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Reddit mentions of Your Name [Blu-ray]

Sentiment score: 3
Reddit mentions: 5

We found 5 Reddit mentions of Your Name [Blu-ray]. Here are the top ones.

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Found 5 comments on Your Name [Blu-ray]:

u/peaceshot · 285 pointsr/anime

Amazon too, with English subtitles included.

Standard edition

Special edition

Collectors' edition

u/Xeiros · 49 pointsr/anime

English/Chinese Subtitles are included.


Audio Tracks:

5.1 JP

2.0 JP

*5.1 JP with English songs


Amazon Links:

Collectors Edition (4k UHD BD)

Special Edition

Collectors Edition

Special Edition Amazon JP bonus items (postcards + picture frame (newly drawn Taki & Mitsuha)

u/KasaiRinkai · 1 pointr/Philippines

Ordered it here para sa Amazon na mismo. Mas mura nang konti yung CDJapan pero nakikisabay lang ako sa shipping from the U.S., so in the end mas mura sa akin pag sa Amazon U.S.

u/CoffeeRoast · 1 pointr/anime

They do have them up for pre-order, but the collector's edition is currently sold out. Note that the release date is August 4th instead of July 26th.

Your Name Collector's Edition

They do have the regular special edition up for pre-order, however.

Your Name Special Edition

u/McIgglyTuffMuffin · 1 pointr/criterion

Decided to skip this sale so I could place my preorder for the three disc version of Your Name.

It's been the absolute best film I've seen in 2017 and I can safely make the trade off of 4 50% Criterions for this one film. Everything I'd be buying would be a blind buy so it would be up in the air but this is one film I'm truly in love with.

I know I should wait for the cheaper American version but dammit, I need this now. I think about this film often and I listen to the soundtrack on the regular.

To everyone participating, enjoy your films!

Edit: other weird thing; I'm at exactly 50 Criterion after 7 or so years of actively collecting and part of me doesn't want to ruin that. Especially since my wishlist is an odd number...