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1Acoustic Absorbers and Diffusers: Theory, Design and ApplicationAcoustic Absorbers and Diffus...2
2IsoAcoustics Iso-Stand Series Speaker Isolation Stands with Height & Tilt Adjustment: Iso-130 (5.1" x 6”) PairIsoAcoustics Iso-Stand Series...2
3Piezo Loudspeaker for Ultrasonic Power Cannon (M161) Kemo part L010Piezo Loudspeaker for Ultraso...1
4Head-Related Transfer Function and Virtual Auditory Display (A Title in J. Ross PublishingHead-Related Transfer Functio...1
5Hearos Ear Plugs Xtreme Protection Series 14 Count, Pack of 3Hearos Ear Plugs Xtreme Prote...1
6Architectural Acoustics: Principles and DesignArchitectural Acoustics: Prin...1
7Building AcousticsBuilding Acoustics1
8Architectural Acoustics (J Ross Publishing Classics)Architectural Acoustics (J Ro...1
9The Sound Book: The Science of the Sonic Wonders of the WorldThe Sound Book: The Science o...0
10Good Musician: The biggest glossary of all music production words, film scoring terms, EDM genres, audio engineering terminology, recording vocabulary, and electronic music theory definitions.Good Musician: The biggest gl...0
11Acoustics of Ducts and MufflersAcoustics of Ducts and Muffle...0
12Master Handbook of AcousticsMaster Handbook of Acoustics0
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14Art3d Textures 3D Wall Panels White Diamond Design Pack of 12 Tiles 32 Sq Ft (PVC)Art3d Textures 3D Wall Panels...0
15Master Handbook of Acoustics, Sixth EditionMaster Handbook of Acoustics,...-2
16New Directions in Linear Acoustics and Vibration: Quantum Chaos, Random Matrix Theory and ComplexityNew Directions in Linear Acou...-2

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u/mikeru22 · 1 pointr/Acoustics

Your brain does most of the interpretation, but much of what enters our brain is due to sound interacting with the physical shape of our head/ears/body and surroundings. So to prepare for acoustics graduate school with concentration in psychoacoustics, I'd still recommend you consider taking some EE courses if they are available. Courses that will serve you well: Digital Signal Processing (to be able to acquire and process data), a basic circuits course (to be able to solve some electro-mechanical analogy and transducers problems), some training in a programming language such as MATLAB (or Octave which is similar and open-source), and linear algebra / matrices. Additionally thermodynamics and certain physics will also aid in your understanding of acoustics in general.

An interesting and very accessible, albeit a bit dated, intro to Spatial Sound and 3D Audio can be found on the NASA website: or in print elsewhere. I took a course during the Spring 2014 semester at Penn State which referenced this book a good deal. If after looking through Begault's book you are still interested in psychoacoustics, there are a few professors you might have the opportunity to work with at PSU. The course offerings through Penn State on psychoacoustics/3D Audio are sometimes few and far between, but students and faculty are actively doing research in this area. It's worth noting that Penn State has one of the largest and most respected Acoustics programs in the nation and I believe it served me well.

Another really good book that's more current if you are willing to spend $100 or want to search for it at a library:

Best of luck in your search!

u/bartlettdmoore · 0 pointsr/Acoustics

If you can seal the room air tight--including doors, windows, and vents--that may help. Also close the doors to other rooms in-between the drum kit and your neighbors.

Honestly, though, it may make more sense to buy your neighbors a box of ear plugs, and apologize in advance. Give them your number and ask them to reach out when the noise is inappropriate. Or play when they're gone.

These are the best earplugs I've found:

u/vedvikra · 1 pointr/Acoustics

Interesting project. You want to consider the mathematical relationships of wavelengths and notes. You'll quickly find that each note and each chord has a unique set of associated harmonics. Maybe you could construct an item based on the fundamental key the instrument is tuned to, but it seems that would be fairly limiting.

The attached show something that would certainly resonate (because everything does) but the circular items would support frequencies relative to their dimensions while the larger item would be diffuse over a larger frequency range.

The book you want to read is this:

u/woptimus_prime · 3 pointsr/Acoustics

This is some great insight here, I'd recommend getting those monitors off your desk and at ear level with something like this, or the foam equivalent:

u/JayStayPayed · 1 pointr/Acoustics

Architectural Acoustics : Principles and Design is a good book on applied acoustics and would be a good choice for any kind of room acoustics consulting

u/little_noizes · 3 pointsr/Acoustics

This is probably a good introduction to architectural acoustics Marshall Long
Then you have some more technically advanced ones such as kutruff or Tor Erik Vigran

u/yeky83 · 1 pointr/Acoustics

I just looked up "60 kHz speaker," and a few transducers popped up with the spec of 2 - 60 kHz. Here's one:

Now you need an ultrasound source and an amplifier that can drive ultrasonic frequencies. And to make sure you're producing ultrasound as well as calibrate the transducer level at different frequencies, you'll need an ultrasonic mic and an ultrasonic measurement system. Eek, gluck.

u/PierreLunaire · 4 pointsr/Acoustics

You should check out The Sound Book, it's all about these types of locations. The author, Trevor Cox, goes and visits a bunch of places with weird echos or really long reverb times and has a bunch of cool analysis and discussion of them.

u/DominicRoad · 1 pointr/Acoustics

Not rare, 30+/-. Just 2-5 sentences to describe main characteristics.
Try this

u/Aercoustics · 1 pointr/Acoustics

What's your knowledge of acoustics? Depending on where you're starting, see

Munjal is pretty much the top of the field wrt exhaust acoustics.

As others mentioned, there's software out there for this but if you don't know the theory, the software won't help much.

u/Charzarn · 5 pointsr/Acoustics

What a rabbit hole. I don't have anything specific, but if your speciality is in numerical analysis type stuff, then there is a lot of good work here.

You could also go into wavefield synthesis which is a very difficult but very math intensive problem. As an example, here is one of my professors, from grad school, Phd.


and if you hate yourself,