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u/starsignfour · 5 pointsr/Allergies

Hi. Yes. I am very sorry your father has these allergies, but... be glad he got patch tested and knows the specific chemical substances he needs to avoid. Many people don't bother. Feel free to pm me at any time. Several of his allergies are going to be difficult to avoid. Ex. isothiazolinones are pretty much in all commercial cleaners and paints and are airborne. So he may get "mystery" reactions that are really just reactions from MCI/MI (abbreviation for isothiazolinones) in the store he was just in.

Just have his medications compounded. Yes, it's an added expense, but it's medically necessary.

Glycol is... insidious. Especially in food. You can pretty much count on it being in every processed food unless it says certified organic. It does not need to be listed either. It can hide in "natural ingredients" or not hide and all and just not be listed. It's in most dairy products like milk and ice cream, for example. And don't get me started on medications. Is he having a problem with polyester? It's a derivative of PEG (polyethylene glycol). Don't drink any beverage at all unless it's certified organic except for water. Unless you call the company/email the company to confirm just assume it's in the juice/soda/coffee. There are very very few juices/drinks that don't have it. Ground coffee. Flavored coffee... it's just in there. Oh, and especially any breads/bread products/cookies/baked goods. Hey! Good news though: Panera is a propylene glycol free company with their foods(you need to double check on their bottled juices though, I can't vouch for that).

BoP... all right. Listen. Focus on avoiding the things he touches for now, but BoP chemicals are in foods (naturally as well as in benzoate preservatives). So... vegetables/fruits may be tricky. If you find he's definitely avoiding things and not clearing up he may want to peek at the BoP foods. They are complicated.

Reddit is not the forum for learning about these allergies... although I'm happy to answer any questions. The place to do that is to join the "general ACD (allergic contact dermatitis) board" on FB, and the individual allergy boards. I'll list the ones that involve him.

Here is the main/general board:

Glycol allergy:
PG allergy:

BoP allergy:

Colophony (mixed in with the "shoe group" because it's most often seen there):
And a second:

There are a lot of methylisothiazolinone groups because it's a *ty chemical. Feel free to use the search bar and join whichever you want, or all of them. It just sucks.

Also... listen... this stuff becomes all very complicated. I'm a well-educated person with good research skills (librarian) and it took me the better part of a year to really get a handle on multiple multiple allergies like this. Be prepared. It is a life changing diagnosis.

I recommend "zero tolerance" for conventional products. If he lives with anyone they should also adopt his product use. This means do not clean anything (dishes, laundry, face, body, hair, house) with something normal you'd buy at the store. There is absolutely no way with his list of allergies you'll be able to find anything safe for him. MAYBE he can find something with formaldehyde as the preservative and fragrance free... but he's obviously prone to collecting allergies and that is NOT one he wants to add to his lineup.

This is a safe soap. Three ingredients. Olive oil, salt, water. My family and I use it for ALL of our cleansing needs. Face/body/hair. Also available at Whole Foods. ONLY the olive bar. He doesn't want to use the lavender one with BoP allergies. Or any botanical/flower. Or any fragrance (MCI/MI is hidden in fragrance also).

How does he feel about beards? My husband has one and he doesn't need shaving lotion. Which is good. Because I don't know what he'd do.

This is a safe dishwasher detergent: It's available at Whole Foods in non-tablet, just powder form.

This is a safe dish detergent (also good for hand washing): NOT available at Whole Foods

For laundry:

Other than putting dilute white vinegar in water, using baking soda to scrub, and possibly hydrogen peroxide, this is the
only* safe cleaning product. It looks complicated and expensive. It's not. It also works fabulously. Comes out to be waaaay less a year than I was spending on conventional cleaners. It's all my cleaning lady uses. The company's website has coupons if you buy direct from them.

Does he need a moisturizing product? He should use medical grade white petrolatum or 100% emu oil from a reputable vendor (others can cut it in with other oils that aren't safe for him--he shouldn't use plant based oils because BoP).

