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3. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp - Contemporary, High Lumen Light for Living Rooms & Offices - Dimmable, Indoor Pole Uplight for Bedroom Reading - Gold Brass

  • Super Bright LED Lighting: Brightech floor lamp built-in LED light with 2190 Lumens is enough to light your living room. Powered with 26 watts LED lights, the floor lamp generates 3000K warm white colors. Whether you want to read, write or simply relax, the standing lamp provides ample illumination without straining the eyes. The lamp cord extends just over 7 ½ feet, an ideal floor lamp for living room, bedroom.
  • Stable and Safe: Safety is paramount, the modern floor lamp's durable sturdiness makes it ideal for playrooms too, the felt-covered 13 pound weighted base means children or pets can't tip it over. No need to worry about the overheating issue, since the tall lamp comes with premium LED beads, the dimmable LED floor lamp will keep cool even after a long time of use.
  • Long-lasting and Energy-saving: These integrated LEDs are rated to last 20 years (assuming 3 hours use/day) because they don't waste energy like halogen, CFL and incandescent bulbs. Energy-efficient led lights can help you reduce electricity bills, built-in LED lights save your time replacing them. Save money with the Brightech Sky.
  • 3-Way Dimmer and Memory Mode: The contemporary living room decor fits easily in corners and the base slides under sofas. Adjust brightness level with a simple touch of a button featuring three dimmer settings with this LED floor lamp. The rotating head of this tall lamp lets you angle the light for a greater light effect when desired. The standing lamp has a memory function to remember your last brightness setting when you turn the lamp on and works with wall switches.
  • Brightech's 3 Year Product Warranty: We proudly stand behind all of our products 100% and offer a full 3-year warranty. This will cover you if the floor lamp stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within those 3 years.
Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp - Contemporary, High Lumen Light for Living Rooms & Offices - Dimmable, Indoor Pole Uplight for Bedroom Reading - Gold Brass
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u/grasshopper_jo · 15 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

I'm going to try to offer suggestions that don't cost a lot of money or time.

  • This is the only one that costs money: replace the curtains. I see the beginnings of an eclectic, modern room, and these are a bit too sweet. I would suggest something simple, textured, hanging straight down (instead of being gathered at the sides) and reaching closer to the floor. I think you have blinds under there, so ditch the white sheer under-curtain. If you're renting, color would be great here, especially if you pull a color from the bedspread. Maybe these without the tie-backs.

  • Once you frame the window with some nice drapes, it will be the highlight of that wall. I feel the pictures to the left of the wall are crowded and they'll be competing for attention with the window. But they would be perfect over the desk. There are five with different shapes and sizes, so give them each some space on the wall and don't try to line them up - do them kind of like this. You can put the photos over the desk up there with the drawings if you like.

  • Might want to consider hanging the guitars on the wall with something like this - it would look great, and free up floor space. I would keep an eye out for a small table to put your corner lamp on. That lamp is tall, but it's not quite a floor lamp. The lamp will light the room better, and it will create a place to put music/picks/etc.

  • The shaggy rug is in kind of an awkward place. I can't tell if it's new or old. If it's in good shape, I would pull it out and put it to the side of the bed (only if there's enough room to do that without interfering with the office chair).

  • Do you still have a wrapper on one of the candles above your bed? I'm not really sure what's going on here. I don't quite like the shelf above your bed - I'm thinking that a) it's too easy for someone to hit their head during...uh...bed-related activity and b) it seems to split up the beautiful continuity between the white bedframe and white picture frame. I would remove the shelf and move the pictures down just a bit. Where to put the shelf? Hmm. Not sure. I'm open to suggestions from commenters. I would put one of the plants and a candle holder on the nightstand. Think they would look nice there.

  • Why is the floor mirror next to the desk there in one picture and gone the next? Anyway, I would mount this on a door or put it in a closet if possible - the traditional look just doesn't jive with your sleek desk and bed.

    Finally, make your bed! It will make the whole room look nicer! Good job, I think this is a really cool room!
u/DrewNotBarrymore · 3 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

Congratulations on finding a lovely new-to-you home! 😊

I second giving up a bedroom in favor of a closet/office space 👍🏻 That can allow you to really organize your essentials in the bedroom

Other options would be:

Creating an open closet system, like this one

Placing your bed on risers, allowing for more under bed storage - these and similar risers come with outlets/USBs

Getting a bookshelf nightstand, like this would create more streamlined vertical storage

Best wishes as you move in! 💞

u/ekcos · 4 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

Thanks, I'm glad it's not totally annoying unsolicited advice!! I absolutely love decorating well designed spaces which I've been deprived of since I moved into a dorm. But I'm living vicariously through your awesome living room!

I actually have owned a poster print version of a similar piece so I like it too! It would probably look better in a room with more warm toned colors/textures. If by portrait/landscape you're talking about the orientation of the piece than that's totally right. Anyway here are a bunch of other photos I like: 1, 2, 3, 4.

I'm not sure about the pitchers/carafes but definitely somewhere local. According to some googling they appear to be blenko glass? Which has a bunch of different retailers. But to be honest I'm sure you can find similar looking stuff that's cheaper because these are all handblown. You could also get one or two large nice pieces and mix in with the colored pieces you already have plus a set like this or this for continuity. Just make sure you have a variety of size and color but all the same finishes on the glass.

