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u/synesthesiatic · 4 pointsr/worldbuilding


Um. Frankly? Stubbornness. I'm really bad about drawing daily as well though. Do you have a job where you idle a lot? When I worked in a call center, I just brought a sketchbook and pens with me and it gave me something to do with my hands. Really depends on your personality a lot too. If you're a structured person, maybe blocking out a set amount of time where you say, "I will draw for 45 minutes / hour." Also setting yourself mini-goals can help as well. Don't think of getting better at art as something you have to do all at once.

For me, I have sketchbooks that are kind of literally just full of studies. Like, okay, I'm going to draw 500 hands. (It starts out as a good idea but generally ends up being around 300 hands haha. 500 hands is pretty ridiculous. Start with like 50 or even 25.) This will take me a long time and it won't be the only thing I'll draw, but I'll complete 500 hands by x date. Also small incentives like, if I finish 500 hands by x date, then I will do y thing that I have wanted.

My brain doesn't work like this, though. I have severe ADHD and absolutely no internal reward system or self-control. For me I draw because if I don't I turn into a miserable flaming wreck of a human being. Ritalin has been helping with this but I have only been taking it for about a week. I'll let you know if it helps with consistency as time goes on.

There is no magic. Find something you love to draw - something you can't help but not draw. Maybe characters from your novel, maybe Sailor Moon, maybe Avatar the Last Airbender, or, heck, even fursonas or something. Find a thing you love to draw. Now draw that thing. Note where the weaknesses of your art are, learn to identify them or ask someone who can help you to do so. Then, learn a compartmentalized thing to work on, be it hands, feet, eyes, facial structure, anything.

I will also recommend an AWESOME subreddit called /r/sketchdaily - these guys do a topic a day, and you do a sketch a day on that theme. It spares you from going "ohgodwhatdoIdraw?" There are a tonne of resources and stuff on that page too.

Okay, so, here's some encouraging news. You're not in a bad starting place whatsoever. Like, really. This is actually pretty cool. You're showing that you've got some of the fundamentals of the body down, you're showing weight and mass through some basic shading and your line weight. Your lines are pretty careful and intentional and you've tried to convey emotion and even tension in the figure through her pose and her facial expression. Cool stuff. These are good details. If you like, I can redline it (draw lines over it to show you where things could be adjusted) - but you've actually got a pretty solid grasp on anatomy. I really like that the character has an unusual body shape and I love her hair.

To me, it basically it looks like you started maybe from anime or western cartoons and then tried to merge it into a more realistic style. Here's Sycra talking about styles! (All of his videos are super super super awesome. Go absorb them, they helped me out a lot:

I used to be really vehemently against anime for people starting out because it teaches a lot of bad habits, but tbh, draw what makes you happy, but don't ONLY draw anime or western comics. Young artists start out by drawing "symbols" of things. Like on your character's eyes here. You know sorta what the shape of an eye is, where it kinda goes on the face, but that's not what an eye looks like, and you know that and I know that. That is a "symbol" for an eye. Symbol drawing is super common and I do it too! So, to get away from that...? REFERENCE EVERYTHING If you wanna draw people, you have to know how they're put together and how everything depends on itself in terms of muscles and skeletal structure. My friend Sakky is a stock artist and she does great work for pose references:

Looks like you're working in gimp or SAI? (Photoshop's line tapering is butt so, if you're using Photoshop good goddamn nice.) So, I'm sorry, but I have to tear you away from the computer. What I usually tell people who are learning / starting out, is to put down the tablet and go pick up a sketchbook. Get the crappiest thing you can get - some kind of grade school spiral bound newsprint level 50lb paper thing. Seriously. The first thing is letting your brain relax about "not wasting media" because a cheap 2 dollar sketchbook isn't anything special. Get some Prismacolour Ebony drawing pencils and a decent eraser. Then, get yourself a Sharpie pen - one of the ones that doesn't bleed. These will be your tools from now on. These will be your tools for a long while before you get back to the tablet.

Canson makes good quality paper that won't frustrate you and 9x12 is a good starting space. Don't go any smaller for awhile. Noteably, Cheap Joes is an awesome site for budget art supplies, their student / house brand stuff is pretty class as well.

(Also I recommend Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain as a great starting place for doing / learning art. It's written in a very straightforward fashion that shows you not only how to draw, but how to think and see as an artist as well. (Here's a PDF copy:([] I learned to draw from this book and I've recommended it to just about everyone who I've met who wanted to learn to draw. It basically guides you through the fundamentals and then lets you fly free a bit on some other things.

SO YEAH. SORRY ABOUT THAT. Of course if anything needs clarifying, feel free to let me know. Thanks for sticking with me through all of that. I'll be streaming on my twitch stream later today for fun to get back into some sketching habits, so if you'd like, come by and say hello!

u/cthulhubert · 5 pointsr/EDC

The core material EDC, to me would be knife, light and cellphone. But cool keychain gidgets are really nice too.

So I'd say if you have a knife, a good flashlight would be next, then a backup knife and light (one is none, two is one). I like a multi-tool or SAK for my backup knife, and a keychain light for my backup torch.

(In case you're curious, after that I start considering footwear, gloves, hats and other clothing.)

(Sorry, I'm feeling a bit lazy, so you'll have to live with bare links.)

This one is pretty popular for keychain use:

Fenix has single AA and 123 powered lights that are well regarded and compact:

There are a lot of other brands worthy of consideration too, of course (Fourseven's mini, Jetbeam, Klarus, Zebra, just to name a few).

There are also a lot of much larger but more capable flashlights out there.

Keychain stuff is always nice:
I use these sliver grippers way more than I thought I would. The convenience of always having them around is unparalleled:
I've been thinking of getting this, I'm a little leery about that much stuff for so little cost though:
I love this style of keyring, but it's way cheaper on eBay:
Little one-piece keychain tools have become really popular, and I really like having a little prying and screwing tool always present.
The Gerber Shard is cheap but probably at least worth what you pay for it:
This one has a bit more functionality, and is made of the magically delicious titanium:

Keychain multi-tools can be good.
Here's one from Gerber:
Supposedly the build quality isn't as good as Leatherman's though:

I'd also recommend looking for a glow in the dark lanyard.

A pen you can EDC is another "you're surprised how often you use it" item. I have an Inka and it's definitely alright, though a bit fiddly:
The biggest competitor is the classic Fisher Bullet Space Pen:

Something to write on is nice. I'm a real child of the digital age, but I still like having an analog recording medium on me. I prefer Pentalic's pocket size books to Moleskine's. They're a little thicker, but they have a flexible cover, and are usually cheaper. Here's one: but I don't know if it's ruled or grid or what. I also prefer a bright color cover to make it easy to spot.

Continuing on the writing stuff matter, a sharpie and/or a metallic (ink) sharpie are nice to have. You can get sharpies with stainless steel cases too, which feel nicer to hold, and you're a little less likely to forget somewhere.
Black (dozen):
Stainless Steel:

I think everybody should carry some sort of bandanna. I carry an off-brand buff (tubular bandanna) and an olive drab shemagh.

