care about immersion I highly recommend at least a flight stick, if not a HOTAS.




Those links are the most commonly recommended entry level flight stick/HOTAS. The stick is only $33 and the HOTAS is $55. I used the 3d pro for a couple years and loved it

u/rimpy13 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Yeah! It's the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X. Here is the Amazon page.

Edit: correct link syntax

u/ThetaGamma2 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

This is what I have - the Hotas X:

I think it's an older version but the idea should be the same.

u/Fixervince · 1 pointr/flightsim

The Thrustmaster T-flight hotas is a very good and solid stick. I have tried many and also own the more expensive Saitek X52, and yet prefer the T-flight for civilian flying. The black and red PC/PS3 version can be picked up much cheaper than the PC/PS4 version. A good idea if you don’t plan on using it for PS4 anyway. This thing is rock solid in terms of build, and for me is a very stable general aviation sim stick.

If its military flying then you can’t go wrong with this either, but the X52 is definitely more suited to that and a great stick also.

u/SpacePistachio · 1 pointr/hotas

Was possibly thinking about this. Tomorrow I'd just run to a local Bestbuy to pick that up. And I still need to buy elite dangerous lmao. I just want to start playing more flight Sims.

u/sexcopterRUL · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

i almost forgot, if you have a vr headset, download voice command, so you can disable the menus poppin up automatically in your ship when you look to the left, right, up and down. you can just say "systems" and then the menu pops up all badass like.

download openvr desktop, so you can watch videos in your space ship while on long treks across the galaxy

and if you like the game, go buy this HOTAS and a roll of gorilla tape.

it made all the difference in the world to me personally and im much better at combat and flying in general with a HOTAS than without it.

u/10TwentyFour · 1 pointr/oculus

This is an amazing entry level flight stick. very cheap and very good.

u/anprogrammer · 1 pointr/flightsim

We definitely will continue developing for motion controllers. A lot of people love them, and it's fun flying using "only" VR.

Some people might take issue with this, but I don't think there's any need for a fancy/expensive joystick. I do the vest majority of my flying with a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. I wouldn't buy it for $60, but you can usually find them for $30-$40 (unless there's been a major price increase lately). The stick itself is solid, twist rudder works once you get used to it, and despite being pretty skimpy, the throttle paddle gets the job done. I can fly helicopters reasonably pricely too with it.

If you want a nicer throttle, and something slightly fancier, you can upgrade to the Thrustmaster Hotas.

Either of these joysticks will take you far in flightsim, and won't break the bank. I've found the sensor quality to be nicer than some of the pricier hotases like the x52 as well.

u/SquirmyBurrito · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

'Hands On Throttle-And-Stick'. I've got one of these.

u/kogashiwakai · 1 pointr/cade

I use this guy. It's pretty good, lots of buttons for custom setup too, and the price is right. No feedback, but it's a quality stick.

u/Rami512 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

So I'm ready to get myself a Flight stick for Elite. I was looking at these two:

Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X

Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

I haven't really decided yet even after watching reviews, so I thought I could get some help comparing them.I'm fairly new to the game, but I want a better experience.What would people recommend here? (Pros, Cons.. Explanations why yes or not...)

Please keep in mind that I'm a complete newbie. I probably won't understand terms/slang

u/SecureOpossum · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS. Goes for around $50 on Amazon and has enough buttons to properly map almost everything you need. I've been using mine with E: D for two years and it's still going strong.

Edit: Here's a link!

u/zaphnod · 1 pointr/Vive

FWIW, I play with this: Thrustmaster Hotas X

It's $50 on Amazon, with prime. It's perfectly fabulous for Elite. Cheers!

u/SicTim · 1 pointr/oculus

For both regular and space flight sims, I can't recommend a HOTAS enough.

Just about everybody here recommends the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X [non-affiliate link] as the best budget flight stick and throttle out there.

I followed the sub's advice, and it's gotten a heck of a lot of use and feels great in VR for a $50 peripheral.

u/ErusSenex · 1 pointr/battlefield_4

I use a Thrusmaster T-Flight Hotas X for PC. I get outgunned most of the time, but that's probably because I don't play nearly as long as other people.

