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The Spur dildo is an petite dildo, perfect for those who love a shorter length or want to try anal with a smaller silicone dildoA small natural bend in the shaft ensures great G-spot or prostate stimulationMade with Vixen Creations special dual density Vixskin, the core is firm enough for easy penetration and strap on play, while the surface is so realistically soft you won't be able to stop touching it

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u/Tugguh ยท 1 pointr/SexToys

Well, I'll start off by saying something controversial: I've bought nearly all my toys off of Amazon. I've never received any fakes or knock-offs and I think buying sex toys off there successfully comes down to pure common sense. Look at the reviews, who the product is by, and the seller you're buying it from. The only other place I've bought off is SheVibe. If you're worried about Amazon then I'd say go with SheVibe, they're a bit more expensive overall but you can think of the extra cash spent as piece of mind.

As for an actual toy recommendation, do you have any idea as to what kind of toy you want? I mean, I'm assuming a dildo most likely, since you're curious about the real thing, but there are prostate massagers and buttplugs as well. Narrowing that down will certainly make it a lot easier to recommend something to you.

I've only have a few anal toys myself, a little petite dildo (Vixen Creation's VixSkin Spur) and a prostate massager (Tantus Prostate Play), so my personal recommendation list is pretty short. If I had to recommend one it'd be the Spur, hands down.

It's probably about as ideal as it gets for a beginner anal toy, as far as dildos go at least. It's a very petite and versatile toy, which makes it perfect for anal play. It's dimensions are 4-ยพ" x 1-ยผ" and it has a nice little curve to it, which helps for hitting that p-spot. It goes a bit over your $50 price range but I think the VixSkin material makes it well worth it. VixSkin toys are dual-density which give them a nice little realistic feel. You can get it for $54 off of Amazon or $67.99 off of SheVibe. My next toy is absolutely going to be another VixSkin.

Some other petite dildos that might tickle your fancy:
Tantus Compcact Dildo. (5" long, 1" wide @ $37.99)
Starter Silicone Dildo By Tantus (4.77" long, 1.1" wide @ $29.99)
Tantus Silk Silicone Dildo Small (4.25" long, .8" wide @ $29.99)

I don't want to get too crazy with the recommendations since I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for beyond something beginner friendly.

>Oh and I've noticed with my limited experiences with anal play that it doesn't feel so good when it's coming back out. It feels good going in and going deeper. It doesn't hurt, really, but it just feels unpleasant, I guess. Any tips on that? Not enough lube maybe?

It really takes some time to become comfortable with it. It took me months to get to the point where I didn't get sore. It was still pleasurable along the way but once that comfort level was reached, things became much more enjoyable overall. My ass literally behaves differently now, it's much more... inviting? I guess that's the word I'd use.

Lube is definitely an important aspect. A thick lube is really ideal for butt stuff, and water-based lube is a must if you're using silicone toys, which is what the majority are made of, and you certainly want to make sure you're using enough.