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Reddit mentions of Yerka Deodorant Antitranspirant, 50 ml [Badartikel]

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We found 1 Reddit mentions of Yerka Deodorant Antitranspirant, 50 ml [Badartikel]. Here are the top ones.

Yerka Deodorant Antitranspirant, 50 ml [Badartikel]
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Found 1 comment on Yerka Deodorant Antitranspirant, 50 ml [Badartikel]:

u/JaneDaria ยท 1 pointr/AskReddit

There is similar stuff around, but not sure how effective they are. http://www.zerosweat.com/ http://sweatzero.com/ http://www.amazon.de/YERKA-DEODORANT-ANTITRANSP-50-ml/dp/B001EH2RO0

I also found the brand that I wanted to link initially: https://www.sweat-off.com/ That brand is even more expensive, but it's working. You use it the first 3-4 days and then only if you start to sweat again. Usually you have to reapply it once a week, but for some people every two weeks is fine. You also apply far less than you do with normal antiperspirants or deodorants, so a little bottle lasts quite long. My sister used to have that one and it works - you really stop to sweat. But she had to stop using it after a few weeks, because her skin was too sensitive.