Edited for: in case it isn't clear "natural" "organic" (unless
certified** organic) "hypoallergenic" etc. do not mean anything. Do not think the 7th generation or Honest Company items you see in Whole Foods or god forbid Mrs. Meyers (methylisothiazolinone preservative and of course his BoP allergy would be a problem) or anything like that is actually safe. Remember. They just want to sell their products to people who don't know any better. You could bottle 100% formaldehyde or 100% propylene glycol and label it "all natural hypoallergenic" and it would be fine.

u/dogwoodsbark · 1 pointr/Allergies

I took allergy shots for nearly 4 years and I think they reduced my allergic reaction by about 15%. I can now tolerate being in a room with a cat for more than 30 minutes. But as for curing me, not even close. I still have chronic rhinitis and take a Claritin D pill every day which gets me about 70% clear for most of the day. However, I still can't breathe through my nose very well at night or when I'm at my house if I upset some mystery dust somewhere. When I had the allergy test at the beginning of the allergy shots, I was allergic to nearly everything they had, grasses, pollen, mold, dust, dogs,cats, etc, etc, etc, etc. While I didn't take a post-quitting allergy shot, my rhinitis is still a daily battle so I'm pretty sure I'm still allergic to all the same stuff just a little muted.

I'm still highly motivated to find a solution. I've been performing Buteyko Breathing practices (outlined in the book The Oxygen Advantage) lately which I have found to be very effective in nasal decongestion given that it is a drug free and super easy technique. I also recently bought the Sure Sinus product from Indiegogo which is a probiotic nasal spray. The company claims you can alleviate your sinus symptoms in 30 days using this product. I've been doing this for 8 days and the first day using it I got a sinus infection. I routinely get my yearly sinus infection right at the end of Oct/early November so I don't know if this was just coincidence or not. I will continue with the Sure Sinus product for the 30 days and hopefully I have some better results.

Another suggestion for us chronic rhinitis sufferers who like to exercise, I recently come across a product called Turbine, which is a nasal dilator, to use during physical exercise. The Buteyko Breathing method highly recommends to breathe through your nose during physical exertion. Well, I couldn't bc I was always so clogged up with inflammation. This Turbine nose expander really helped open up my nostrils so I can breathe through my nose when I'm out running or mountain biking. I also have really bad nasal collapse, so if I'm breathing heavy I can't pull air through my nose (even if it was clear) bc my nostrils collapse and form a plug. This Turbino nose opener really helped with that. There is also a Turbine for clearing up your nose that I bought and think it kinda helps. Its another nose plug that has a little swap doused in essential oils that help clear you up. So the swab/sponge is right under you nostrils so when you breathe you inhale all these scents like peppermint and whatever else. While I've only had it for 2 nights, I use it to keep my nose mostly clear during the night while I sleep with my mouth taped shut to ensure I'm breathing through my nose which keeps the mucus from building up substantially.

Turbine Nasal Opener:

u/Tjerino · 3 pointsr/Allergies

Yeah it sucks.

If you have eye issues you can try Alaway (ketotifen fumarate) eye drops. These take about a week to improve symptoms.

Nasal steroids are now available over the counter (in the US) and work wonders for my sinuses during allergy season, they take maybe a couple days to improve symptoms. You can get Nasacort/Flonase in any allergy aisle, but I just picked up this Costco generic bulk pack on Amazon for super cheap.

Antihistamine pills make me so drowsy I can't really function, so I try not to take them. There are a few, mostly herbal, natural antihistamines and other items that help regulate histamine and allergic response, that I am looking into like quercetin, rutin, Vitamin C, and berberine to name a few. Those might be helpful to you. This article is more about histamine intolerance/mast cell disorders, but has some interesting info if you want to check it out.

u/aleatoric · 4 pointsr/Allergies

He's probably going to be want to be on antihistamines daily. I'm allergic to cats and we have 3. It's not impossible. I take cetirizine HCL (Zyrtec or generic) 1x per day and fluticasone (Flonase or generic) 2x per day. If I'm on them, it's like I don't have any symptoms. If I don't, I turn into a mess. But I also have nonallergic rhinitis so I needed these meds since before we even had cats.

When he finds allergy meds that work for him, I recommend getting a prescription and buying them through health insurance through something like a mail order in bulk because the prices tend to be a lot cheaper. Or if you don't have insurance, buy them out of pocket on Amazon in bulk for the best bang for your buck. Generic cetirizine is WAY cheaper on Amazon than it is in store at CVS/Walgreens. That link right there is a year supply of the drug for $22, not too bad. I also really recommend Flonase's Sensimist product - even though it's a little more expensive than regular fluticasone spray, I find it's far less harsh on the nose and it's a bit more effective.

