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Weider Incline Weight Bench
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Ideal for dumbbell exercises and other weight lifting workouts, this bench adjusts to deliver a personalized workout and proper exercise form with a 90 degree seat adjustmentEnjoy comfortable stability and a more controlled workout with the 4 roll leg lockdown featureDurable, vinyl seats add comfort to your trainingMaximize your results with the included step by step exercise chart; Created by a certified personal trainer, this chart delivers the expertise you need to get the body you want

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Found 5 comments on Weider Incline Weight Bench:

u/Aminobutyric_acid · 4 pointsr/AskMen

Pretty comprehensive list of basic body/health care and I agree with most of it.

For the exercise, I'd add that if you're just starting out, there's no need to go crazy with a really complex plan - this is the routine I started with in my parents basement using a bench, an ez bar and some weights that I bought for around 50 bucks at sports chalet (which worked fine for me, but if you can, I recommend that you spend a few more bucks and get a barbell instead. It adds more weight).
A word on pubic hair control, since that was slightly confusing for me at the start; again, keep things simple until you know what you want to do. I simply use this, plus I'll shave my balls (GOOD razor and decent foam).

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Here's a power rack for $200. A bench for 50. Then an olympic bar off craigslist for 50ish and some weight plates off craigslist or amazon. $50 could should get you at least 50lbs of plates, and you can add more as you get stronger. Oh, and the power rack should last you a lifetime so worth the investment in my opinion.

u/decaguard · 1 pointr/vegan

when i think weak intestines im thinking that strengthening the abdomen via exercise is VERY important . better circulated tissue over and around the intestines is no doubt going to help intestinal health . and these type benches at link make doing sit ups alot more enjoyable than laying on floor . ive this exact bench and though uts not the highest quality its easily strong enough for sit up and if wanted dumbells for anybody but larger people over 200lbs doing heavy weights . i add that home made seed milks , sesame-hemp-goldenflax-sunflower-etc , bring enzyme rich proteins for cellular development to the max . plus good fats for energy . and theyre cheap to buy at bulk stores . try mixin several types together for a mix of vitamins n minerals in a power packed raw seed milk that you can drink 24/7 . i add that ide try juicing lots of tomatoes here at end of harvest season to provide cells with important raw form of vitamin C . ive done round 100 fast from 3 to 30 days , 30 on juice / 10 on water are my limits , and tomatoe juice has always seemed to give me a stronger tighter feeling in my intestines / abs . i dont use juicer on them though as it aerates them . i chop up then mash with potato masher in big stainless pot that i add water to then strain thru a painter filter bag . imo its a very healthy juice and iguarantee millions times better than heated / canned tomato juice . heres link to bench -