I like to carry a small baggie of what I call MacGuyver goods. Paracord (bound up in a hanayawa right now), some gorilla tape and electrical tape wrapped around a card, super glue, a sewing kit, zip ties, twist ties, rubber bands, safety pins, binder clips, and a few 1 quart ziplock freezer bags. (Like hell I'm finding links for all of those.)

Yet another "surprising how useful it turns out to be" item is a small mirror:

Whistles are useful for warning people of fire or danger, or calling for help, so I like to carry one:

A monocular is fun to have on your person. This particular model is really great because of its super low minimum focusing distance, which lets you use it as a sort of loupe. In regular mode it's good for looking for house numbers or your car in a parking lot, that sort of thing:

I think that's all I could come up with off the top of my head.

u/MrCrono666 · 2 pointsr/Gameboy

Heh, I'll admit that I've been rude with such information and that was wrong of me.

I was wronged before, but that's no way to act towards other. I do sincerely apologize, I believe it was in regards to my paint techniques and sealants?

Let me share properly, with easy links! :D

I live by Krylon products, they're the best spray paints for using Posca Paint pens on. My most used Krylon products are:

-Krylon Chalky Finish

-Krylon Short Cuts these are a bit glossy so far, and haven't tested them with the paint pens yet. Will post once I do! Also do SUUUPER LIGHT COATS as it will bubble and look like crap, they aren't meant for plastic :D

-U-Pol Products 0796 Clear CLEAR#1 High Gloss Coat - 450ml for sealant You can apply a fresh coat after 1 hour, gives enough time for it to "cure" and allows you to see how much more you need! I do 3-4 coats for a super glossy finish! :D

-Posca paint pens for drawing me and my wife both live by these things, they're absolutely fabulous.

Again, I do sincerely apologize. We're all human behind these screen names and letters, surrounded by digital information and electricity. I'm no different, and prone to making mistakes.

Hope that helps make things a little better. Cheers man! Again, congrats on a gorgeous system.

To show my true honesty and being sorry, if you send me your system I'll backlight and bivert it - plus ship it back to you for free.

It's not all about the work and business, it's about making good friendships along the way. PM Me if you're interested bro.

u/SquaresAre2Triangles · 2 pointsr/RocketLeague

You can take them apart by just drilling out the rivets, and I just use spray paint for the base color. You can use some kind of paint stripper (can grab some from your local hardware store or walmart, but something like this) to remove the paint that is on there if you want, but it's not completely necessary, just make sure you do light coats of spray paint so it sticks nicely.

For the details I use paint pens but you could probably use any paint with fine paint brushes.

Then i finish with a glossy enamel clear coat spray, and just be careful not to spray it on too thick or it can make the paint run or bubble up a bit.

Aside from just "how to do it" some tips:

  • It's easy and even if you just want to paint it a solid color it's totally worth it. I haven't done any hot wheels mods before this and my first couple still turned out great.
  • You can always strip the paint again and start over if something gets screwy
  • Wait like a full day between the main painting steps (base coats, wait a day, detail work, wait a day, clear coat) just to make sure it's all good and dry
  • Use gloves when you are doing the detail painting so that oils from your hands don't mess up the base paint
  • I use some clips like this to hold them up. What works great is putting one of the posts from the body of the car into the round hole on the clip, and then clipping it onto a toilet paper tube. Works great as a little handle and stand.
u/daintyflower · 2 pointsr/bindingofisaac

Paper: For the clear paper, I've recently been using an acetate alternative called Dura-Lar by Grafix. They USED to carry them at Michaels but you are more likely to find them at locally owned art stores. Link: [Clear Acetate Paper]{

Pen: Next, you'll need an Ultra Fine Sharpie in black (Extra Fine is also acceptable if you can't find Ultra). This will trace the pattern on your paper without smudging it. Link: Ultra Fine Sharpie Permanent Marker

Brushes: You'll also need paint brushes! If you look at the link provided after this, the brown brushes on the left side of the picture are perfect for dabbing in larger areas. The brushes on the right are great for getting into sharp corners or tiny spaces (which these BOI ones did). You don't need this specific set, art stores will have individual brushes that'll work great. Get 5 or so in different sizes. Paint Brushes

Last but not least, you'll want a wide assortment of Acrylic paints. Brands like Cermacoat, FolkArt and Deco-Art Americana are perfect because they're thick enough and vibrant enough. You really want to get a lot of different colors since some you can't mix and match accurately. Link:Cermacoat Acrylic Paint

I'm really bad at explaining things, so here's a YouTube video with the steps (you can fastforward a lot): How to make cel animation

Tips and more thoughts: Trace you design (you'll probably need to go over it twice to make it dark), flip over the acetate and dab the in paint. Dabbing is important because it leaves it thick and doesn't create streaks. Colors will dry lighter or darker, so you can either remove wet paint with a napkin or dry paint by using your fingernail to scrape it off in the specific area. It's okay if you go outside the lines because you can use your nail to push paint back into the right spot.

Hold up the cel to the light and you can see where the paint is thin and needs another coat. Dab in more paint until you cannot see through it when you hold it up.

For the Isaac cells, I drew in all the shaded areas and removed the marker lines with a wet toothpick or hard part of a Q-Tip. Rub it into the marker area and it'll disappear, leaving only the shaded paint:
Polyphemus without the lines removed

Hmm, what else? Oh, use wood toothpicks to paint in sharp corners. It makes them precise and nice-looking if you're removing some lines later!

And finally, a few pictures of progress:
A few cels painted in black and waiting to dry

Dark Bum after he was drawn... if you think that looks weird, you should have seen Polyphemus

Dark Bum almost looks happy to be painted in

Finished the black paint and flipping him over!

If you have any other questions, let me know! Like I said, I'm really bad at explaining things and I've been doing this for a really long time, so I tend to forget to explain steps. These are great for kids to make, and make nice gifts to be framed. They can be quick to make, or take a really long time. The most complex one I made was the album cover to "The Resistance" by Muse and took 6 months and over 100 hours to complete.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I just moved some things around on my wishlists yesterday. I am really bad about reorganizing my wishlists all the time :P

fear cuts deeper than swords

  1. Something that is grey OPI Silver Nailpolish Added July 17 to $5 and Under Wishlist Silver..Grey..Close Enough?

  2. Something reminiscent of rain Ancient Aliens Season 3 Added July 28 to DVD Wishlist This is a stretch - it has a storm on the cover :P

  3. Something food related that is unusual - Black Truffle Sea Salt Added July 15 to The Hubby Wishlist He loves to cook and likes to experiment with different spices.

  4. Something on my list that is for someone else - Game of Thrones Season 1 Added July 15 to The Hubby Wishlist. I got my husband the eBook version of the Game of Thrones series and he has been wanting to watch the show. We don't have HBO so we haven't had a chance to see the show.

  5. A book to read - More Plums in One Added May 17 to Book Wishlist The Step Plum series is a great series and I really recommend it.

  6. Less than 99 cents MP3 Added July 17 to MP3 Wishlist

  7. Something related to cats - Petco Giftcard Added May 20 to My Furbaby Minnie Wishlist

  8. Something so beautiful but not useful - Thomas Kinkade Cinderella Castle Cross Stitch Added August 9 to Crafting Wishlist I think this cross stitch kit is very beautiful. I have always been a big fan of Disney and love the colors in this piece. It is crazy expensive though!

