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u/AzureLeaves · 2 pointsr/AstralProjection

I see. But no worries, information about how to do them are all over the internet nowadays.

There's this three-part video seminars by Michael Raduga "Leave your body in three days":

He also has free article and e-books that might help you here:

And other books that you can try finding online for free or purchasing to support the author:

Astral Dynamics Book by Robert Bruce:

Journeys out of the body by Robert Monroe:

And many others, too.

And there's also always the Wiki of this subreddit that contains basic information that will hopefully serve you well, including dispelling misconceptions about AP, Self-defense in the Astral Planes, and various other reddit posts, articles and websites that contain very useful information. We also made sure to organize a table of contents for this as well to help with information overview:

If you truly want to go back practicing this skill, it seems you will have to go back from square one, but at the very least it seems practicing the basics again will catapult you quickly towards immediately being able to induce conscious OOBE/Astral Projection, like a muscle memory being awakened once more.

It's a whole new world out there, I really highly encourage you to continue; this skill will help you tremendously on your journey towards personal and spiritual development (I gave some ideas on how in this sub's wiki, around the "Benefits of Astral Projection" section).

Best of luck on your journeys.

u/silentmonkeys · 2 pointsr/UFOs

Leslie Kean published an excellent book called UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record and she and James Fox have an updated documentary based on this book called UFOs on the Record.

A lot of people disparage the alien encounter phenomenon but the late Dr. Mack's books on the subject are excellent, most recent: Passport to the Cosmos - it includes Dr. Mack's interviews with the students at Ariel school who had a mass encounter.

Hunt for the Skinwalker by Colm Kelleher and George Knapp is one of the most fascinating books - and definitely the freakiest - that I've ever read. It takes a clinical and journalistic approach to a completely bizarre collection of phenomena centered on the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah.

In the quote section, don't forget the astronaut from Apollo 17 who told Houston there was definitely something out there.

My advice on the website as a whole is to separate substantiated stories from unsubstantiated (like the Eisenhower meetings) - that's not a comment on whether or not these stories are legit, but I think it's more helpful for people unfamiliar with the phenomenon to have a resource of airtight reportage to look at.

Good site though - good luck!

u/LondonLambo2020 · 1 pointr/TrueChristian

Have you heard the biblical case that Aliens are fallen angels?

Matt 24:37 "As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man."

What was it like in the days of Noah? Nephilim were having sex with humans. Genesis 6:1-8 "the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose...The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown."

Most UFO's are video recorded as lights in the sky: Phoenix Lights in AZ as case in point. Even the Governor is on record for seeing them. Some 10K+ people all reported seeing them. Those lights often move very fast and disappear suddenly.

Angels have the ability to create light: Acts 12:7 "Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shone in the cell." Angels can create light in the physical realm from their realm.

As lights in sky disappear suddenly, so angels have ability to disappear suddenly (Acts 12:10) "When they had walked the length of one street, suddenly the angel left him."

Alien Abductions often feel like trance states to victims: Pulitzer Prize winner, John Mack, a Harvard Medical Doctor worked with 300+ alien abductees. His conclusion? Scientific rationalism alone can not explain alien abduction syndrome. Mack was not a Christian.

When Peter was rescued, he thought he was seeing a vision (Acts 12:9). Angels have the ability to make a human feel like they're seeing a vision.

When Satan fell from heaven, he took rebellious angels with him (Rev 12:9).

Satan masquerades as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14)

Many alien abductee survivors and UFO seers use their experiences to create religions/spiritual principles apart from Christ. has sound biblical viewpoints on the matter from people who are clearly called to ministry in this area.

It's pretty dark, full of spiritual warfare, and not something I like to go fishing into.