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Reddit mentions of Traxxas 1/16th Mini E-Revo Sealed Bearing Kit

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Traxxas 1/16th Mini E-Revo Sealed Bearing Kit

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u/PCLOAD_LETTER ยท 3 pointsr/rccars

Here is everything that I can see that is missing. I've listed everything except transmitter/receiver, charger, battery and body.

If you have all that plus what is pictured you're looking at $100+ in parts and that is still operating under the assumption that everything pictured is working. If you wanted to try to do this on a budget, I'd look at broken "for parts only" trucks on ebay or local craigslist. (You can get a new "roller" there for $179 btw)

TRA7022 chassis

TRA7026 Battery covers /vents

TRA7024X receiver box

TRA7043 shock mount posts / steering pivot / steering horn

TRA2080 steering servo

TRA7090 motor mount plate (I cant tell if its in the picture)

TRA7077 motor mount hinge and gear cover

TRA7015 body mounts

TRA7023 tie bars

TRA7158 rocker arms

TRA7037 skid plates

TRA7135 bumpers

Optional parts/upgrades:

TRA7121 Wing mount +
TRA7122/TRA7123/[TRA7122G] (https://www.rcplanet.com/Traxxas_Wing_with_Decal_Sheet_Exo_Carbon_Finish_1_16_E_Revo_VXL_p/tra7122g.htm) Wing

TRA7184 wheelie bar assembly

Full bearing kit (if you're rebuilding anyways might as well replace missing/shot bearings)

Stainless steel screw set optional but it makes the truck easier to work on later especially if you drive in wet conditions.

chassis brace aftermarket chassis braces (can help prevent future chassis breaks)