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u/david370 · 1 pointr/Python

If someone is really interested in design practices in Python, here is a great book for that
Python in Practice by Mark Summerfield

u/Lexikus · 3 pointsr/webgl

WebGL 2 is OpenGL ES3 basically

So, here some other helpful links:

You just have to reason about the c functions to the js functions.

Here a few more links:

And a good book IMO:

u/djds23 · 2 pointsr/Python

Python in Practice is nice because it not only covers some advanced python techniques, but it also covers general design programs such as flyweights, adapters and abstract factories.

be aware the code samples provided are python 3, however you can generally figure out how to implement the examples in python 2.

u/rudygier · 1 pointr/Python

Have a look at Pro Python by Marty Alchin (if you're learning Python 2), or Python in Practice if you're learning Python 3.