  9. Movie everyone should see - Evil Dead 2 Added June 13 to DVD Wishlist Why? Campy horror and Bruce Campbell!

  10. Zombie attack - Swiss Army Knife Added July 15 to The Hubby Wishlist It would be good for a zombie attack as it is a tool that has many purpose. It would be very helpful for survival. Maybe not necessarily this version but a Swiss Army Knife in general :P

  11. Profound Impact - Bed of Nails Neck Pillow Added July 29 to Migraine Wishlist. It is suppose to really help with neck pain. I suffer from migraines and a lot of the time I have horrible neck pain with it. It is something I would like to try sometime. My current goal is to try to find new ways to deal with pain.

  12. Add On - Waste Canvas Added July 22 to $5 and Under Wishlist. This item is used to add cross stitch to other types of fabric. When I am done stitching the canvas will "melt" away with water.

  13. My Dream Item - Nintendo Wii Added August 10 to Household Wishlist. We use to have one before it died a year and a half ago. I would love to get another one as hubby and I love to play video games.

  14. Bigger than a breadbox - Small Dog Evacuation Kit Added May 20. This just seems like a good item to have in case of any disaster.

  15. Smaller than a goftball - Snowflake Necklace Added August 10 to Things to Wear Wishlist. My husband and I got married Jan 9. Our reception theme was snowflakes so these reminds me of our wedding :)

  16. Something that smells wonderful - Eco Clean Set Added August 9 to Beauty Wishlist.

  17. SFW Toy - Merida Funko July 16 to $5 to $10 Wishlist. My husband got me the special edition Merida Funko for my birthday so I want to get the regular version as well.

  18. Helpful for back to school - Sharpies July 17 to $5 to $10 Wishlist. Sharpies are so versatile and can be used for all sorts of things! The ones I linked are metallic colors and so pretty.

  19. Current Obsession - Cross Stitch Owl Ornaments Added July 17 to Crafting Wishlist My current obsession is getting ready for the holidays. I want to start doing some Xmas projects so I have all I want done before Xmas.

  20. Amazing and Grand - Art of Disney Princesses Book Added August 6 to Book Wishlist. I think this is so awesome! I love Disney especially the Princesses. This book shows the Princesses in all sorts of artistic ways, not just how we normally see them drawn.


    Made in Oregon Lip Balm Gift Set Added August 11 to Beauty Wishlist :P I did a search for this contest and found something that goes with one of my obsessions - lip gloss!
u/bendmeover360 · 2 pointsr/sex

Are you sure you want to make her talk about all the parts of her that she finds unattractive? Some women might enjoy that, but unless she's said that she's into that sort of humiliation, it might take her out of the mood. If you're looking for an excuse to punish her in a fun way though, I've had a boyfriend who spanked me for breaking arbitrary rules we set up, so you could always set up something like that. Things like if I purposely went and made a mess with something I'd get spanked, so sometimes I'd purposely just make a small mess somewhere. It could also be done with you have to answer trivia questions right. You could also just do a role play or something like that with an excuse to spank her.

As for how to tie her up, you could always tie her to the bed posts, but that's not good if you want to spank her too, but it might be good for writing on her. You could also just bind her hands and feet, that way her mobility is greatly reduced, but you can still move her around as needed. That sounds like a good option for what you are describing. Here (NSFW) is a list of some bondage positions, but some of them are very complex, and not all of them are for everyone, so you could work your way up to some of them, but I don't know that all are recommended to first timers.

>When I worship her body and tell her all the things I love about her I planned on making her constantly repeat all of the things I say about her as if she was saying them to herself. (Example, I say, "You have amazing breasts" and she would repeat back, "I have amazing breasts") Is this a Good idea or bad?

It could be. You know your wife. I wouldn't be against it.

>I thought about maybe incorporating some body writing into all of this, mainly writing down all of the good things she/I say on her respective body parts, so that way for the next couple days she will see/read all the amazing things she/I said each time she looks at herself. I have never down anything like this so what kind of marker should I use etc.?

That might actually be pretty sweet! I haven't done a lot of body writing that I intended to last a long time, but I just googled it and apparently, they exist:

u/nows · 2 pointsr/personalfinance

Assuming you want to avoid adult oriented things - and thing that may be considered shady.

I am also assuming your computer is a laptop or relatively mobile.

My suggesting involves a form of selling. First you must pick a subject that you know very well and then think about questions and answers a novice would have.

For example, I know computers/Internet well. Things a novice might ask are:

  1. How can I set up my gmail/yahoo mail/outlook account so it checks mail in other accounts?
  2. How can I set up my gmail/yahoo mail/outlook so that email certain emails are automatically deleted?
  3. How can I see what programs are using the most memory on my computer
  4. How do I backup my computer?
  5. How can remotely view my home computer desktop from my iPhone?
  6. Etc. etc.

    Come up with a nice long list of questions and solutions. The idea provide quick/succinct computer advice.

    Buy a folding table, folding chair, poster boards, markers, and cookie jar.

    Create Signs:

    Computer Questions Answered! - FREE

    Ask me about Computers - FREE QUICK LESSONS

    Quick Computer Solutions - FREE

    Got an Internet Question? FREE answers

    Pack the computer, table, signs and jar into your car and find a spot with high foot traffic. This could be a downtown street, near public transportation, entrance to your neighborhood, community function (street fair, swap meet), the beach, etc.

    Once you pick your spot, setup shop. Unfold the table, chair and put up your posters. Get the jar out, take off the top and affix a piece of paper that kindly asks for donations. Be ready to demonstrate you solutions on your computer.

    Here is what will happen:

    First, because you are offering the services for free, people will be more inclined to visit your booth.

    Second, everyone has a computer and therefore the topic is familiar. You will have people come by that know their answers and want to see yours. You will have people that are genuinely ignorant about a topic that you can help. You will also have know-it-alls that quiz and grill you.

    The trick is to be a good salesperson. You are offering good advice, for free, but without warranty. "This works for me, it should work for you, but I can't 100% guarantee". If you have a great demeanor, people will appreciate the novel advice and provide you a donation you.


    As an added bonus, I would figure out how to record some of your sessions (web cam?). Then you can post the video with the title "How I made $$$$ quickly...." You can also contact the press describing your adventure and I am sure someone would bite.

    Finally, check out this video (6 mins): Tina Seelig: Classroom Experiments in Entrepreneurship I think you will enjoy it.
u/aglaeasfather · 2 pointsr/medicalschool

Hi, Actual M2 here.

Everyone will tell you something different. Only way to know what works for you is to actually do it, so be proactive.

That said, don't start studying for Step until 2nd year.

Let me repeat: don't start studying for Step until 2nd year. You simply will not have the knowledge base to do anything productive. Also, likely 50-60% or more of what you learn in your M1 is useless.

You want to do well? Here's what you do:

Whole Year:

Listen to Goljan while you are learning Path. Just do it. The more times you listen by the time you get to boards, the better. Pathoma also helps a TON.

