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u/Dad-IO_Podcast · 1 pointr/podcasting

[Family, Tech, Comedy] The Dad-I/O Podcast- Episode 4: ‘Sick Kids and How Tech Can Help you Deal!’


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EPISODE 4- Sick Kids! And How Tech Can Help You Deal!

It is shaping up to be a legendarily awful season for the flu and other seasonal nasties befalling our homes and families. This week we tackle the tough topic of kids being sick and discuss some products we have found to make life just a little bit easier when the kiddos (or ourselves) end up with the grossness. Most of these products we have first hand experience with but we let you know when we are sharing our research into other products we have never used. That being said, we have not received any paid promotion from any of these brands, we just give them kudos for being top notch at what they do!

<pre> Show Notes </pre>
If you want to check out the tech we discussed in this weeks episode, use our Amazon affiliate links below:

Kinsa Smart Thermometer, Stick: Ear:



Motorola Mom and Me Smart Scale:

NoseFrida (Seriously, It's freaking awesome!):

Owelette Smart Sock:

Fever Scout:

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u/dougmc · 14 pointsr/Austin

Does ADP offer alarm systems for tip jars?

(If not, maybe they should!)


I guess I'm thinking of ADT. ADP is best known for payroll ... still, tips get reported into payroll, and an alarm there might be useful, so have ADP call ADT or just Amazon ...