Flying at first was easy, but it took a long time to get used to aiming properly. I'm still not good at it. It's GREAT for choppers though, easy strafing runs, easy hovering, and complex maneuvers are a breeze to pull off.

u/ZindDB · 1 pointr/Warthunder

T-Flight Hotas X for 40-50$ is pretty sweet too (comes with separate thrust control). Just did an extensive Google-search, I'd now also rather recommend the T.16000M, as the TFlight seems to have a rather big (and varying) deadzone, while the T.16000M is more durable (magnetic centering) and more precise coming with additional software for fine tuning.

u/Drominus · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

I bought the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X and not any others for several reasons:

u/soldarian · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

it definitely seems like the 3d extreme pro was designed for right-handed people, judging by the hand rest and button placement on the stick. I was also looking for something more similar to this, with the separate throttle and stick. I may just get that and learn to fly righty.

u/Awestin74 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Yea I actually learned this game with the Xbox controller when I played on Xbox One. I'm using what's called a HOTAS or Hands on Throttle and Stick. This is a much more immersive way to play as it's actually what your avatar in the game is using as well. Thrust is controlled with the throttle and rotation is controlled with the flight stick. Still a difficult game to learn but if you like space, science, and creating your own stories and experiences it's definitely worth another go. The first HOTAS I owned was a very good entry stick called the Thrustmaster T-Flight X which is about 50 bucks.

u/0ruiner0 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Question about flight sticks.

I am not sure where this should go. I have been getting back into Elite dangerous, And I have been using my Vive and I learned quickly. That my old stick might not be cutting it. I currently have a Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick , I am thinking about upgrading to a Thrustmaster T.16000M Would it make a differnce and worth the upgrade? Thank you.

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick

Thrustmaster T.16000M

u/ItRhymesWithGrape · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

I have one of these that I used to use for Elite Dangerous for $35 shipped. If you're interested, I can provide a timestamp. I'll just have to find the original box, which I have somewhere...

u/firmretention · 1 pointr/patientgamers


Next cheapest:

I'd recommend the second one, since the joystick sensor is much better, and you have more buttons. But the first one gets good reviews too, so it's not a bad choice. I have the second one and I'm very happy with it.

u/rjSampaio · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

if your playing VR its recommend to have as much buttons as possible at hand since the use of the keyboard is reduced as hell.

depending on your budget there are several HOTAS that are very good choices, the chepest one and very capable is the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick

u/owlmanatt · 1 pointr/Vive

I use the rather-suggestively named Thrustmaster X. It was recommended to me by other ED players.
But, if you have budget to burn, the Warthog is cool.

u/pxld1 · 1 pointr/hoggit

Gotten a LOT of mileage from my Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X, and it's lasted for years.

And while there may not be a ton of buttons on the throttle, there are some excellent profiles out there for the A10-C that put it to good use.

For example, this one is hands-down my favorite:

u/wilson007 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

There isn't a 'sightseeing' mode, and yes, the game can be complicated.

With that said, you can get a serviceable HOTAS for $50. If you're only using your VR for exploring, the controls are basic enough that you could use touch typing on MKB for it.

From your general idea that you're describing, though, this is probably too in-depth of a game for what you're wanting. I'm sure there's a more 'cinematic' experience out there.

u/Ossius · 1 pointr/ValveIndex

You can pick up something like this

For pretty cheap (comparatively) and play something like War thunder (free) or IL2, and get a load of fun out of it.

u/Birchtreekeyboard · 1 pointr/arma

I didint mean the really expensive hotas but this one

It is the most complete package to me, not only for flying but also for driving since you have ruddercontrols on the throttle for steering.

With this joystick you get everything you need at a very good price.

u/Zimtok5 · 1 pointr/oculus

> Thrustmaster Hotas X (approx. £40 GBP)

This is what I use and it really works perfectly and plug n' play with E:D. Solid as a rock.

u/JeremyR22 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Wow ain't that something. I think it's a bit out of most of our leagues :)

I picked up my T-Flight Hotas X for 45 from Amazon. The resurgence of space games this last year or so has caused a run on HOTAS sets and the manufacturers seem to have been caught off-guard so stock levels and prices can be variable with demand.

u/joelthezombie15 · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Ok. im looking more for sticks around $30 because im going to sell my old GPU's so that i can get the game and the flight stick.

