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u/dageshi · 3 pointsr/TheRedLion

Brother in law, check the supermarkets they usually have decent deals on single malt scotch at this time of year, you'll be able to pickup stuff for a good 10 quid cheaper than you'll find for most of the rest of the year.

Dad, they do great samplers of Belgian lagers, cheaper than pretty much anywhere you'll find in the UK (they're actually shipping from Belgium) postage is £6 for up to 48 bottles which is god damned incredible! (plus you can grab some for yourself...)

Sister... < Thermapen, cooks like to be able check temps on food and these do it in 3 seconds, even if she's already got one, you can never have too many!

Mom, sorry, out of ideas at this point :(

u/servedupward · 1 pointr/AeroPress

FYI, I got this one

It’s pretty neat :)

u/wilby_jackson · 6 pointsr/Homebrewing

If you read enough reviews about any pH meter you'll find there are flaws in all the reasonably priced ones, eventually. I've had this Oaktron for 2 years. It worked fantastically for about 1.5yrs then I needed to calibrate almost every time I used it. Now it won't even calibrate anymore. It was about $42 when I bought it and the price has gone up. I won't buy another for how much it gets used.

I considered buying a Milwaukee or Hannah but the $100-$170 models have some serious poor reviews for valid reasons. These ones tend to have replaceable electrode but from what I understand they are costly and don't always mean long term life. If I were a pro brewer I wouldn't hesitate to buy a scientific pH meter cost several hundred but as a homebrewer (who knows the water he's working with and approximate adjustments for different color/style beers) I couldn't justify it.

So I went with this $30 2 pack which so far has some pretty great reviews and if the two only last me 3 years I'm ahead of the last one.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Cooking

While ceramic blades are excellent for their ability to hold their blade, there's a very real flaw in that the knife itself has very little give. They can break from being dropped, and there's a very real limit to how long they can be, which is roughly the size of a chef's knife.

The kinds of activities you'd use a cleaver of a butcher knife for are not conducive to ceramic materials.

u/ca1ibos · 2 pointsr/OculusGo

Video Storage Yes.

Games Storage No.


Seen THIS posted about before. Its a 6000mah+ powerbank combined with a 433mbps 5ghz capable WIFI Hotspot, combined with an SD Card reader or connectable to a portable SSD. 256gb SD cards are now in the £30 price-range.

u/hyperdream · 15 pointsr/conspiratard

To be fair, that's how that particular one is sold.

u/fraidofthedark · 1 pointr/onebag

I've just bought the Ravpower Filehub AC750 which can connect wirelessly, or hardwired to hotel networks, and the Chromecast connects to it effortlessly.

PLUS when I connect a HDD to it I can play movies from the HDD on my iPad, kids iPads etc. Damn fine piece if kit.

PLUS it has its own battery and works in the car for long journeys as above. We're doing 5 weeks west to east coast in the US next year (in an RV) and it'll come in very handy.

u/Flounderasu · 2 pointsr/phoenix

I think it's kind of obnoxious that these are sold for more than twice the price here, v in the UK.

edit sorry not really helping. There is a place on the east coast called King Arthur Flour that apparently sells these - might be able to get them to ship overnight or something...