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Reddit mentions of Yama Glass "Sitka" Teapot (24oz)

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We found 3 Reddit mentions of Yama Glass "Sitka" Teapot (24oz). Here are the top ones.

Very attractive glass tea pot with an easy pour handle and non-drip spoutMade of heat resistant borosilicate glass22-Ounce capacityStylish stainless steel lid has built in permanent micromesh filter built for easy brewing of loose or flowering teaStovetop and microwave safe

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Found 3 comments on Yama Glass "Sitka" Teapot (24oz):

u/marcelinevqn ยท 1 pointr/tea

I've had this guy for years and I really love how it looks. You can also use this directly on the stove if you really wanted to (I don't but I've read reviews that said they do)

u/Mores- ยท 1 pointr/Gifts

An Aeropress and some of her favorite coffee maybe? Or a Yama teapot or a water bottle infuser. Or a stylish teapot. People swear that the aeropress makes the best cup of coffee they've ever had, if you go that route then picking up extra filters and coffee should bring you around that $50 mark.

u/mating_toe_nail ยท 1 pointr/tea

I have a small teapot with the strainer built into the top. Some other redditor recommended it and it's awesome. Here it is.