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u/Fede0122 · 2 pointsr/climbing

Hi! So, the basics for indoor climbing could be narrowed down to:
Shoes! (I don't recommend buying aggressive shoes, go for something comfortable, eg. 5.10 Rouge, La Sportiva Tarantula, etc.)
Harness! (Assuming you'll be sport climbing) Black Diamond makes fantastic harnesses, Petzl too but they're a bit more expensive.
ATC/Grigri Many people swear by the Grigri, myself included but I think beginners should learn how important is to properly use an ATC, it'll be an indispensable piece of gear, pretty much any ATC will work, a grigri can be an upgrade for your birthday ;)
Chalk bag. Get a funky one, have fun.

Whenever you transition into outdoor climbing you'd be looking to buy around 6-12 Quickdraws, there are hundreds of options, Petzl and BD are bomb proof. If you don't wanna spend a ton I recommend Mad Rock's Concorde

ROPE! This is where many people will tug you around saying a thinner or thicker is better, just get a good rope between 9.4mm and 9.8mm 60 Meter rope, you'll be fine, big look for brands like BD, Petzl, Blue Water ropes, Sterling, Mammut, Fixe Roca, etc etc... and that's it!

ALSO, forgot to add, a PAS (Personal Anchor System) again, your SO will have to see which type, Metolius sells this one:

Or you can build one yourself with some cordellete

Depending on sales and all that, the indoor stuff will cost you arouuuuund
$70-100 USD Shoes
$50 harness
$25 ATC
$10 Chalk bag

For the outdoor
$120 - $200 on 12 Quickdraws
$150 - $200 for a 60m rope.
$15-30 PAS

Good Luck!

Edit: added the PAS info.

u/idk_meh · 5 pointsr/EDC

I mean, I EDC a random bent gate from an old petzl quickdraw, maybe $10 and it is actually rated to support weight... but I cant open a bottle with it, easily.

If you want a good quality basic biner, buy a quickdraw. If you want a biner that's also a multitool, this thing looks cool.

The bonus for a quickdraw is that you can use the dogbone (webbing that connects to two biners) as a gear lanyard.

Here is a good one for $18, you get two biners and the webbing

PETZL - DJINN AXESS, Quickdraw for Crag Climbing, 17 cm

u/bribri12497 · 3 pointsr/climbing

You could get something like this or even a quicklink like this

I couldn't find the exact style you posted but these will definitely hold onto your keys and be relatively easy to add new keys. Best of luck

u/BranDaniels · 5 pointsr/videography

Nice! Try the Kong Frog Carabiner. That and a shoulder eyebolt are the perfect companion to an Easy rig. Makes it much easier to add and remove your camera. Happy shooting!
KONG 432497 Frog Carabiner (12-Cm)

u/kennethsime · 18 pointsr/climbing

Here's the deal: you're just starting out. Any gear is good gear.

  • Harness, belay device, etc: Buy one of these, or the similar package from Petzl. If you really want a GriGri fine, but I'd argue that you should learn on an ATC and buy a GriGri later if you want one.
  • Draws: You'll probably find Mad Rock draws the cheapest, buy two 6-packs of those and you're good. Unless you're projecting long 5.13s you don't need 16 Petzl Spirit Express draws.
  • Rope: Don't buy anything smaller than 9.8. If you're just climbing in the gym to start, maybe consider buying a 10.2 30-40m "gym cut" rope. Then when you're ready to move outside, buy a 60-70m 9.8, 9.9, or 10.2. Thicker ropes are a bit heavier, but are much more durable, easier to work with (arguable safer for new climbers), and will probably last you longer.
  • Rope bag: anything is fine. Do some research, or just buy whatever's on sale.
  • Anchor: Look into building sport climbing anchors. Four locking biners and two 60cm sewn runners is probably about right. A lot of people just lower or top-rope off of two quickdraws, you might just want to buy two extra draws.
u/Soldier629 · 3 pointsr/climbing

I've posted this deal before and recommended that everyone set a 3camel price alert for the product. If you look at the price chart, the price randomly dips down to being less than $5 a quickdraw. Simply unbeatable.

These are new quickdraws, sold by The Gear Coop, with amazon fulfilled prime. It doesn't get any better than this. I've purchased two so far and they are quality, new, and most importantly, cheap quickdraws. You will regret not setting up a price alert.

As I said in my last post (
> Also I linked to amazon smile - make sure you set it up for a donation to the Access Fund! And install an extension on your browser of choice to redirect all links to the domain

u/Tusker03 · 3 pointsr/Goruck

This is what I use and it's been great. I also is it to secure the bag to the passenger seat headrest when it's sitting next to me.

Black Diamond Posiwire Quickdraw - 12cm

On my 21L Gr1 it is the perfect length for the molle on the outside of the bag.

u/sirbearus · 1 pointr/sex

They are clip like devices and they are often seen on key chains to hold them to a belt loop.
They come in non-rated and rated, reated one have a guaneteened usable load and are safer for climbing or hanging a person they have two different values working and static loads. If you look at the comparison at the bottom of this page you will see a variety of styles. You can use any of the 12 KN (kilo-Newtons) rated ones and do whatever you want to them. Spring on the other had have ratings in lbs. I am not sure if you are in the USA or outside but you write like a native speaker of English based in the USA.

u/Triskite · 2 pointsr/EDC

I'm a bit sleep deprived and having trouble fully processing all the technical jargon in the petzl product features. Is it worth the extra $4 over something like this: ?
Don't really care about the $ more interested in special features it might have that competitors lack

u/Garmaglag · 2 pointsr/jetski

I use a couple of frog carabiners and detach the lines completely when I'm riding. They're a little pricy but they're fast and durable.

u/toodr · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I find cord locks way more convenient/faster than knots.

u/TheGreatDeadFoolio · 1 pointr/backpacks

I just picked these up for my hammock.

Favofit 12KN Heavy Duty Aluminium...

u/aplusbi · 2 pointsr/climbing

Nah, it's my Kong Frog

u/FireClimbing · 1 pointr/climbing

>Kalais's Clip-up

Not quite 12ft long only 8ft but it does collapse very well.