First Semester: Not too much going on here. The real meat of the boards is what you learn in M2, aka what you are learning right now. This is mostly prep time. Get a copy of First Aid. They always publish errata because FA is full of mistakes (don't get me started), so go through the book and make the corrections. Also, get that shit spiral bound at Kinkos, motherfucker.

Near the end of Semester 1, start going through the sections you have already learned, i.e. if you did Micro/Immuno in M1/1st half M2, go over that shit. But don't do it passively. I found DIT to be really helpful for this purpose, because it 1) gives you goals to achieve (i.e. I will do x number of videos today) and 2) fills in the gaps of FA (there are many). YMMV. A note about DIT these guys are from Texas, and idk if it's a Texas thing or if it's a DIT thing but they talk slow as HELL. If you have an iPad, get Swift Player and crank that bitch up to 1.65x when you're watching videos.

Second Semester: Do the same thing, but now step it up. Ideally, get a first pass of FA done by Spring break, and start a QBank. NOW LISTEN CLOSELY it is PERFECTLY A-OK to get a 30% when you first start. I made the mistake of thinking "oh fuck I don't know shit I need to do FA more". Baloney. Keep at it. You learn a ton while doing Qs.

After Spring Break Keep going through FA, turn up the juice on your QBanks. Try to do maybe 1-2 sets (46 qs)/week. The idea is that you will have likely 1/2 of your QBank left by the time you're done with finals.

After Finals High Gear mode activated. Start with a NBME to gauge where your status. Also, from UWorld you will know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are. Focus on these. Make a third pass through FA. Finish your QBank. Fine Tune. Go over EBM/Biostats the day before the exam. Take the exam. Fuck bitches and drink Cristal. Relax. Enjoy your summer. In that order, please.

Best Resources if you follow this method:

  1. First Aid
  2. UWorld QBank
  3. Goljan
  4. DIT (It's expensive but they do this to keep the pirates at bay so it's justified)
  5. Pathoma
  6. These Mother Fuckers (because FA is stupid and prints their book on paper where every goddamn pen smears like you just sliced open an fucking AAA).
  7. Swift Player for iOS (optional)
  8. Highlighters
  9. Party plan for post-Step 1.

    I think you'll find this to be super helpful. I sure did, wish I had found it earlier.

    Good luck, and for the love of God enjoy your summer and the coming year.

    Remember, everyone's method differs, but no matter what method you use, as you are working at it you are improving your score. Eventually you'll find the most comfortable method for you.

    Edit: one last thing: get a PDF version of FA wherever you can find it. The "index" sucks absolute sweaty dog balls, so the PDF is the best way to search for stuff.

    Edit 2: Clarity in the preamble
u/workbarbie · 2 pointsr/LAClippers

I use pretty fine tipped markers to color them. They are very detailed and fine, so using a paint brush would be difficult for me. Specifically, I use these. I recently bought a new set because I lost a couple from my original set, but I bought my original set in 1998. And they still work great. Amazing.

There's certain things re: control that you can learn in singing class. Also, the vocal exercises are good for extending your range and whatnot. I do have vibrato, and I have pretty good control of it. I can ramp it up, or back it down, or cut it out completely. I'm not sure of the biomechanics of it, actually. I've just been practicing with it for a really long time. Honestly, when people don't control it very well, it tends to sound really awful to me. "NEEDS MORE TRAINING," my inside voice screams.

This bit is interesting from Wikipedia:

In the apparatus there are three different voice vibrato processes that occur in different parts of the vocal tract. Peter-Michael Fischer vibrato types defined by place of production:

  • The vocalis muscle vibrates at a frequency of 6.5 to 8 Hz.

  • The diaphragm vibrates at a frequency below 5 Hz vibrato.

  • A combination of the two, resulting in a vibrato whose frequency is between 5 and 6.5 Hz vibrato.

    I never thought about it as being so precise. I appreciate that you enjoy singing, though. It can be quite relaxing. :)
u/kayleighh · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. When I was in high school, the one class I felt I could be myself in was Web Design. Every other class I'd be pretty quiet and generally just do my work and move on. But Web Design allowed me an outlet for my weirdness haha. I had it first thing in the morning, and then I also went during my study hall to help out with the other students (I caught on really quickly so I was able to use what I learned in first bell to help).

    I don't necessarily think most people liked me but I still wasn't afraid to be myself. And especially during the second semester (my study hall changed to a different bell period) I got to spend some time with my friends and have fun.

    The teacher was also the athletic director so we would do odd jobs for him based on things he wanted/needed for athletics and whatnot. I was really really into Andy Samberg at that point and The Lonely Island released their album, and I decided to make We Like Sportz the official Web Design anthem. Only my teacher and my friends went along with it, really...the other students thought I was ridiculous and that it was too damn early in the morning to be blaring it.

    So yep. Not super exciting. Just one of my best memories from high school.

  2. Most wonderful time

  3. HAPPY SCHOOL YEAR WOOHOO. May it be the best yet!

  4. I have a couple things.
u/rowanstar · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

CONGRATULATIONS! We should celebrate! Maybe pop in a joyous musical or check off all the things you are good at or we could just go nuts and color all over everything!

Lol I used this as a weird wishlist madlibs assignment. I had fun. Thanks :) I'm waiting to hear back about a possible job for me this year. It makes my heart happy to know that somewhere SOMEONE is getting an awesome new job!

u/Sixkitties · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Taking adapters in order to use the outlets (depending on where you're traveling from), eat evwrything, and make some great memories. Since you'll be on campus ask the students about things to do, and stay safe! (:

Freshmen, you'll hear this everywhere, but go to class. Join campus clubs and make friends! Study a little every day, rather than waiting until the last minute and cramming. Even 20 minutes a day is better than nothing. Also, watch your drinks at parties, and be super careful. Make sure you have a buddy to watch over you, and take turns being the responsible one.

I'm a junior and I've always used the buddy system. I have some irresponsible friends. :p

Pack of sharpies!

u/erpascal · 2 pointsr/santashelpers

Oh, perfect.

I'm coming out of my cage [If she likes yoga/fitness:]

And I've been doing just fine [Fine point permanent markers, perfect to outline with!]

Gotta gotta be down [Down throw,]

Because I want it all [Laundry detergent!]

It started out with a kiss [Hershey's Kiss]

How did it end up like this? [Picture of you + girlfriend, preferably in a nice frame.]

It was only a kiss [More Hershey's kisses, could be a different flavor to spice it up. Or this guy:]

Mr. Brightside isn't a very romantic song, so you can then write a card about how your relationship is more than just a kiss, how you love her, etc.

Hope this helps!

u/ladyaccountant · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I was schooled first by my dad. He is a super smart guy who won on Jeopardy once! He instilled a love of reading and learning in me from day 1. He taught me that I should always strive to be better in everything that I do. I am the driven person i am today because of him! I know my little Munchkin woukd love these Sharpies for all of her art projects!! She loves doodling on everything :) Thanks for the contest!

u/El_Paz · 3 pointsr/mtgaltered

I don't alter with paint yet, but I hope to some day. I'm not good enough yet. Instead, I use Sharpies.