Beyond that, the only thing related to the cats that messes me up is getting dander in my eyes. You just have to be careful when petting them and get in the habit of not touching your eyes. Wash your hands after interacting with them as frequently as possible. Keep some eye drops on hand in case dander does get in the eyes so you can flush them out a bit.

u/butthead · 2 pointsr/Allergies

I've been using this model since March 2014, and it has served me well and still runs great.

It's currently out of stock, but it looks like you can get the black model (which as far as I can tell is identical except for color) and it's in stock and actually several dollars cheaper for some reason.

I have severe asthma / allergies and it does the trick. I chose it after doing a whole lot of research on affordable HEPA air purifiers that don't emit ozone. This is pretty much the best you'll find it seems, and I doubt much has changed in the 2 years since I've bought it.

Be vary careful what model you end up buying because some models may be way cheaper but you won't be able to find filters for them anywhere because they're out of production. That's one of the many reasons I ended up going with the one I have. Availability of filters, affordability, reliability, and effectiveness. But if you throw affordability out of the window you can prob fine an even better one, but it's going to cost a whole lot more.

u/amonsterinside · 3 pointsr/Allergies

You don't need $400.00 for an air purifier. Buy a GermGuardian, they're $80 and spend the rest on new filters every 1-3mo.

Immunotherapy is going to be the best option for your girlfriend. It's also really good to start immunotherapy early if your child develops allergies. Daily antihistamines might be in your favor, Costco is a great place to buy antihistamines for a year and very cheap (sub $15).

All in all, no, you're not doing any disservice to your child by not letting them inhale cigarette second hand smoke or second hand weed. Purify the air if you know it exists. Chances are your child will have allergies if the mother does. It's just the way the world works. I've been exposed to mold, dander, pollen, trees, grass, and played in the dirt and was outside my entire childhood. I'm still allergic to everything. Germ theory makes sense for allergies, but does not always play out in practice. There's something deeper that has yet to be discovered, but for now, do your best to keep your child away from secondhand smoke and don't worry too much about air allergens. They're going to get plenty of allergen exposure at school, the playground, other parts of the house, and just about anywhere you go.

u/larkasaur · 1 pointr/Allergies

The book Food Allergies and Food intolerance has pretty good guidance on hypoallergenic elimination diets, with some samples of various strictness at the end. It might work better to eliminate common food allergens in general, not just the ones that were positive on your skin tests.

u/Tinidril · 2 pointsr/Allergies

> if you have a suggestion that has worked for you I would love to hear it.

I've found this to be a lot more helpful, even if it's a little bulky. A full P100 mask is a big step up from an N99 Vogmask for me. It's also more comfortable to me. I just wish there was one that doesn't make me look like a bad Bane cosplay.

u/preserved_killick · 1 pointr/Allergies

I hope it works for you as well as it does for me. I think there are no true active ingredients, so I suspect it is quite safe. Of all the allergists I've had, not one suggested this stuff! Just lots of prescriptions for expensive steroid and anithistamine sprays.


I just started ordering the generic form of this stuff, so far so good still:




u/MOHSHSIHd84 · 1 pointr/Allergies

I have been using Air Purifiers for the last 6 years or so (well when I was living on the east coast.....moved to a place with much cleaner air this fall and don't need the purifier anymore).

They really really work. Run one in the room you sleep in especially. Added bonus of great white noise.

This one works really well:

u/forjustonemoment · 1 pointr/Allergies

3M provides a HEPA mask which I've found to be great. A dust mask won't work, you need a HEPA.

u/Whodat1004 · 2 pointsr/Allergies

For yard work and mowing the lawn, I wear one of these: 3M(TM) Half Facepiece Respirator Assembly 6291/07002(AAD), Medium, with 3M(TM) Particulate Filters 2091/07000(AAD), P100

Breaths pretty easily, gets uncomfortable after an hour or so. I'm still looking for something more appropriate for outdoor exercise.

u/SingleWagon · 1 pointr/Allergies

I bought this
Air purifier
which says its CADR rated 100+ for medium size room. I think that should be more then enough for a small bedroom

u/chill02 · 1 pointr/Allergies

I got this one and it gets the job done. You only need to replace the carbon filter every couple of months. It was slightly cheaper when I bought it a month ago, though.