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34. UGREEN USB Audio Adapter External Stereo Sound Card with 3.5mm Headphone and Microphone Jack for Windows, Mac, Linux, PC, Laptops, Desktops, PS5 (Black)

  • UGREEN Aux to USB adapter offers an easy and portable way to upgrade the sound quality of your favorite laptop or desktop computer. This USB to audio jack gives you easy access to a wide selection of audio input and output ports so you can plug in a microphone, a gaming headset, or speakers. You could even use the external sound card to plug in a home theater sound system or to assist in recording music or podcasts.
  • Seductive Sound for You: With a built-in DAC high-resolution chip, UGREEN USB to headphone jack for PC provides you with high fidelity audio. Up to 16bit/48kHz of sampling rate, this audio adapter could enhance the original sound quality of your devices.
  • Plug and play: No driver required, just plug and play! USB bus-powered, no external power required for this convenient sound card. In addition, UGREEN Aux to USB can work as a second sound source for simultaneous operation of speakers and headphones.
  • Wide Compatibility: The USB to audio jack is Compatible with Windows 11/10/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/7/8/Linux/Mac OSX/PS5/PS4/Google Chromebook/Windows Surface Pro 3/Raspberry Pi. Please kindly note. Not compatible with PS3.
  • Compact and Portable: Durable ABS material make the USB to headphone jack compact and lightweight. IMPORTANT NOTE: This usb sound card only supports mono microphone TRS, DOES NOT support TS, TRRS.
UGREEN USB Audio Adapter External Stereo Sound Card with 3.5mm Headphone and Microphone Jack for Windows, Mac, Linux, PC, Laptops, Desktops, PS5 (Black)
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u/CaptainCosmodrome · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame

Loading times are so bad I am deleting the game and reinstalling on my SSD (for some reason it did not). I'll take the hit to my playtime if it helps bring them down.

Console load times are going to be ROUGH.

If you are planning on playing on console, Go get a SSD with an enclosure.

I'll make it easy for you:

SSD: https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-500GB-Internal-MZ-76E500B-AM/dp/B0781Z7Y3S/

Enclosure: https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-Tool-free-Enclosure-Optimized-EC-UASP/dp/B00OJ3UJ2S

u/dnb321 · 4 pointsr/AnthemTheGame


Album is on amazon music if you use that, might be on others too, and yes part of the LOD edition as well.

u/kodarus · -1 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

Probbly because it actually sold better than people give it credit for. Remember how everyone was crying that anthem was on sale for ps4 on Amazon well so is the division 2. https://www.amazon.com/Tom-Clancys-Division-PlayStation-Standard-4/dp/B07G9B39HX physical sales cannot be used for sales data.

u/Pandalishus · 2 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

If you have an old SSD and a console that has USB 3.0, you can pick up one of these and just plug the bare drive in. Works great on my X.

Sabrent USB 3.0 to SSD / 2.5-Inch SATA I/II/IIIHard Drive Adapter (EC-SSHD) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B011M8YACM/

u/iEatSoaap · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame

I was having massive temp spikes, but I undervolted my PC a bit, bought these 2 crazy vacuum things for my laptop (sucks out the hot air) and I started playing the game windowed with my bottom start bar set to hidden

My temps were high 70s low 80s but are now 56 celsius across cpu and gpu (max 60), my frames are 50s 60s, I'm running on high not ultra. And my cpu usage isn't 100% anymore (it's 99 but small victories lol)

I7 8750H / Nvidia GTX 1060 running on SSD

Edit: here's the link to the vac thing I was talking about, I have 2 vents so I bought 2. There amazing. Had them both a month now, don't recommend using the "auto" function, just put it to manual and rock it on speed level 10 or 11 (max is 13)

OPOLAR Laptop Fan with Temperature Display and Cooling Pads https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01E3Q7FS6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_T49EDbTDXENE4

u/jetah · 0 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

Gigabyte AM3+ AMD 970 which replaced my ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z it's the AM3 chipset back in 2013.

the upgrade to am4 or threadripper will bring me some major gains! nvme, dd4 and cpu threads!

u/campoanywhere · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame

What kind of monitor do you have?

IMHO a proper gaming monitor is 1/2 of the equation for proper graphics, the vid card being the other half. I use this one with a GTX 1080 w/ G-sync.

Everything looked like hot garbage before I got that monitor. Just a thought.

u/blakeyyg · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame

Sony KD55X750F Sony KD55X750F 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2018 Model) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D1FQRFP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_6dZACb51Z5KRD

u/PalebloodSky · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame

Just upgrade the drive. You can get a SSHD 1 or 2TB with faster load times too for like $60. Sony even has directions right on the PS4 website.


u/Embolism666 · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame

I am not sure when the sale ends on Origin but I know that Amazon sells the boxed copy on PC for $19.99 USD (Less for consoles.) It was that price prior to the sale and I assume it will stay at that price after the sale. Other retailers probably sell box copies for a similar price. https://www.amazon.com/Electronic-Arts-US-E3-2018-PC-EAGA1-060818-011-Anthem-Online/dp/B07DLWKQKC?th=1

u/bivetra · 2 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

something like this - basically you plug it in to a USB port and then plug your headphones into it. the important part is that it doesn't use the realtek audio driver, which I suspect has issues with Frostbite engine (for some reason)

u/Ikarosbrokentv · 9 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

As much I love you, my favorite mental gymnast. Somehow you think that a post getting to the front page makes your opinion correct and valid(cringey award speeches aside).

People like you end up making others scoff at certain gaming community/forum/subreddit, "I need to say it, bla bla bla", "C'mon guys you guys are really, bla bla bla", all sorts of stuff that you spew out, thinking you're above everyone. That apologist attitude and acting like BioWare is the second coming of Christ, hence can do no wrong. Ignoring comments not siding with your views, cherry-picking downvoted comments. Acting like the entire subreddit is a circle jerk and you're our guiding light, only hope from despair. It's well known that certain people will always hate a game regardless of severity and amount of issues present instead, you go about making it sound like the subreddit is a hivemind. Apparently having expectations for something you paid of is entitled and you should suck it up whether you receive a piece of garbage or a gem. Making two complain posts about how your complaint is more valid than others, BioWare can do no harm, the game is 11/10, "gosh darn millennials and their entitlement, wtf expecting quality for their money, what a bunch of nutcase".

What's with the "oh BioWare is owned by EA, hence BioWare can't do any wrong, EA bad", blink twice if you need help?

I have a gift for you if you want, I think it'll the best gift you ever get.


[Oh wait, hell yeah this gift too, two for one package, wtf, what a steal my dude!] (https://www.amazon.com/Why-Always-About-You-Narcissism-ebook/dp/B0030MQJMS)

While I am aware that you're under NDA regarding the marketing and mental gymnast display, tone it down a little. Maybe make a new subreddit /r/GodPraiseAnthem.

u/Frostsgt · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame

You should wait and see how cataclysm does for anthem before buy it, and if you still think of getting anthem you should get on amazon it $15 on both edition of game. Anthem - Xbox One https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DKYCHNJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_1LumDb0SSBNXW

u/grimmjawjin · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame

So, just because you never saw a deal, does that mean it never went on sale?

u/xJVIayhem · 2 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

You can also get it for $20 on Amazon