A lot of my best minimal alters start with erasing away ink (amazingly, pencil erasers get rid of 80-90% of ink) followed by ultra-fine-tip sharpies (get the 24-pack).

The tough part with erasing is not to erase too much, leaving white space where you wanted something to end. (for an example, look at the wing tip on my Birds of Paradise here.) If you have access to pure acetone, try it, but wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated area. Remember: nail polish remover is not pure acetone.

The tough part with sharpies is color-matching. You can blend ink a little if you draw two colors right next to each other and rub them with a moist napkin. (For an example, look at the shadow on the Bonesplitter in the same link above.)

Metallic ink pens can be surprisingly useful if you want to make something a little shiny. The blade of the Bonesplitter is colored over with a "copper" pen, and the effect is pretty nice.

If you only have one big black Sharpie, try this.

White-out is tough to deal with - very blotchy.

Regardless of what you use, test your materials on a chimney imp or storm crow first. (I practiced extending the legs on Flameborn Virion - surprisingly difficult for color-matching and detail.)

u/Robot_xj9 · 2 pointsr/ADHD

As users have commented below, it is illegal to carry prescription drugs outside of their intended container.

A pillbox is a great idea if you're taking XR or something in the morning, before you leave your home, but otherwise, I would advise against it.

What I would suggest instead is getting small zip lock bags, labeling them with each week (I assume you have a 1 month supply) using a permanent marker, (the industrial sharpies work best, as regular sharpie tends to rub off the zip lock material.) putting them in the zip lock bags and then putting the ziplock bags into the prescription bottle.

This way you can pull out this week's bag and quickly count, for example, pulling out this week's bag from my bottle shows that I have 5 pills left, 1 for today, 2 for tomorrow, and 2 for friday. So I must have taken my pill this morning. (I already knew that, but you get the logic)

This is what works for me. It's easy, it's useful, and it's not illegal. Now, granted even if you put your pills in a ziplock in your pocket and walked around all day the chances of you getting thrown into jail for that is slim to none, but on the off chance you are searched by an officer for some reason, hey, it happens, you probably want to be safe, rather than sorry.

However the thing about productivity tips, especially when it comes to people with ADHD is that everyone is different, this method may not work for you, but I hope at least it was thought provoking enough for you to find one that does.

u/BrokerKingdoms · 2 pointsr/Warhammer

You know what I used to clean up my free hand writing work?

Paint pens! Make sure they are SUPER fine and it's really laughable how easy it is to get a nice result!

u/Beginning_Gunpla · 1 pointr/Gunpla

I use gold, silver, and copper paint markers specifically gundam markers and sharpies

For the gundam markers I got the metallic gundam marker set:

The gold and silver from that set is super useful but the other colors less so, they're okay but can be really uneven in the color they put out so I'd suggest for the other colors only for small and very few spots on a kit to lower your chances of getting inconsistent color (again though this is not a problem with the gold and silver they're great)

For the sharpies I used a metallic marker pack that I bought at Wal-Mart that has gold, silver, and bronze: (It was like this pack, same markers but only one of each and it was really cheap like around $3-$5)

The sharpies are great they don't really spill like the gundam markers can but the downside to them is that they can kind of streak easily especially on bigger surfaces and they can rub off fairly easily which is great for cleaning areas where you accidentally covered, but can be a little frustrating when the color rubs away on areas that you wanted the metallic color (top coat helps protect the paint)

u/banditranger · 2 pointsr/Coloring

Pens dry out eventually. That can cause the uneven coverage.

The pens look kinda like [pentel color pens ](Pentel Color Pen, Set of 36, Assorted (S360-36) They come in different sized sets depending on how many colors you want. I have a set that is 10 years old and stored properly still works great. I Store my pens laying down flat (not standing up in a cup) and in a plastic bin with a lid.

I have recommended these to many people for a first marker set. Everyone has been happy so far.

The have bright vibrant colors and fine tips for getting good detail.

u/asciiaardvark · 6 pointsr/fountainpens

Me too.

When I was in school, I only used mechanical pencils. But now I don't mind the un-erasability of ink and basically only use fountain pens. I do find that dip pens help me focus on the act of writing, so I use them for calligraphy practice.

The only ball-point I use is a space-pen, which works on waterproof paper so I can take notes while kayaking.

> I still love gel and felt tipped pens

Did you know Sharpie makes a brush tip? It's a surprisingly flexible felt-ish substance; I keep one for writing on plastic/glass/metal. Fun fact: on non-porous surfaces like metal & most plastic, Sharpie is wet-erase with solvents like alcohol & acetone :)

u/audio-blood · 1 pointr/sticker

Acquiring blanks/labels

Mailing labels: If you're in the US, go down to your local USPS and pick up a stack of these, they're free. You can go after hours when just the lobby is open if you don't want to be asked why you're taking the whole stack.

You can go down to Staples or wherever and find some "Hello my name is" labels.

Check out Egg Shell Stickers if you want to go all out.

Sign up at DHL to order huge quantities of blank label rolls.

Get creative. Anything that is a label can be painted over. You could find scraps of vinyl, too.

Markers and Pens

Decocolor has always been my fav paint marker.

Sharpie also makes some good paint pens. Be mindful of water-based vs. oil-based if you live in a city with weather.

Uni's Posca pens are also great.


Again be mindful, if you use acrylics they'll run in the rain. You could use spray paint and stencils, or just paint for your backgrounds.

u/Cockring_Buddha · 1 pointr/sexover30

First off, let me say that you are incredibly awesome. You should be worshiped for your efforts.

You mentioned that you're "not really in a dominant/submissive type relationship". Are you sure you're not into the power play aspect? It sort of sounds like it's where you're headed. He helps to determine your daily rituals in this regard. He plays the role of the caring "Daddy", enforcing the proper behavior for your own good. If you misbehave or forget, he provides a punishment to help your do better the next time.

Bratty girls need lots of reinforcement. ;-)

This doesn't have to be a "serious thing". It can be as fun as you two decide to make it. But honestly, it sounds like you'd like it to be a bit more serious (which in my opinion is sensational), with more participation on his part.

Such punishments could include:

  1. Stand in the corner, hands on the walls, pushing that exposed ass out, until he says you're done.

  2. OTK (over the knee) spankings.

  3. Have a dedicated toy that gets inserted for X amount of time.

  4. Lie on kitchen/dining room table, legs spread in front of him, while he eats dinner/breakfast/lunch.

  5. You/He writes naughty phrases on your skin, such as around your pussy or on your ass.

    Maybe you could make some sort of wheel spinner, to randomly determine your punishment.

u/zz_x_zz · 3 pointsr/boardgames

I'm not a painter at all so I took somebody's advice on BGG, primed everything black and then basically drew on the color with these paint pens. The one I used I think was either a eight or ten pack but they worked brilliantly and, apart from being time consuming, I ended up with something pretty nice. The raised lines on the gear keeps the surface tension of the paint from spilling off in most cases and it really just becomes an exercise in tracing lines with a steady hand.

I'm away from home for the week so I can't snap you a picture but if you're curious I can send you one next week so you can see how it came out.

u/My40Kaccount85 · 2 pointsr/Warhammer40k

Sharpie makes metallic paint markers that make metal edging super easy. Use the normal metalic markers, not the paint ones.