On amazon its $80. though. but ill keep it in mind. I was thinking maybe i would get these if i had the money. is it any good?

u/VRiftist · 1 pointr/oculus

You can spend $90 on a Hotas and Wheel. They don't have to be top of the line to greatly increase immersion. Sure. I'm like to have $500 to spend on two input devices. But, until I will the lottery I will take 80% improvement I can afford over 100% improvement I can't afford. When your ship comes in you can sell them on Ebay for $60 and you are only out $20-30 for greatly improved immersion and control. The reviews on the Hotas are outstanding. The wheel is pretty weak (though taking out negative reviews from people who didn't understand you get what you pay for they are pretty good.) But, I guarantee that wheel is streets ahead of an XBOX controller.

u/Aarenas52 · 1 pointr/Vive

you should Check out DCS. its a flight sim. you can get into it with a $30 usd joystick logitech por 3d or a bit more ($15 more for a better one) the thrustmaster. anyways. DCS is free and you get 2 free planes. even if you dont fly right now im sure it will look great with the vive. its the only reason i want one really. i hear the oculous rift may be better for sims but i also want room experiance so yea vive.

u/RAINING_DILDOS · 1 pointr/gaming

here is a good start for custom key maps except change throttle incitements to X10. This is what I started with and have made changes since, but it is a good start. If you get into the game my buddy has this flight stick and I used it and liked it. I plan on getting it for the game soon. It's a cheaper flight stick and seems to do the trick for this game. Try to appreciate the sound track too. I love turning the lights off and and putting my headphones on flying around in this game.

u/phase_lock · 1 pointr/OutreachHPG

Sometimes when I'm feeling frisky, I will undock the throttle of my thrustmaster hotas and use it for movement. It's wired to the joy, but there's maybe 18 inches of wire there and I can manage to wedge the throttle by my keyboard. The throttle bit has four thumb buttons, two index buttons, and a rudder rocker; just barely enough if you're willing to take your hand off for heat/night vision. I liked the price, and it's really a nice change to have direct throttle control (especially with lights, it feels entirely different), but my middle and pinky finger do get tired manipulating the rocker for turning. Turning with the rocker is analog, which is cool; worked basically out of the box, plug and play. Haven't tried the joy for aiming very much, I would recommend mouse aim if you can.

u/Starflight54321 · 1 pointr/starcitizen

> T-Flight X Hotas

It's only £39.99 in the UK -

u/jukesters1237 · 1 pointr/oculus

yup,great cheap stick.i had over 500 hours on mine.then i picked up this

very happy with both but the extreme 3d is a bit worn out:)

u/mrturret · 1 pointr/pcgaming

If you don't want to totally break the bank I'd recommend one of these It also works with a few PS3 games. Kind of a nice extra. I've had one for a while and it's a pretty nice stick. It's 50 bucks.

BTW I'd recommended Freespace 2 for any combat flight fan. It's a masterwork. Plus the game's engine is open source and fans have made major graphical enhancements to the game. It has a lengthy single player campaign and a bunch of mods. It also has one of the best tutorial systems I've ever seen, which is very important in a game with a huge number of key bindings. Don't worry about the first game. It's not as good and fans have ported it to freespace 2's engine.

u/SpaceNavy · 1 pointr/Vive

I would argue that you could get away with using the Extreme 3D Pro for ED.

HOTAS really should only be used for flight sims like DCS imo. So if you are interested in those as well, I've personally had issues with the X52 Saitek, and even then you should only get that if you are SERIOUS about flight sim. But based on your post I'd wager you aren't, so I would go with the T-Flight Hotas X

u/tbear2500 · 1 pointr/flightsim

At the T16000's price point I'd suggest the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X. The throttle's a bit weird with the detent at 50%, but is otherwise a great stick, and having the separate throttle is loads better than having to keep my left hand at the base of my right.

u/erickdredd · 1 pointr/oculus

>I don't have a HOTAS (and I don't have the money to buy one)

You have a $600+ headset, a $300+ video card, and can't get a $50 HOTAS? I mean, I get it if after getting equipped for VR you can't justify the expense, but you're also kind of here asking for advice on where to throw money...