Fill the other built in with your books and you're done!

u/greyarea_ · 1 pointr/AmateurRoomPorn


Here it is!
I bought it from the seller "swift maps"

I guess as it's titled, it's an Antique Style World Map? It's thin paper, that's why its so cheap. But making the frame according to the Young House Love directions I listed a couple comments up, it was easy. Home Depot will cut the wood to size for you if you don't have access to a saw, too. No glass/covering over it, but it's minimalist like you said :)

Hope that helps! It was a fun project for my dad and I, and love how it turned out.

u/clipstep · 2 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

Sorry I missed you earlier, here's what I used to get the tower discretely away in the corner and set up the triple monitor setup:

  • 10' 3.5mm to RCA cable (your extension cord may need to vary depending on what you use for speakers)

  • 4x usb M/F extension cord 10' (These are for plugging in my keyboard, mouse, phone connection, and a spare for usb sticks without having to plug into the tower)

  • 3x hdmi cable 10' (for plugging in the monitors, be sure to check your connection options as your graphics card / cards may need a different connection)

  • Vivo Triple Monitor Mount ( This is the trickiest part. For me to mount 3 heavy 27" BenQ monitors, this was a relatively inexpensive option. The stand is well built, and looks and moves well, but the weight of the monitors is difficult to mount without any sagging. Also, 27" is the absolute max size this mount will work for, and even then my viewing angles are a bit lacking. I would recommend Locktek's EXCELLENT mounts for neutralizing this issue, but they are vastly more expensive. Weight wont be an issue though. For me, the issue was not a big deal so I didn't splurge on a pricier mount.

  • Cable management sleeve (so that you can tuck away all those cords neatly)

    After that, you can have all peripherals at your fingertips and tuck the tower away into a corner. If your space is carpeted (and even if its not), be sure to keep the tower slightly elevated off the ground to allow for good air circulation.

    Definitely not dogma but that's what I've been using, and it works well thus far. Be sure not to skimp on the length of your cords, when your hiding it it will need to snake around a bit under the desk.

    Hope that helps!

u/Petit_Hibou · 8 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

You're off to a really great start! I have a few suggestions if you're looking for improvements. There are a lot of suggestions below, but that certainly doesn't indicate that what you've done isn't good. Rather, there are a lot of directions you can take the space and it's up to you to decide how to prioritize.

  • I would NOT get a second cabinet in that same style for the other side, but you do need to finish that side with the speaker. I suggest a basket and plants (see below).
  • I think you'd do great to change the curtains from a solid to a print to liven the space up slightly. The green color is fine, or you could go all-blue or yellow.
  • Get a large basket to store the blankets in so they're not draped over the couch (unless you need them to protect the couch from pets or kids).
  • I don't think the colors of your throw pillows on the couch really work. I'd stick with the blues and tans you already have in the room, but get a large bold pattern.
  • Get at least 2 plants-- one small one to go on the little cabinet, and one large floor one to go on the speaker side of the TV.
  • I'm not sure what the items on top of the cabinet are, but they're the wrong scale. Dress the cabinet up with stuff like a decorative vase, books, a large framed picture etc. Group items together in little clusters rather than spacing them out evenly, and try to vary the heights and textures.
  • It doesn't look like a conventional coffee table would work, but you want somewhere to set a beverage down near the couch. I suggest getting one or maybe two narrow end tables to go by the arms of the couch.
  • Lastly, I'd recommend getting a cable management sleeve to run along the floor on the speaker side to hid that power cord.
u/AntiKaren412 · 6 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

Just got a new one last month from Amazon that I highly recommend. It's a bit pricey, but the cover is washable - he's a drooler ! - and it's really good for support with his old bones...

Hugs to your puppers :)

u/Tempest-Storm · 18 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

It’s a wedge reading pillow with a pocket on the side perfect for our tv remote! Honestly, the best purchase for the room because our individual reading pillows from college were getting old and gross. This one has been a great replacement and helps shield the cold from the window behind the bed during the winter.

u/sydkneerocks · 14 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

Thanks! It’s really comfortable and has the prettiest, shimmering blue-green velvet fabric. found it on Houzz (it’s one of my favorite apps for finding decor and inspiration). Then I searched and found a cheaper price on Amazon. Here’s a link:

u/tacojohn48 · 4 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

I found it at but at the time it was full price there so I found it on Amazon doing a google image search. I found the chair there too, so I use Dot and Bo for inspiration as they curate a nice list, but ultimately I buy at Amazon.

u/jackattackl8 · 6 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

I appreciate the love th3m1ke. The liquor cart I made myself, you can purchase the woodworking book here on Amazon for $14.50

u/Fangarai · 3 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

Aw thanks! I dont get to show off my place to often so its cool that everyone seem to like it so far! As for the barstools -believe it or not, I got them via amazon!

u/Nycimplant2 · 36 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

Here you go! 😊 — IWMH Animal Storage Stool, Ottoman (Hippo-Grey)

This is just one of a few different, but similar lines of these though. If you do a search for “animals footstool” on Amazon you’ll see a bunch of different types come up, like this adorable little dino footstool

Edit: just to clarify if it’s not clear in my picture — I draped a furry little throw over ours after we got it.

u/The_Empir3 · 19 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

What a great view! Also, I really love the idea of the frame TV but I feel like that console underneath ruins the illusion because it’s such a “TV” setup. A little cable management molding and you could ditch the console for an even cleaner look.

u/cubanita · 5 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

Agreed. We used these in our living room and they are great. You can paint over them too, to match the wall color. Legrand - Wiremold CMK50 Cord Mate II Kit- Raceways Cord Management Kit to Hide Cables, White

u/Chiinori · 2 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

Here they are! I love them so far.

u/melleh · 1 pointr/AmateurRoomPorn

Thanks! I just assembled it yesterday actually. It's from Amazon. Honestly it's kind of a piece of crap/seems easy to break, but for $16 is does the job and is the look we want (and it's not like shoes are gonna break if they fall, lol).