Also a shot of alcohol like 20 minutes before painting and every hour or so after can help with the shaking. Fun fact, alcohol in a limited amount is a performance enhancing drug in competitive shooting because of its effects on steadying your hands.

But the sharpies work great. Youtube metallic sharpies 40k for some tutorials.

u/Loser_Bug · 1 pointr/JournalingIsArt

Honestly, most of my journals only have 5-10 sentences per page. I do a lot of collage, drawing, and abstract painting.

Here's what I suggest:

Buy some cheap liquid watercolors and some [sponges] ( You can do backgrounds on every page before you start. This helped me build the habit of nightly journaling, and removed the fear of "ruining" a page. Any parts that I didn't like I could collage over!

Start using your own photos as much as possible. One of the easiest ways to do an image transfer is to alter an image on the computer, then print it out on an ink jet printer. I use cheap-ass photo paper for this, while the photo is fresh. Spray it with water, then put face-down and rub it into the page. (A rubber brayer is nice, but a used gift card or other hard object would be fine.)

Did you know that you can buy bulk stickers from [Amazon???] (

I also suggest making a to-go bag. If you make your backgrounds at the beginning of the week, or before you start the journal, this makes it extra easy. Mine has:

  1. [paint markers] (
  2. a few of [these] ( and [these] (
  3. Ephemera (usually from my obnoxious amount of magazine subscriptions, my own drawings, and things I find)
  4. Glue sticks. Lots of folks here are interested in archival quality glue, but I just use Elmer's.

    I often use my journal to annotate from books (I used to do it INSIDE the books, but I found them difficult to read with any new clarity that way, and I'm trying to move to digital.) Since I mostly read self-help/improvement books, that made some great starting points for prompts.
u/DumplingDarling · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You are now free to move about the cabin!

[Link to my fave <$5 item] (

I'm a frequent traveller, both for work and pleasure. I'm headed to London this weekend, just got back from Italy a few weeks ago. My favorite carry on is [this one] ( -- extra large with long handle. I toss everything in it -- neck pillow, magazine, chapstick, gum, passport, etc. Usually, my purse fits in there as well. It's easy to shove up in the overhead compartment, and easy to grab something out of it.

I'm new, so not too many friends, but I'll give a quick shout out to /u/OPG, who I just found through the random RAoA generator. Hi OPG! You have great nails and major kudos on your keto routine. I keep toying with the idea of trying keto, but get scared off...

u/Xuis · 2 pointsr/longboarding

The process I used is as follows:

First, I cleaned off the bottom of my board using a wet rag. After letting it dry, I laid a lengthy strip of gaffers tape down the middle of the board, making sure it was directly in the center from truck-to-truck.

I then laid parallel strips to either side, slightly overlapping the center strip of tape. I then repeated the process making sure that the overlaps were symmetrical to either side, and that the final side pieces lined up with the edge (rail) of the board. The overlaps don't need to be the same size, it just looks nice.

At this point, there will be tape hanging off the front and back of the board. I placed two shorter pieces of gaffers tape perpendicular to the original strips at the ends of the board (directly next to the trucks), and then used a knife to carefully cut off the tape that was hanging off the board.

After that, I drew on it with a silver sharpie.

I'm sure this would have been easier without the trucks attached, then I could have made it go all the way to the kicks. The great thing about gaffers tape, is that it doesn't leave residue like duct tape.

tl;dr: Put tape on the board so it looks nice, cut off the excess, then draw on it.

u/Thebluestwizard · 1 pointr/AbstractionsRealities

Black and white surely, something about the lack of color, can't really put a finger on it...

Are you using the paint markers for this one too? Have you considered other media, like acrylic paints?
Also, Posca makes some amazing paint pens. They have a brush tip and really opaque colors. Like other paint pens the paint does dry in the bristles, but with love they surely last a while.

u/Alyathea · 5 pointsr/3DS

best markers I've found are POSCA paint markers.

I would do a light sanding with 800 grade sand paper on them, prime them with the backing color you want, and let it dry. Then you can draw on them and clear coat.

I recommend doing it this way, as sometimes if you don't prep the plate first the clear coat can have weird effects.

The items I've used:

The primer you can use black/white/any color for backing, and I use the same brand in a clear matte finish for the clear coat.

u/buildingbeautiful · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Warning: I'm a pen freak. I love pens for some reason.

My favorite pens!

these pens, because colors!

and sharpies for making labels!

They make taking notes 1,000 times better! Plus, all my professors now know me by my colored pens :)

Back to cool :)

u/rakelreka · 1 pointr/AnimeART

Yeah, I drew it. I was using a Prismacolor Premier brush tip marker in size B. I got it in a set with a few different colors but I honestly don’t really use them that much. It’s a fine marker but there are definitely some better options out there. Lately I’ve been using the Pentel Fude Sign Pens more than the Prismacolor but they both get the job done.

u/MisterValiant · 8 pointsr/transformers

My wife recently got deal on a set of paint pens (she'd had her eye on them for a while and snagged them for like $16), and I decided to try them out. So far they've been working pretty well, good for simple detail work without the cleanup of brushes. For Ironhide I went in on the inside of his windshield, and all in all I think he turned out okay, although I do think I did much better with Prime.

u/sparklybirthdaypants · 3 pointsr/gardening

I’m an avid rock painter and can help. Acrylic paint is best. Also, Posca pens are awesome for finer details.

u/Minatox · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Winter is coming

Everyone should have these especially if your artsy

I've never read any of these nor watch the series so I would love to give a try, I'm gonna admit I'm not a reader for fun kinda guy but I'd finished every book I picked up :)

Thanks for having the contest so nice of you thinking of us :)

u/AnacondaPython · 1 pointr/EDC

I modified my setup a bit, to accodomodate feedback from other people and to see what works best for me

Somebody suggest to use this knife:

Here's my new setup:


Any dynomighty wallet, just pick a design

Car keys (whatever your carkeys are). If you want a USB stick added on to your keys, use a Micro-HDMI for low profile and convenience


Iphone6, Samsung S6, etc etc. Whatever floats your boat

Pick a small battery charger, search for it on amazon:

Get a retractable cable for your charger if you need too (low profile)

JEAN COIN POCKET (on front right pocket)

That gerber fold up knife

RIGHT MOST JEAN STRAP ( was the front right before)


duck tape

Tape planet had the cheapest prices at $1.54 each


Measuring tape. This one has the lowest profile so it doesn't hurt to sit on, 10' is good enough for almost everything


Get sticky notes, I suggest highland brand 3"x3" since it works for nearly everything you might need sticky notes. I suggest getting both, alternate colors by day

Plain yellow:


Also, get a sharpie too. Fine points are good

Alternatively or ultra fine


that's my current setup

u/KittenAnne · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These are amazing and I think everyone should have a set or two of good sharpies :)

Happy birthday from someone whose bday is exactly 1 month before yours :)

u/superfancypants · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These would make my day easier

I am a full time grad student, but in my downtime I do leather working. Sharpies are great for leather working as they don't smudge and show up even on darker leather. :)

Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike I really need these because all of mine have been stolen by my husband and friends!

u/nilechang · 2 pointsr/emergencymedicine

The Best Stethescope Holder
This is the best. I've used this every shift through all three years of my residency and it held up through all the abuse.