>it seems very difficult to learn

The most difficult part is getting your keybinds set up, imo. The game has a LOT of complicated aspects to it, but if

> All I want to do is explore space and relax.

Then you don't need as much as you think. The folks at the Elite Explorers subreddit are sure to help you figure out how to go out into the unknown reaches and start having fun.

u/TheFilthyMonkey · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

CH Products makes the most durable and reliable stuff based on my own experience and user reviews, but they're kinda ugly and expensive. If you're not down with the price of the CH stuff, the T-Flight by Thrustmaster is a really good value with decent functionality. The only thing that I didn't like about it was the annoying USB cable that ran between the throttle and joy stick when you separate the base. Saitek seems to have quality control issues, so I'd consider that a gamble at $250.

u/GodB0x1 · 1 pointr/oculus

Please for your own sake get a HOTAS. If you have vr and you are playing any flight sim without HOTAS please stop what you are doing and buy this now. You may even want to invest more money, but this is one of the better cheap HOTAS. Right now you are missing out on one of the single easiest ways to achieve a really amazing sense of presence in VR. For a lot of people the most compelling experiences in VR right now are Elite Dangerous, DCS, and or Warthunder. By getting a HOTAS you can see the true potential of these games and actually get a pretty cool experience of flying. You might even want to get the pedals. As far as being l33t in war-thunder most people play in 3rd person with the mouse and it's much easier, and can be a great way to learn some basics about flight and gaining position on people as well as grind some war-thunder currency. Despite the aim bot that is mouse aim in warthunder, at the lower level so much of the game is about positioning and using your aircraft's strengths that although being in VR is a handicap as long as you play smart, the enjoyment you will get out of it will be well worth it.

u/JMarca · 1 pointr/NoMansSkyTheGame

That joystick has been out for a while now, it's now got blue accents instead of silver to retrofit the "PS4" vibe but it's been available for PC and PS3 for quite sometime (years).*Version*=1&*entries*=0

I prefer mine though, it has much better feel in the hand and not as bulky.

My stick:

These sticks work great in other games too flight sims, Battlefield Series, Arma 3 etc...

u/whininghippoPC · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous*Version*=1&*entries*=0

im using the thrustmaster x, its cheap and reliable... have to get a little creative to get all the buttons bound, but using the 5-7 buttons on the throttle and a direction on the hat you can get pretty far. Cheap way to see if you like the throttle, a stick and keyboard is pretty close though

u/Insaniac99 · 1 pointr/hotas

I agree that if this is a first foray into HOTAS, get the T. Flight HOTAS X

If it isn't a first foray then it depends on how much you want to spend, CH products are great, but most dot like their looks and every piece of kit has some disadvantages so you need to know a bit about what you are looking for.

u/dnb321 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

The Thrustmaster Hotas X is the best bang/buck especially if you can find it for $40ish.

Looks like Amazon is OOS from first party atm

u/dudechris88 · 1 pointr/battlefield3

For the money, you can't get more features or better build quality than the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X.

u/Blackhawks10 · 1 pointr/Vive

If you're looking to see if you'd like a HOTAS. This is a pretty good starter one:

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick

Simple, cheap, and has enough buttons if you do combos (i.e. Using a button like the alt or cntrl key).

Obviously if you want to spend more, they're are ones of higher quality and more functionality, but for the price, it's pretty solid.

u/cmbeid · 1 pointr/oculus

The Thrustmaster HOTAS X is a nice beginner stick. It is what I have used over the last year:

u/Color_blinded · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Well, T-Flights are out of the question for me since I have tested three of them, brand new, and all of them had huge deadzones that made them unusable. (we are talking about this one, right?)

u/hotshotjosh · 1 pointr/Vive

Some people swear by the x52 saitek, but if you're just interested in trying out a decent hotas for ED, and don't want to drop big cash on it, then you could pick up a

u/MSee2alta · 1 pointr/Vive

I have this one it's probably the most popular b/c price. It works just fine for me, any of the better options will run you at least $150 or so