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u/evanhuttonfc · 1 pointr/FulfillmentByAmazon

Anyone have a full sized thermal printer?

I have one that fits 8.5x11, but I can't seem to find the right labels for it. I want to get full page sticky labels for FBA shipments, and 30 sheets of address labels for FNSKU's but I actually can't find anything that big.

Is my best bet regular thermal paper and put it in one of those sticky clear "bags" that UPS puts on boxes? And then I think I can get address labels for my 4xl but seems tedious to have a giant roll of FNSKU's rather than say, 5 pages.

Edit: these are what I'm referring to:

Full page labels (except for thermal, not inkjet):

30 per page labels (again, for thermal):

Plastic bag things:

u/jw41784 · 4 pointsr/Flipping

If you can do it, buy your boxes and mailers in bulk. is where I buy all my shipping supplies. It is about 1/2 the cost of ULine, and the quality is still acceptable.

I use poly mailers anytime something is under 13oz so it can be shipped USPS first class.

I also use to keep everything in one place. That drastically increased my efficiency.

A scale is an absolute must since they don't cost much, and save you a ton of money in the long run.

Buy these ( in bulk if you can, and print your own labels from your printer.

u/asusc · 5 pointsr/ecommerce

I use sleeves, which are technically called "packing list envelopes." They cost me about 5-6 cents each, depending on their sale price. They fit a folded in half 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper perfectly.

packing list envelopes

As far as tape goes, I usually try and find a local place for tape/boxes. Shipping a bunch of heavy tape tends to be pricey. Plus, you should be tax exempt on shipping supplies.

u/MagnaFarce · 2 pointsr/Flipping

These things are great if you want to look professional but haven't bought a label printer yet. A lot less hassle than taping the labels and looks very clean.

u/prmaster23 · 1 pointr/IAmA

If you have a UPS account you can order supplies for free in their website. Order some pouches. You can use them to stick your label
above the old labels. Like this:

u/FlashPLL · 2 pointsr/Flipping

If you want something to speed up the process in the meantime, i recommend these to replace the taping step:

u/artfulgoblin · 3 pointsr/Depop

Maybe these might help you?

u/laurstarks · 1 pointr/poshmark

I use these. 100 for less than $9 Metronic 100Pcs 7.5 x 5.5" Clear...

u/chunkychirp · 3 pointsr/poshmark

i use a Brother laser printer and my Iphone, just cut the paper in half , very quick not sure I want to invest in Dymo type system

I use the plastic envelopes to stick the label on the package

does this help you.