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u/dragontology · 21 pointsr/AppHookup

You should get an SSD. 512GB, or better yet, 1TB. They've really fallen in price. Amazon has the WD Blue SSD for $115 and that's what I have. I'm crying (not literally, LOL) because I paid $300 for that. And it's amazing. I don't regret it. I mean, I know you're being facetious about 20 minutes to launch an app store, but with an SSD, you can go from your computer having been off a week, to you reading Reddit, in like six seconds flat. I'm not kidding. It's stupid fast. Your computer is probably faster than you think. The bottleneck is your hard drive. Replace it with an SSD, and let the app stores start when the computer does.

There are apps that combine all your games into one place, kind of like what Steam does, but for all the app stores, plus emulators. The main one I know of is called LaunchBox. Personally I think it's a giant pain in the knob, but I respect the hustle. I mean, I'm lazy. If I want to play a game, I just launch it from the start menu. If you launch the game, it'll launch any dependencies in the background, and that's that. It's never been an issue. LaunchBox is free, by the way, with a $20 pro version that does some cool shit. And the author sounds like a great guy. If you like what you see, definitely try it out. Maybe the all-in-one launcher thing is for you. I'm old school. Same with music... I don't do music libraries, I just play the songs out of my file manager. Old school. It's worked for ~20 years, why change it?

u/Seranth · 2 pointsr/AppHookup
Pay What You Want for:

Name|Store Links|Google Price|Google Rating (of 5)|Google Installs
Color Zen Premium|Google Amazon|Free, $4 in-app purchase for premium?|4.2|1M-5M
Heroes of Loot|Google Amazon|$1.99|4.4|10k-50k
The Tiny Bang Story|Google|$3|4.1|10k-50k


Beat the Average (Currently $4.10) for:

Name|Store Links|Google Price|Google Rating (of 5)|Google Installs
Alpha Wave|Google Amazon|$1.25|4.5|5k-10k
Kingdom Rush Frontiers|Google Amazon|$1.99|4.7|100k-500k
Soda Drinker Pro|Google|$1.99|4.8|10-50
Sorcery!|Google Amazon|$5|4.5|10k-50k
Swordigo|Google|Free, $? for in-app purchases|4.3|1M-5M

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u/Indyhouse · 1 pointr/AppHookup

I wish they made a version for the author's spoof book, Goodnight iPad.