The Best Trauma Shear
You will lose a handful of trauma shears during your residency, so get a box of cheap ones, make a habit of keeping track of them, then get this really nice (but expensive) one.

A box of industrial strength sharpies
These are the best markers for skin marking. They don't mark off with Betadine.

Must have mobile apps

  1. PressorDex

  2. EMRA Abx guide

  3. PediStat

  4. Eye Chart
u/missxjulia · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Gotta have some markers to get autographs at the big show!

  2. I have 2 favorite memories: first would be christmas eve in the early 1990s, my entire family went to a WWF match. it was awesome. I remember the 18 man rumble in the ring. MY grandparents were huge wrestling fans. I want to say Rick Rude was one of the wrestlers. I cant really remember the other names.
    The second memory would be the Bushwhacker Brothers. They made the funniest faces. and they licked eachothers heads! lol That was a riot to watch as a young child.

  3. Slobberknocker

    PS: The Undertaker used to scare me as a child.
    Thanks for the contest!

u/gregisonfire · 2 pointsr/headphones

I can vouch for this. Used Sharpie and my girlfriend thought I bought another pair of headphones. Used one of these to make sure the ink didn't come off.

Final result looks like this

Enjoy the cans, they were my first pair of good headphones and now I'm hooked.

u/HallSquadSkates1984 · 9 pointsr/EDC

+Maxpedition E.D.C. Pocket Organizer

+Sharpie w/Chisel Tip

+Zebra F-701 Metal Pen

+Chris Reeve Large Sebenza w/Gabon Inlay

+Fenix ALB-20 Snap Hook modded: bottle opener delete

+Olight I3E EOS

+Gerber Shard

+Leatherman Squirt P^S4

+Fenix UC35 v2.0

+Leatherman Charge+

+Visine Advanced .8fl oz

+AKG ear buds

+Burt's Bees Wax Honey Lip Balm

I carry a The North Face "Router Transit" (second generation) that holds a BE RED CROSS READY FIRST AID KIT, Hinderer XM-18 3.5" Wharncliffe w/CPM-20CV, Eagle Eyes X1R "warm", a [Kindle Paperwhite](], Just Wireless 6,000 mAh Power Bank, ZEBRALIGHT H600Fc MK IV, TG Plasma Lighter, a couple Sarah Glove Emergency Disposal Ponchos and a small toiletries bag with Tylenol, toothbrush/paste, mouthwash and deodorant.

This is my daily carry, everywhere I go. I have a much more complete "Bug Out Bag" with a full change of clothes in the back of my truck. I would like to add a dedicated pry bar and maybe a fixed-blade knife to my bag but other than that feel pretty complete. Suggestions?

u/MeishkaD · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I adore fine point sharpies. Have you seen this set? So many pretty colors!

u/watsoned · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm sorry for your loss. Those anniversaries are always tough but just take some time to remember all the good times. <3

Though it's not technically for building, some fine-point markers (like this 8 pack, though I have a few I've been looking at) would do wonders for helping me improve my artwork since I'd be able to add so many details to my drawings that I just can't do with my wider-tipped points.

u/buttsarefunny · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have an add-on list, and honestly any of those things would be awesome! But you're probably looking for a specific item, so how about some Sharpies? Um...cowpox!

u/ZombieHoratioAlger · 2 pointsr/pens

Definitely try those first. They're pretty easy to find online, and cost a buck or two apiece where the others start around six.

u/wav4rm · 3 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

For the ultimate in satisfying sharpie experiences I will always recommend the retractable ones. Most satisfying pen-click action ever.

u/andersce · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


This is fun. I like easy. I don't think I even know what a loris is. Guess I will be spending the rest of my work day Googling them.

u/thewoj · 2 pointsr/beer

Founders just started dating their bottles this year. These guys are your best friend for writing dates on cellared bottles.

u/tehosiris · -2 pointsr/GalaxyS7

sure, get a copper color sharpie
things you break always work perfectly fine after

u/Sean_The_Chef · 5 pointsr/Gunpla

Yep, here is the set that I used. The excess wipes off pretty easy with the thumb.

u/ju571n1an · 2 pointsr/arttocope

Thanks! I used some paint markers I bought on amazon. Link if you’re interested

u/funkengruven · 2 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

I played Warhammer Fantasy before they killed it, so I had my share of painting miniatures and thought the same as you. Then I read where someone used fine-tipped sharpies to "color" their fighters, and I tried it out and it's awesome and easy and so much less messy. I bought these:

I don't do any kind of basecoat, just immediately start drawing on the fighters out of the box and it looks good enough.

u/taylordoftheants · 2 pointsr/ants

I remember a TED talk where Deborah Gordon talked about using "Japanese paint markers" to identify individuals in a colony. A really cool talk: LINK

Based on a search on Amazon, this may be a good start? Water based, non-toxic, water proof: LINK

Disclaimer: have not done this first hand.

u/clueless_typographer · 1 pointr/Lettering

We have a cool guide for choosing a brush pen in our sidebar, so you could always start there. Personally I like to use a pencil and tombow abt brush pens, stabilos, sharpies, copics, eddings and dozens of other pens I randomly find at my local stores. For paper I usually use the cheapest A3 copy paper I can find and only invest in special marker paper when I have some extra money to spend.

u/Aloof_pooch · 1 pointr/Wishlist

Thanks. I just got these paint pens and they are lots of fun!
BTW- not entering just sharing new art

u/v-porphyria · 2 pointsr/nexus4

I think covering it up with a bumper case is the best option, but you might be able to try using a silver permanent marker to fix the paint. Something like this:

Or a chrome paint repair marker:

u/Pinalope4Real · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Add-on item

Pesky Add-On Items!!!!!!!

Have a good one! Thanks for the contest!

u/Qwertz0 · 4 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

Strongly recommend these (US Amazon link) for signing wearables so signatures don't come out in the wash.

u/pixtiny · 1 pointr/PlannerAddicts

Sharpie Ultra Fine Tip Pens work really well on washi tape. I’ve never used anything else that has worked nearly as well.

u/maybejustmolecules · 1 pointr/labrats

I use these in my lab and they are resistant to EtOH and water, but not things like acetone or xylene. They work for me for most of my daily tasks, and they write nice and fine.

u/Gaming_Gal · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I need these for a mother's day school project for my little sister. I also really love colorful markers. EDIT The markers might not make it in time for mother's day so I found this case since my ipad case is literally falling apart and I need a new one.

u/CuriousGidge · 41 pointsr/gifs


I would never have imagined such a sophisticated end result with just a Sharpie!

I have a lot to learn!

u/Drunken-samurai · 2 pointsr/gifs

> This?
> I would never have imagined such a sophisticated end result with just a Sharpie!
> I have a lot to learn!

u/SPBCS · 3 pointsr/fakeid

If you're gonna use a sharpie, use the ultra fine tip ones. Never use thick sharpies.

