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u/Wild_Dingleberries · 1 pointr/DRZ400

Thx boss. Seems like they have the 120/80-18 for ~$60 on Amazon which seems like a great price.

Alternatively, may grab a new front wheel as well. If I did, Revzilla has a nice combo going for $111.

Would I be fine with 90/90-21TL for the front? TL vs TT if I want to shop around? Since the stock is 80/100, would this have any noticeable effect on my speedo? Thinking 80100% vs 9090% is only a mm difference..

u/ItZzSora · 3 pointsr/DRZ400

Well, what size do you need? On my WR250f I ran Shinko 705's, at $60 for each tire, that was a damn good deal for me. They lasted several thousand miles and were good if I ever needed to go off-road, and had great handling on the road.

u/FigMcLargeHuge · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

They make them. These fit on my Goldwing, but I am not sure if they would fit your application.
Goldwing style: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HYYNW5K

Looking further, here are some that say car compatible. Looks like searching for uxcell might be the answer and you might get some cool colors.


u/Cuda14 · 2 pointsr/Ruckus

Since you stretched, get a nice shock to support the new extra. The Forsa shock is nice and fits the stock airbox. https://www.amazon.com/Forsa-Ruckus-Performance-Shock-252mm/dp/B00J4ZATZ8


Do you have rough roads, go off road? Get some Boppers for the road if you're not doing those things. Then a gas tank cover!

https://www.amazon.com/Michelin-Bopper-Sport-Scooter-Front/dp/B005J884JM (130 or 120, some do 120 in front. I run 120 on both.


Looks good! I like the smaller stretches, as a no-stretcher currently.

u/Ohdear889 · 1 pointr/Dualsport

Front is a Shinko Fat Tire Rear is a Motoz Tractionator desert HT and yes, I do love them, but I’m on the fence about running a D606 next time on the rear. The tractionator is good, but so is the Dunlop.

u/SlimVR · 1 pointr/scooters

Get the best you can put in your scooter. I know of some extra thick, Heavy Duty butyl rubber inner tubes designed for the Honda 50cc dirtbikes. They're advertised to be "explosion proof", and when punctured they create an airtight seal to prevent damage and injury to rider. They also absorb bumps/shock and improve ride smoothness.

They fit 2.5"/2.75" - 10" wheels. The brand is: AR-Pro. They have logos on the tubes. Get a 2-pack for $18 on Amazon.


u/enbay1 · 5 pointsr/scooters

Fun fact: Every part for every elite 80 ever made should fit. They didn't change anything throughout the production run. Except the headlight, you have the old version(upgrade to the modular version if yours ever dies. You'll spend about $100 to upgrade and then you can just replace the $11 bulb.), and the front brake, you have the old version.





u/NoahWebstersGhost · 2 pointsr/klr650

They look great. Here's what I ordered, but they don't look like they'll fit, even though Amazon said they would.

u/muggsybeans · 1 pointr/ElectricScooters

I just ordered a couple of lithium batteries and 36v speed controllers for "my kids" e300's. Should be here in a couple of weeks. Total cost was $216 for the parts to convert two E300's. The batteries are only 8ah... 14ah would have fit. Top speed should increase to roughly 18mph. I'm hoping the batteries last a couple of years versus the yearly change out. There are a lot of dirt roads around me. Future plan is to put on the older style knobby tires that the e300 use to come with.

u/_-xXswagsenior69Xx-_ · 1 pointr/Scootering

No I'm pretty sure I'm in the right place.

Scooter like the one above, I am not talking about ones like this

If r/scooter does include those than I am sorry for the inconvenience, I just thought that one was more moped based

u/nighthawk650 · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

Yeah since you noted those i looked up the other prices...

levers are $15, not $100

tires are $160 for the pair... not $400.

Looks like he's covering labor prices as well...

u/rpcraft · 1 pointr/Dualsport

here are some Kenda 761's I picked up recently off amazon for my xt225. Same tire sizes as you will want>


You can also check out http://www.procycle.us/bikepages/xt225.html for lots of tire sizes, and options if you are interested at looking at more street oriented tires or supermoto combos. They also have a nice selection of DS related supplies for the XT225 but should carry over to your XT250

u/jefferyphillips · 1 pointr/ATV

I found a local shop to mount them pretty cheap, so cheap it's not really worth the hassle of me doing it myself.

I'm going to buy these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RW54Y2B/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ACW8M2QXR07XT&psc=1

Are they the bearclaws you're talking about?