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u/jimbofiggle · 1 pointr/AskDocs

Not a doctor here but

Look up Dr.Derrick Lonsdale and read some of his books he goes in depth about the autonomic nervous system, POTS and dysautonomia.

Look at some of his studies posted on the NIH.

You came at the right time haha.

You can read the first 80 pages of that book free and probably will give you some insight.
If you want to get started, the type of thiamin he uses for b1 deficiency is TTFD which is a disulfide derivative of thiamin and has he ability to cross the blood brain barrier. You can grab it off amazon and the company that makes is called ecological formulas.

Take it with magnesium and your choice of B-Complex and your choice of multi vitamin.

I ain’t tryna sell nothin. I’m just trying to give some information that helped me.

By the way the paradox reaction is real, the first two days I stood up and almost blacked out twice but after a few days I felt amazing. Consider it a type of “re-feeding” Syndrome.

Before I started my blood pressure was 135/55 and the next day after I started it went to 110/65 but let me tell you even though that was a good blood pressure, it dropping 25 points in a day isn’t a nice feeling

It’s generally safe, but be careful. Always consult your physician, and show him the information and book.

u/EdwardHutchinson · 2 pointsr/AskDocs

If you are in the USA it's likely the 50,000iu is ERGOCALCIFEROL and the best place for that is in the trash.Amazon have some weekly = 7000iu average 7500iu you could alternate 1 spray one day and 2 sprays the spray on odd dates and 2 sprays on even days will help you remember but spraying twice rather than once will get you up to 50ng/ml faster.
5000iu softgels work out cheaper than the sprays and are generally effective.

Taking extra magnesium will make it easier to benefit fully from vitamin d3 K2 also helps control the extra calcium your body absorbs when vitamin d is optimal.

u/browneyedblonde4252 · 1 pointr/AskDocs

>Well, I just ordered one, it'll be here on Wednesday. I hope the school doesn't ban it. Here's what I ordered.

The school already knows she does not want any special treatment. She asked her gym teacher since she is unable to participate in gym if the teacher would like her to do any written reports on health and nutrition etc, but the teacher said no, just get better. So Chris uses the class to watch the kids play volleyball etc, and cheers them on. She doesn't take advantage by using it as a study hall. One girl in her gym class told her she missed IIRC 4 months (it may be more..) of gym because she contracted a super rare form of hepatitis in Mexico. She was literally patient ZERO, it was never seen before her friend. Like i said in another post, all the kids have been supportive. No one calls her out for not participating.

u/HojoExperiment · 3 pointsr/AskDocs

This sounds pretty frustrating. One thing you could add to his regimen is a daily nasal irrigation. This can help symptoms in general but could also improve the effectiveness of his mometasone nasal spray (irrigate the sinuses, then use the spray). It sounds like your son could benefit from immunotherapy, so you may want to discuss that with your doctor.

u/unwellboy · 1 pointr/AskDocs

NAD, but looks like some type of dermatitis (eczema or psoriasis?). I get something similar on my neck. Avoid wrist watches or bracelets since those can exacerbate or even cause rashes. Try to keep it clean (avoid soaps if possible) and use emollients (I use ).

For the following, you should really consult a doctor first: If you don't think it's scabies or some other infection, hydrocortisone cream can reduce itching and redness. You can get these at any pharmacy over the counter.

Do you have any issues with the joints in your wrist? Swollen? Painful? Warm? Diminished range of motion? These might be important for your doctor to know.

Good luck!

u/PyrateShip · 1 pointr/AskDocs

Habit Cough guy here also. I have sleep apnea and had clogged sinuses until a dentist friend told me it was because I was a mouth breather.

We were at a party and he turned to his brother in law and said, "... do you still tape your mouth shut." I thought he was messing with me.

He said that if you have dry mouth, you are probably a mouth breather. I tried the chin strap for my BiPap machine and woke with dry mouth - and clogged sinus. He said because your body makes sinus drain to keep the back of your throat lubricated.

That night I taped my mouth shut with 3M MicroPore 2" tape. (need to shave at night) and Literally have never had a clogged sinus/nose since.


Here is the email I sent back to my dentist buddy:

============ Email to my dentist buddy =================


  Sir! Who would have thought that a 5 minute minor conversation at a party would be so life changing.

  I have been taping my mouth since that night - with awesome results.

  Night before last, I slept 9.1 hours with ZERO AHI ! Boom!

  I was telling a young guy about "taping it shut" and typed in "mouth breathing cortisol" on Google.

 This was LITERALLY the first thing that came up. I had never ever seen a reference to taping shut until this.


 Thanks again. 

Let's keep in touch.


u/imlookinup · 2 pointsr/AskDocs

Looks like something I had under my breasts a while back. I think it was a fungal infection...possibly yeast? Things do get sweaty and moist in those regions.

It was flat and did not feel itchy. It seemed to spread slightly, but very slowly.

I used a ketoconazole shampoo (specifically Nizoral) on the area. I lathered up the shampoo, rubbed it in the affected area and let it set for a couple minutes before rinsing it off.