Snapchat sigs come out the best. Some signature apps make the pic was too low res.

u/Luckystar812 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  • cheapest add-on

  • I keep listening to this over and over again right now because I had nap a little bit ago and I was dreaming in animated form.. and I broke out into this song.

  • Okay. :) Thank you for the contest!
u/pwolter0 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would gift you sharpies because sharpies.
What are you looking forward to most?

u/bashfulfox · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Thanks for the contest!

u/sos8balla · 3 pointsr/Sneakers

I use these. They come in a few different sizes so I have 3 or 4 sets. Before you apply paint to Canvas shoes you need to prep them with gesso or a textile medium so your colors don't bleed. When I finish painting I spray them with krylon clear coat or matte depending on the look I'm going for.

u/FandomMenace · 2 pointsr/pics

Check these out sometime. They don't use normal Sharpie ink, they have better coverage.

u/xaffinityx · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


You may not find this as entertaining as I do...but here is a picture from my childhood. I'm on the right. My sister is standing behind my brother in the middle...but her head is magically missing. Every time I see it, I bust out laughing. WHERE IS HER HEAD?!

u/emerald_syzygy · 4 pointsr/EDC
u/machoo02 · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I've found that Sharpie will sometimes not easily come off bottles using alcohol depending on how long it's been on the cap (and it won't ever come off if you use the industrial version). I've started labelling my bottles with round mailing seals on the caps: it's possible to fit much more information on them when printed compared to handwriting.

u/PeaboBryson · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I've had these on my Christmas and Birthday lists for years. Family is always looking for good ideas for me but I'm still waiting.

u/livingonthehedge · 4 pointsr/ArtFundamentals

Sharpie - Fine Point Pen (less than $5 for 2 pens)

u/ImagineDragic · 2 pointsr/discdyeing

> Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 6-Count


u/thomasy314 · 1 pointr/graffhelp

I use uni-posca mediums for most of it and for fine details I used prisma markers


u/Nobodydog · 1 pointr/videography

One of these guys. Stay away from the battery contacts, and you'll be fine.

u/Hellstyrant · 5 pointsr/Tools

Sharpie 39108PP Fine Point Metallic Silver Permanent Marker, 1 Blister Pack with 2 Markers each for A Total of 2 Markers

u/LustyRazor · 1 pointr/EDC

I tend to shoot for $2.50/pen. A Sharpie pen stays on my person at all times—great for sketching and writing. A Zebra F-301 stays in my bag for client meetings, although I'm ready to make the upgrade to an F-701.

u/sorry_wasntlistening · 2 pointsr/Art
u/AngelicBabyGirl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


How has your day been? :3

u/ortiz51490 · 1 pointr/Coachella


u/hellosquirtle · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I personally use Colored Pencils. They do have these

Someone posted in the questions about color bleed on coloring books.

I found these too

u/da_chicken · 1 pointr/DnD

We just took a silver sharpie and numbered the bases of the identical units. We happened to have about a dozen of the old Dread Guard minis and we numbered them 1-10 or so. We did the same thing with the wolf minis, a couple of ogres or trolls, a couple large spiders, etc. This was all back when the D&D minis were in print and readily available. One of the guys bought a boatload of the minis from just about every set. I think he even got a bunch on clearance.

u/cats_and_vibrators · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


I just went looking for under $5 thing too, and since we are twins here is what I added this weekend.

Metallic Sharpies I know it's an add-on, but there are multiple vendors.

Also The Poky Little Puppy

u/Pufflekun · 2 pointsr/boardgames

> just Sharpie the 2 names on two of the cards/sleeves

The cards have dark backgrounds, so make sure to use silver Sharpies.

Also, I prefer using "HVT" instead of "Merlin" to keep with the theme.

u/RynoKenny · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Snapped this this morning while having my morning coffee before work

edit: I use these paint pens for edging and painting meeples (like Food Chain Magnate)

u/jtriangle · 2 pointsr/sysadmin

I've always used the industrial sharpies ( Both ends, once as close to the boot as possible, and once about 9in up the length of it.
It's awfully permanent though, so if you need to re-label you're basically hosed.

u/theymightbegreat · 1 pointr/videos

The pens in this video:

  1. Blue Sharpie Fine Point

  2. Lamy Safari, probably Medium nib

  3. Pilot Precise v5 in Green and Red.

  4. Not sure about :45

  5. Pilot Metropolitan Fine

  6. Sharpie Ultra Fine Surf, Banana Clip Yellow?, Black, Orange ugh i am not linking to all these sharpies but i think they got the 80s Glam Pack
u/lumberjackben · 11 pointsr/Gunpla

Sharpie Metallic Fine Point Permanent Markers, 3, Colored-1823815

These bad boys! Gold, silver and copper.

u/TwoDeuces · 2 pointsr/240sx

Not sure if you read the details on the last photo, but I write all of these numbers right on the car with a Posca Pen so that I don't have to go hunting for them in the FSM later.

Subframe studs: 72 - 87 lb^f
Subframe Member Stay (the V shaped bracket that mounts under the front subframe bolts): 32 - 41 lb^f
SwayBar Brackets: 32 - 41 lb^f
SwayBar Endlinks: 6.5 - 8.7 lb^f (hand tighten + 1/4 turn)

Control Arms Interior (subframe) / Exterior (knuckle)
Camber Arm: 51 - 65 lb^f / 57 - 72 lb^f
Toe Arm: 51 - 65 lb^f / 57 - 72 lb^f
Traction Arm: 51 - 65 lb^f / Exterior 57 - 72 lb^f
A Arm (RLCA): 57 -72 lb^f / 56 - 64 lb^f + 25mm cotter pin

Suspension Upper Bolts: 12 - 14 lb^f
Suspension Lower Bolt: 72 - 87 lb^f

Rear Diff Mounts: 72 - 87 lb^f
Front Diff Mounts: 72 - 87 lb^f
Diff Cover: 29 - 36 lb^f
Diff/Propshaft bolts: 41 - 48 lb^f
PropShaft Center Bearing mount: 32 - 41 lb^f
Wheel Bearing: 58 - 72 lb^f
Axel Nut: 152 - 208 lb^f + 50mm cotter pin
Axel/Diff bolts: 25 - 33 lb^f
Wheel Studs: 72 - 87 lb^f (these are so commonly overtorqued, its not that much guys!)

u/Madgvox · 6 pointsr/ArtFundamentals

Ballpoint pens are the pencils of the ink world. You can build up darkness with a ballpoint pen like you would a pencil. The reasons against using ballpoint -- at least at first -- are the same reasons Uncomfortable outlined in the above article, especially the third point (everything is black and white - there are no gradients to complicate matters).

At least at first (for the homework), you should use felt tip for all the reasons mentioned. As you go into further lessons, and line/ellipse practice becomes a small daily routine, using ballpoint is probably a good idea as those exercises tend to kill pens.

However any practice is better than no practice, so if you're unable to get a felt tip for whatever reason, that's not a reason to stop practicing.

PS if you're concerned about price, get some ultra fine point sharpies. They're very cheap and will give you the benefits of using a felt tip. The trade-off is a poor ink quality, which you don't care about for these exercises anyway.