I think I did this three days in a row before it went away completely never to return again. Before treatment the “rash” had been there for months, so I’m pretty sure that’s what cured it.

Best of luck.

Edit: Shoot. Sorry I’m not a doc. Forgot what sub I was on.

u/sandrienn · 1 pointr/AskDocs

To start, im sure the stress about NOT pooping isn't helping the situation, though I realize its beyond your control at this point. Not a doctor, but I live with chronic constipation due to Colonic Intertia, if I don't take anything I can go 3+ weeks at a time without a bowel movement. Mag Citrate doesnt accomplish anything for me other than making me more distended, bloated, and uncomfortable.


Again, not a doctor, and I know long term use of the stuff leads to dependency which can make problems like constipation worse...but, senna based laxatives have been a god send for me. It's an over the counter drug and I would assume it should be fine to use in a situation like yours for a limited amount of time. I have been using a drug called "Prunelax" for about 5 years now, on amazon but can also be found in most pharmacies and grocery stores:


It works by stimulating the nerve endings in the walls of the large bowel and forcing a bowel movement. I take it twice a week and it keeps me regular to at least that amount. It contains sennosides mixed with a prune supplement. I have to use a higher dose than whats recommended (bottle recommends 4 before bed, I have to take 8) but the number has remained consistent for 5 years. Literally NOTHING else will work for me. I've tried dulcolax, mag citrate, miralax, etc. Take the advice with a grain of salt, but i would be shocked if it didnt help.

u/RReemmyy · 6 pointsr/AskDocs

I have the same issue. A doctor told me I had a sinus infection for about four years.

I actually ended up getting a surgery called a Balloon sinuplasty in my right nostril and I had my left one actually cut open. (Don't know the medical name of this.)


Overall it helped for a few months but my symptoms came back.


I too am a mouthbreather due to not being able to breathe out of my nose. Tis' a struggle.


It does help to rinse your sinuses out every night though. I use a Neilmed sinus rinse kit. It helps breathing a bit while I'm sleeping. I'm sure if you did it more during the day it would help too.


The link to a NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit:

u/mutatron · 1 pointr/AskDocs

I use a Back Bubble. I've had bilevel laminectomy and decompression at L4 & L5 because I had bone spurs, but I also have a slightly bulging disc, which the ortho didn't trim while he was in there because he didn't think it was bulging enough. It may not be a factor now, but I haven't had an MRI since the surgery, so I don't know. But the Back Bubble feels really good when it's stretching out my lower back, and sometimes I can feel bones adjusting or something.

I also do a yoga squat, man that feels good. On a long walk I have to do that intermittently, like every mile or so, and it lets me continue walking for a long time.

I also do stretches for piriformis syndrome, as it seems that some of my sciatica comes from overly tight piriformis muscles.

u/suddenlysnakes · 2 pointsr/AskDocs

if you have a plastic syringe available (a fluid one, not a needle obviously) you can gently shoot some warm water in your ear in a rotating method to see if it's just wax buildup. I actually use this method to clean my ears regularly, since I had to do this to dislodge a huge ball of wax. It was so bad I couldn't hear properly. I had a syringe for giving babies medicine sitting in a drawer and I used that in a pinch. After that ordeal, caused by cleaning w/ qtips, I made the switch. I've been using this syringe for months, 10/10

u/Dvdrummer360 · 1 pointr/AskDocs

I don't know if there are any products that prevent it, but one product I use for getting rid of irritated red skin is this, and it's worked great for me.

This would probably work too, and maybe better, but I haven't ever used it.

u/hax_molmes · 1 pointr/AskDocs

>Ah I see. Is this there any moisturizer I should be using on top of hydrocortisone ointment? Someone recommended 'CeraVe moisturizing facial cleanser'.
Looking online at this hydrocortisone ointment. Any good?

u/quitlookingatyerlabs · 2 pointsr/AskDocs

Perhaps look into something like this:

Or just to practice with the crutches. Most people aren't going to be good with them immediately.

u/bonitaappetita · 2 pointsr/AskDocs

Sounds like it might be thrush. There are good mouthwashes that help fight it but you may need to see a doctor. My husband successfully treated his thrush with Prevention mouth rinse. It doesn't taste great but it worked.

u/mule_roany_mare · 1 pointr/AskDocs

Hey, I've had stones for years & just discovered these which make an excellent tool for extraction. You can carve the spoon down to whatever shape you want with a razor. I dip in hydrogen peroxide which I think helps flush them out & keeps me from jamming germs into my tonsil crypts.


I'm spamming this comment, so forgive me if I get you twice!

u/loveandball · 1 pointr/AskDocs

Try hot baths with epsom salt and Preparation H wipes after bowel movements. I been using this cream for my external hemorrhoids and it helps shrink and cool it down.

Witch Hazel also helps

Slowly change your diet too with veggies and fibre for regular bowel movements.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/AskDocs

Not a doctor... but it looks like a skin fungus to me. You can try using this stuff on it and see if it clears up.